Player of the Match
Player of the Match
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Moonda: Professionalisation has helped SA women

Jarrod Kimber and Firdose Moonda delve into South Africa's incredible run at the 2017 Women's World Cup and look at how contracts and a full-time coaching staff have helped them get this far

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Can SA's attack lead the underdogs to the final?

Melinda Farrell and Firdose Moonda look ahead to the Women's World Cup semi-final between hosts England and South Africa

ENG Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st42TT BeaumontL Winfield
2nd19SJ TaylorTT Beaumont
3rd78SJ TaylorHC Knight
4th3HC KnightNR Sciver
5th3FC WilsonNR Sciver
6th28KH BruntFC Wilson
7th40JL GunnFC Wilson
8th4JL GunnLA Marsh
9th4JL GunnA Shrubsole