3rd ODI, Bengaluru, Jan 19 2020, Australia tour of India
(47.3/50 ov, target 287)289/3
India won by 7 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)
player of the match

Not long to go for the weekend's most awaited football fixture as high-flying Liverpool host Manchester United -- the latter without their talisman Marcus Rashford in the line-up. You can follow live updates right here. This is Debayan Sen, saying goodbye on behalf of Thilak Gowda, Danyal Rasool and the rest of our gang at ESPNcricinfo.

9.36pm Virat Kohli goes along and places the series trophy alongside the individual awards as the team poses for pictures with the banner proclaiming them as champions. It's been a lot of fun getting you these games, and we hope you have enjoyed yourself too.

Pete: "All credit to India for the way they approached this match. A total of 286 is normally a very defendable score but India were able to blunt what is arguably one of the best front-line fast bowling attacks in world cricket tonight. That was the difference between the teams tonight - Agar and Zampa bowled beautifully and did all that could be asked of them. Great series in my opinion although not the result I hoped for! "

Virat Kohli is the Man of the Series. Says: "We are quite experienced players, and we were one short in Shikhar today. We got a very good start, and when KL got out, it was a tricky situation because the ball was turning and gripping. We had to play deep, and this is how we have played in the last 4-5 years. This is what experience helps. It's quite enjoyable batting with Rohit, but more importantly, a comprehensive win. (On his cover drive against Starc that went for four) You do practise a lot in the nets. If you are not worried about the short ball, you look to get forward all the time. When I have that clarity in my mind, I just look to get forward. Clarity of mind is the key thing. You need to have a free mind, and today I felt like that. Today I went for my shots. (Satisfying win) Even better than last time. There's Steven, David and Marnus. After 2-0, we lost the last series. We won this after going one down. 2020 has been wonderful, and we just want to go onwards and upwards. Great for the team."

Rohit Sharma is the Man of the Match. Tells Sanjay Manjrekar: "It was an important game, the decider, and we wanted to come out and enjoy ourselves. To keep that Australian batting under 290 was a great effort. Once KL got out, it needed nobody better than the captain himself. The talk we had in the middle was that one of us wanted to keep going. At no stage, did we want the momentum to go towards the opposition, I was middling the ball well, and I said I would be the one to take the chances. Days like this, if it comes off, it looks good. If we had lost a wicket in the middle, it would have been different. (Bowling attack faced) Australia always comes up with a good bowling attack. Their fast bowlers always challenge you with their variety and skills. The first two games, I was trying to do something different, and it didn't come off. Today I just wanted to be there, and I was able to stay till 35th, 36th over."

Aaron Finch: "(The score) The wicket started to turn, and maybe it started to slide a bit more later on. We felt if we were able to post 300 or 310, that would have brought our spinners into play. We probably lost just one wicket (too many). Just that momentum kept getting stalled every now and then. To play against the best in the world in these conditions is a great learning experience. (On the spinners) I think the big difference was the line (Agar) bowled and the length. If the batsman makes a mistake, you are out. Everyone played well. It was a great series to be a part of. (On bringing on part-timers) You play world-class players up front, you will go for a few runs. We wanted to get some wickets up front. It wasn't to be."

9.23pm Right, just about ready in Bengaluru for the match presentation and the series awards to be given away.

Karthik Gopalan: "Man of the series - why not Bumrah? He was the buzzsaw that manufactured wickets for others!" --- Wouldn't mind it going to a bowler at all, personally. I don't think we see enough of those.

Manikandan: "@Debayan i certainly hope that you missed Bumrah's name by accident . It was because of his bowling and the pressure that he created , other bowlers were able to take the wickets.. it was truly unlucky that he went wicketless in today's match " --- I did say India's seamers. That would mean Bumrah too, surely?

90sCricket: "No single player has performed consistently this series. It will be difficult to pick a man of the series. Who would it be? KL?" --- Steven Smith could lay a claim on it, couldn't he?

Karl: "Was on the wall 30 overs ago, or even at the end of Aus innings which inevitably failed to launch in the last 10 overs. Silver lining (from Aus perspective): can we now include Maxwell, and - given BBL form - Stoinis? Having Smith, Labuschagne and Carey means too much middle-order accumulation and then the two Ashtons - where's the hitting power?" --- Yes, in fact, there was a symbolic handing over of the momentum when Aaron Finch handed the 21st over to Marnus Labuschagne. Aaron Finch probably blinked a little early.

Shreyas Iyer: "I have seen them bowling and coming and playing against them - of the matches I have played thus far, they are the best bowling attack. The performance came at the right time. I wanted to stay till the end, because I knew they were going to attack me on my body. (On his chat with Kohli) They were trying to get on my head. They wanted me to go over the top. I really said to myself that I am going to have a good communication with Virat. He told me to take as many singles as possible to start off. I know I can hit the ball when I get my eyes in."

