3rd Test, The Oval, Aug 12 - 14 1886, Australia tour of England
(f/o) 68 & 149
England won by an innings and 217 runs
England 1st INNINGS
W.G. Grace c †Blackham b Spofforth170-270240-
William Scotton  b Garrett34-225-0-
Arthur Shrewsbury c Jones b Trumble44---0-
Walter Read c Jones b Spofforth94-21080-
Billy Barnes c Evans b Trumble3--00-
Allan Steel (c)st †Blackham b Trumble9---0-
Dick Barlow c Trumble b Garrett3--00-
George Ulyett c McIlwraith b Garrett0--00-
Johnny Briggs c Trumble b Spofforth53--30-
Edmund Tylecote not out 10---0-
George Lohmann  b Spofforth7---0-
Extras(b 3, lb 2, nb 2)7
TOTAL(304.1 Ov, RR: 1.42)434
Fall of wickets: 1-170 (William Scotton), 2-216 (W.G. Grace), 3-287 (Arthur Shrewsbury), 4-293 (Billy Barnes), 5-305 (Allan Steel), 6-314 (Dick Barlow), 7-320 (George Ulyett), 8-410 (Johnny Briggs), 9-418 (Walter Read), 10-434 (George Lohmann)
George Giffen62329602.32---00
Tom Garrett99558831.33---00
Joey Palmer47218002.55---00
William Bruce62902.25---00
Frederick Spofforth30.1126543.22---02
Edwin Evans1310600.69---00
John Trumble47148332.64---00
Australia 1st INNINGS
Sammy Jones c Grace b Lohmann2--00-
Joey Palmer c Barlow b Briggs15---0-
George Giffen c Shrewsbury b Briggs5---0-
Tup Scott (c)c †Tylecote b Lohmann6---0-
John Trumble c Read b Lohmann13---0-
John McIlwraith  b Lohmann2--00-
Jack Blackham c & b Briggs0--00-
Tom Garrett c Grace b Lohmann2--00-
William Bruce c Ulyett b Lohmann9---0-
Edwin Evans not out 9---0-
Frederick Spofforth  b Lohmann1--00-
Extras(b 4)4
TOTAL(60.2 Ov, RR: 1.12)68
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Sammy Jones), 2-11 (George Giffen), 3-22 (Joey Palmer), 4-34 (Tup Scott), 5-36 (John McIlwraith), 6-37 (Jack Blackham), 7-44 (Tom Garrett), 8-49 (John Trumble), 9-67 (William Bruce), 10-68 (Frederick Spofforth)
George Lohmann30.2173671.77---00
Johnny Briggs30172831.40---00
John McIlwraith c †Tylecote b Briggs7---0-
Edwin Evans run out 3--00-
Sammy Jones c Read b Lohmann2--00-
George Giffen c & b Lohmann47---0-
Tup Scott (c)c Grace b Lohmann4---0-
Joey Palmer st †Tylecote b Steel35---0-
John Trumble c Read b Briggs18---0-
Jack Blackham c Grace b Briggs5---0-
William Bruce  b Lohmann11---0-
Tom Garrett c Shrewsbury b Lohmann4---0-
Frederick Spofforth not out 5---0-
Extras(b 7, lb 1)8
TOTAL(97 Ov, RR: 1.53)149
Fall of wickets: 1-11 (Edwin Evans), 2-14 (John McIlwraith), 3-26 (Sammy Jones), 4-30 (Tup Scott), 5-84 (Joey Palmer), 6-120 (John Trumble), 7-129 (Jack Blackham), 8-131 (George Giffen), 9-137 (Tom Garrett), 10-149 (William Bruce)
George Lohmann37146852.75---00
Johnny Briggs32193031.40---00
Dick Barlow1481301.39---00
Billy Barnes741002.14---00
Allan Steel712014.28---00
Kennington Oval, London
TossEngland, elected to bat first
SeriesAustralia tour of England
Series resultEngland won the 3-match series 3-0
Match numberTest no. 24
Match daysday (3-day match)
Test debut
John McIlwraith
John McIlwraith
England Image
Bob Carpenter
England Image
Frank Farrands
Balls per over4
Thu, 12 Aug - day 1 - England 1st innings 279/2 (Arthur Shrewsbury 42*, Walter Read 30*)
Fri, 13 Aug - day 2 - Australia 2nd innings 8/0 (John McIlwraith 3*, Edwin Evans 1*)
Sat, 14 Aug - day 3 - Australia 2nd innings 149 (97 ov) - end of match
  • WG Grace (170) recaptured the record England Test score which A Shrewsbury snr had claimed in the previous match, he batted for 270 minutes, hit 24 fours and made his 170 out of 216.
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