5th ODI, Vadodara, Oct 11 2007, Australia tour of India
(25.5/50 ov)149/1
Australia won by 9 wickets (with 145 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

A nine-wicket win for the visitors, as comprehensive as they come. The pace bowlers, lead by Brett Lee and five-wicket hero Mitchell Johnson, suffocated the trigger-happy top order and with only two partnerships to speak of, one worth 41 from the last two batsmen, India limped to a total of 148. They failed to even bat out 40 overs. Only four men reached double figures.

Australia then cantered to a nine-wicket win. Adam Gilchrist had a great day, pocketing six catches, being part of a run out, and then getting into some form with an unbeaten 79 from 77 deliveries.

India were under the gun from the first over of the match when some classically indecisive running between Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar gave Australia the initiative, and Rahul Dravid's first-ball dismissal hurt them hard. It was a tricky pitch initially with the ball staying low and stopping on the batsmen, but India just couldnt cope with Australia's attack.

A win at Nagpur will secure a series victory for Australia. Johnson is the Man of the Match for his sterling effort of a career-best 5 for 26. The best bowling for an Australian pace bowler in India.

Thats all we have for you today, but do join us for the next match on October 14. I thank you for tuning in to Cricinfo again and hope you've enjoyed our coverage. This is Jamie Alter, your commentator, signing off. Cheers.

Kartik to Gilchrist, 1 run

and Australia go up 3-1 in the Future Cup as Gilchrist rounds off his outstanding day in the field by tucking one into the gap at midwicket for one

One to win ...

Kartik to Gilchrist, FOUR runs

a shot away from victory, as Gilchrist comes out and drills a full delivery back past Kartik's hand, and its screams away for four

Kartik to Gilchrist, no run

quicker ball, flatter line and length, Gilchrist goes back and plays it back to Kartik

Kartik to Gilchrist, 2 runs

and again he sweeps from outside off, not timed well but the top-edge lands well in front of Harbhajan running around from fine leg

Kartik to Gilchrist, FOUR runs

tossed up outside off stump and Gilchrist just clouts that up and over midwicket for four more .. effortless batting from him right now

end of over 2512 runs
AUS: 138/1CRR: 5.52 RRR: 0.44
Ricky Ponting39 (39)
Adam Gilchrist68 (72)
Harbhajan Singh 9-0-36-0
Murali Kartik 7-1-41-0
Harbhajan to Ponting, FOUR runs

now its tossed up down leg, and Ponting sweeps easily into the gap for four more

Harbhajan to Ponting, FOUR runs

short and wide, he uses the room to punch that through the covers and no one can chase that down ... India limp

Harbhajan to Gilchrist, 1 run

flighted from around the stumps, Gilchrist sweeps from outside off out to midwicket

Harbhajan to Ponting, 1 run

tossed up again on middle and off Ponting easily drives back down the ground

Harbhajan to Gilchrist, 1 run

comes out initially, Harbhajan changes the length, then Gilchrist waits on it and turns it into the gap at midwicket

Harbhajan to Ponting, 1 run

tossed up on middle and off, Ponting dances down and drives out to long-on