1st Quarter-Final, Incheon, Sep 30 2014, Asian Games Men's Cricket Competition
(19.4/20 ov)130/3
Hong Kong won by 7 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
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Scores: Ainnur Shahfudin
Comms: Shahriar Khan
Scorecard summary
Malaysia129/7(20 overs)
Hong Kong130/3(19.4 overs)

Malaysia had their chances, literally, Nizakat their hero (no, not forgetting what you did with the ball, Nadeem) was dropped twice and as much as his partners struggled, he ran hard and hit hard and Malaysia just bowled looser than they'd have liked. Agonising for any side to lose a close game, especially when the losers know they could so easily have won. Hong Kong go through to meet the winners of tomorrow's quarter-final between Afghanistan and Nepal. We're back in a couple of hours with the second quarter-final between South Korea and Sri Lanka. The move to a gold medal that so many of these teams so palpably want continues! Thanks for being with us up to now.

Suharril Fetri to Nizakat Khan, 2 runs

low full toss driven to long on and Hong Kong have done it!

Suharril Fetri to Nizakat Khan, 2 byes

full toss outside off, misses, 'keeper does too

Suharril Fetri to Chapman, 3 runs

wide of off again, dinks it around the corner

Suharril Fetri to Chapman, no run

wide outside off, chased and missed

Nizakat puts his arm around Chapman, pep-talk. Fetri to bowl the biggest over of his life up to now, over the wicket to the left-hander

end of over 1912 runs
HKG: 123/3CRR: 6.47 RRR: 7.00
Nizakat Khan61 (46)
Mark Chapman10 (19)
Suresh Navaratnam 4-0-26-0
Nazril Rahman 4-0-23-2

Hong Kong's over, game now swinging towards them. 6 balls away from the semi-final

Navaratnam to Nizakat Khan, 2 runs

full, on middle and leg, driven to extra cover

Navaratnam to Nizakat Khan, FOUR runs

full, slammed back over the ball, you can hear the Hong Kong camp's roar from 100 yards away, tension-breaking boundary

Navaratnam to Chapman, 1 run

driven to mid-off

Navaratnam to Chapman, 2 leg byes
Navaratnam to Chapman, 2 runs

slices a drive away, over backward point, Faiz running back expected the ball to go past him, instead it lands flush on the back of his head! Feels hurt in more ways than one

Chapman has struggled so far, still has time to make an impact

Navaratnam to Nizakat Khan, 1 run

short, pulled away from middle, on the bounce to long on

end of over 183 runs
HKG: 111/3CRR: 6.16 RRR: 9.50
Mark Chapman7 (16)
Nizakat Khan54 (43)
Nazril Rahman 4-0-23-2
Faruq Hakimin 4-0-25-0

Just 2 overs left between these sides and a place in the Asian Games semi-finals. That was Malaysia's over, they're getting back into this!

Nazril Rahman to Chapman, no run

play and miss to a ball that just shaves off stump

Nazril Rahman to Chapman, no run

goes across to off to play to leg, ball follows him, and passes through Chapman's legs

Nazril Rahman to Chapman, no run

backs away to a play a length delivery on leg to off, point is in quickly

Nazril Rahman to Nizakat Khan, 1 run

short, short-arm pulled to mid-on, throw hits but he's in safe

Nazril Rahman to Nizakat Khan, no run

steps to leg to drive to off, back of a length ball, doesn't connect well

Nazril Rahman to Nizakat Khan, 2 runs

full, on leg, hint of inswing, driven to midwicket

South Korea who have quite the most splendid uniforms at the Asian Games have arrived to play their quarter-final against Sri Lanka

end of over 177 runs
HKG: 108/3CRR: 6.35 RRR: 7.33
Mark Chapman7 (13)
Nizakat Khan51 (40)
Faruq Hakimin 4-0-25-0
Suresh Navaratnam 3-0-16-0
Faruq Hakimin to Chapman, no run

full on off, driven to cover

Faruq Hakimin to Chapman, no run

comes down the track, almost yorks himself

Faruq Hakimin to Nizakat Khan, 1 run

comes down the track to drive to long on

Faruq Hakimin to Chapman, 1 run
Match details
Yeonhui Cricket Ground, Incheon
TossMalaysia, elected to bat first
SeriesAsian Games Men's Cricket Competition
Series resultHong Kong advanced
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, First Session 09.30-10.50, Interval 10.50-11.10, Second Session 11.10-12.30
Match days30 September 2014 - day (20-over match)
Nepal Image
Buddhi Pradhan
Kuwait Image
Riaz Chaudhry
Reserve Umpire
Singapore Image
Sarika Prasad
Match Referee
Pakistan Image
Iqbal Sikander
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