Final, Gillette Cup (England) at Lord's, Sep 1 1973
56.5/60 ov, target 249
Gloucs won by 40 runs
Player Of The Match
Gloucestershire Innings (60 overs maximum)
Sadiq Mohammad lbw b Buss9-----
RDV Knight  b Snow2-----
Zaheer Abbas  b Buss9-----
MJ Procter c Morley b Buss94-----
DR Shepherd c †Griffith b Marshall11-----
AW Stovold c †Griffith b Snow10-----
AS Brown (c)not out77-----
JC Foat  b Snow7-----
DA Graveney run out6-----
Extras(b 4, lb 10, nb 9)23
TOTAL(60 Ov, RR: 4.13)248/8
Did not bat: JB Mortimore, J Davey 
Fall of wickets: 1-5, 2-22, 3-27, 4-74, 5-106, 6-180, 7-229, 8-248
JA Snow1243132.58---00
AW Greig1215304.41---00
MA Buss1254633.83---00
RPT Marshall1232912.41---00
J Spencer1206605.50---00
Sussex Innings (target: 249 runs from 60 overs)
GA Greenidge  b Knight76-----
JD Morley c Zaheer Abbas b Brown31-----
RM Prideaux  b Davey28-----
PJ Graves not out36-----
AW Greig (c)run out0-----
MA Buss c Graveney b Knight5-----
MG Griffith  b Knight3-----
MJJ Faber run out9-----
JA Snow  b Procter4-----
J Spencer  b Knight2-----
RPT Marshall  b Procter0-----
Extras(b 5, lb 9)14
TOTAL(56.5 Ov, RR: 3.65)208
Fall of wickets: 1-52, 2-121, 3-155, 4-156, 5-173, 6-180, 7-195, 8-204, 9-207, 10-208
MJ Procter10.512722.49---00
J Davey1013713.70---00
JB Mortimore1233202.66---00
AS Brown1213312.75---00
DA Graveney201809.00---00
RDV Knight1004744.70---00
Lord's, London
TossGloucestershire , elected to bat first
SeriesFriends Provident Trophy (Gillette Cup / NatWest Trophy / C&G Trophy)
Player Of The Match
Tony Brown
Series resultGloucestershire won the 1973 Gillette Cup (England)
Match days1 September 1973 (60-over match)
Arthur Fagg
Tom Spencer