1st T20I (N), Visakhapatnam, Feb 24 2019, Australia tour of India
(20 ov)127/7
Australia won by 3 wickets
Player Of The Match
end of over 2014 runs
AUS: 127/7CRR: 6.35 
Pat Cummins7 (3)
Jhye Richardson7 (3)
Umesh Yadav 4-0-35-0
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-16-3

That's all from us, hoping everyone has their fingernails in tact, goodnight.

Nathan Coulter-Nile is the man of the match for his three for 26: We had worked out pretty quickly that it wasn't coming on, so dragged our lengths back. Don't remember the last time we had a win when I was playing, so it's always good to win a game, hopefully we can go on and win the series

Finch: When Bumrah has got overs up his sleeve it's never easy, but the run-outs didn't help either. Maxwell played a hell of an innings on a difficult pitch.

Kohli Very pleased with the bowling effort, never thought we'd be in this situation but Bumrah can do wonders, even Mayank bowled brilliantly, I thought. We want to give Rahul and Rishabh game-time. Rahul played a really good knock, we had a good partnership, had we gone on though, we could have got 150, which would have been a match-winning score on this pitch. But Australia played better cricket overall and deserved to win

Bhupathi: "Low scoring games are always fun to watch. Teams around the world are unable to decode how to phase the innings while chase low scores. "

Bhavik: "All efforts from Bumrah wasted by Yadav. Bhuvi would have done the job for India. Really should have a win after Bumrah's effort"

Maxwell: I was able to control the middle overs. Our wickets caused a bit of chaos towards the end but credit to Richardson and Cummins for finishing it off

Wow, what a cracker we've witnessed at Vizag, which saw a tie the last time India were here. Again, it's a last ball finish which went down to the throw hurled at the bowler's end, beaten by a scampering Jhye Richardson. Australia were coasting with Maxwell and Short, batted like blind men groping in the dark post their dismissals, a brilliant 19th over from Bumrah turned the tide in India's favour, but Cummins found the boundary when they most needed it and they ran like their lives depended on it to steal two off the last ball, and go one-nil up.

Yadav to Cummins, 2 runs

full on middle, just past the diving bowler and the lack of power behind the stroke ensures they get through for two and finish on the right side of this cliffhanger

Yadav to Cummins, FOUR runs

full toss on off, and he pierces the cover field to turn the match Australia's way again

Dhoni walks up to Kohli, asks him to get to deep midwicket from extra cover. That brings Markande to extra cover and Pandya to square leg

Yadav to Jhye Richardson, 1 run

full toss on the stumps, pushed to long-on but hit too hard to turn for two

now square leg is in and fine leg is back. Is he going to go short of a length?

Yadav to Jhye Richardson, 2 runs

yorker on middle, squeezes it out just past the bowler and they scamper two

Yadav to Jhye Richardson, FOUR runs

length on middle, and he has beaten deep backward squareleg to silence the crowd

Yadav to Cummins, 1 run

full ball outside off, dragged off the inside half to long-on. Mistimed slog

Third man, sweeper, deep backward square, deep midwicket and long-on are out, informs Varun from the Venue

end of over 192 runs • 2 wickets
AUS: 113/7CRR: 5.94 RRR: 14.00
Pat Cummins0 (0)
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-16-3
Mayank Markande 4-0-31-0
Bumrah to Coulter-Nile, OUT

knocked him over with a searing yorker and for the first time in the match, India look to be firm favourites!

Nathan Coulter-Nile b Bumrah 4 (14m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Bumrah to Handscomb, OUT

Australia are losing their way here! That was short on middle, Handscomb shuffled across to try and help it along, it hurried on to him, the top edge went high into the night sky but a calm Dhoni was under it and took it with ease

Peter Handscomb c †Dhoni b Bumrah 13 (24m 15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 86.66
Bumrah to Coulter-Nile, 1 run

length on middle, hurries on to him but manages to swat it to long-on

Bumrah to Coulter-Nile, no run

length on off, another swing and a miss and the pressure is mounting

Bumrah to Handscomb, 1 run

back away, Bumrah follows, gets a thick inside edge to deep squareleg

Bumrah to Handscomb, no run

length outside off, early into the pull and misses. The pressure is suddenly on Australia

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