Ravi Shastri speaks to the broadcasters: "This team, the boys showed great character. Nobody can say we played an inferior Australia side. They got a thrashing in Mumbai, and then to win two games, with all the travel, and with Australia winning all three tosses. We picked important wickets in the middle overs. They realised once they got off to a start, that this Australian attack will always look for wickets. Each of those 11 will always look to get in the door if they get a foot in. Virat and Rohit batted well, and Shreyas will get a lot of confidence from this innings. If sides are looking to take us apart in the last 10 overs, then we have a lot of variety. The game might be 130 years old, but that [the yorker] is still the best ball in the world. The exposure they [youngsters] get against this Australian outfit will stand them in good stead. Their mindset will be entirely different. Young Saini is quick, and if he gets it right, he'll tickle a few. Really proud of the guys - I thought they were magnificent."

9.05pm Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli will earn a lot of plaudits for their clean striking when India began their chase, but this match was won by India's seamers right at the start. Particularly, Mohammed Shami, who made inroads with the new ball and then came back late to snuff out all hopes Australia had of getting to a 300-plus total.With Shikhar Dhawan injured when India were in the field, India were effectively a specialist batsman short, and that made the start crucial. Rohit and KL Rahul gave them a brisk beginning, and then Kohli walked in at 3 and played another well-controlled innings. Shades of exactly how Australia won the opening match in Mumbai. Also, shades of that successful chase by Australia in 2001, that was engineered by Michael Bevan, the great chase-master of his generation!

Hazlewood to Pandey, FOUR runs

winning runs in style! Fuller ball, straight at Pandey, and he smacks this back past the bowler. Emphatic chase from India, and they wrap up the series 2-1.

Hazlewood to Pandey, 1 wide

short, but squirted down the leg side. Left alone by Pandey

Prabhan: "A good sports Sunday coming to an end in another 10 minutes. For Man United fans: Time to sleep. For Liverpool fans : You still have 2 hours to enjoy. #shotsfired"

Hazlewood to Pandey, no run

length, and he goes back and defends towards mid-wicket

Ashwin: "Any updates on Dhawan's injury? He is supposed to be flying tomorrow!" --- Yes, all details here

Hazlewood to Pandey, FOUR runs

fuller ball, and Pandey drops this straight back down the wicket. Top shot from him!

end of over 476 runs
INDIA: 280/3CRR: 5.95 • RRR: 2.33 • Need 7 runs from 18b
Shreyas Iyer44 (35)
Manish Pandey0 (1)
Mitchell Starc9-0-66-0
Josh Hazlewood9-1-46-1
Starc to Iyer, no run

length, flicked away towards mid-wicket, but stopped by Turner inside the circle, diving low to his right

Starc to Iyer, no run

fuller ball, around off, and he drives that towards the bowler

Charu: "Apart from Kohli and Rohit no active player has more than ODI centuries. The next best are Ross Taylor (20), Warner (18) and Dhawan (17). Let just sink in what great batsmen these two guys are !! "

Starc to Iyer, 2 runs

length, and he presses into a cover drive. Takes it to the right of the deep point fieldsman, and allows for two to be picked up quite easily

Starc to Iyer, no run

length, angles in, and he drives this handsomely down the wicket. Finch dives away at mid-on and stops it

Starc to Iyer, no run

fuller length, and he drives this towards mid-on

Starc to Iyer, FOUR runs

ooh, a one-handed six on the off side! This is one memorable shellacking that Iyer is handing out to Starc. It's four, in fact, as that one-handed inside out drive lands just short of the extra cover fence

Ashwin: "What a comeback from the Indian side! From losing all the wickets and failing to pick up any in the first ODI, to scalping 19 wickets in the next two and loosing just 8! "

end of over 466 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 274/3CRR: 5.95 • RRR: 3.25 • Need 13 runs from 24b
Manish Pandey0 (1)
Shreyas Iyer38 (29)
Josh Hazlewood9-1-46-1
Mitchell Starc8-0-60-0
Hazlewood to Pandey, no run

full ball, just outside off, and he drives this to cover

Here's Pandey

Samrat Ahuja: "India's batting order had Mumbai Indians captain opening with Punjab's captain followed by Bangalore's and Delhi's!! Missing Chennai's captain though!! " --- IPL on your mind, by any chance?

Hazlewood to Kohli, OUT

he's gone through him! Full ball, and Kohli shuffles across and tries a swipe towards mid-wicket. Misses out on contact, and the ball just kisses the pads and then smashes into the stumps. Chinnaswamy rises as one to applaud this innings. It would seem he has done enough to take India through to yet another ODI chase, though

Virat Kohli b Hazlewood 89 (91b 8x4 0x6) SR: 97.8

Tinkool: "@Debayan, 50 for Iyer is also a contender in the race"

Hazlewood to Kohli, no run

yorker, and he digs it out towards deep mid-on

Hazlewood to Kohli, FOUR runs

short, and he dismisses this over mid-wicket. Nobody back at the fence, and that's four closer to that hundred!

Hazlewood to Iyer, 1 run

length, around off, and he drives this towards the sweeper at cover-point

Hazlewood to Kohli, 1 run

fuller, down the leg side, and he whips this towards fine leg

end of over 4514 runs
INDIA: 268/2CRR: 5.95 • RRR: 3.80 • Need 19 runs from 30b
Shreyas Iyer37 (28)
Virat Kohli84 (87)
Mitchell Starc8-0-60-0
Adam Zampa10-0-44-1

Now the race is pretty much between India's winning runs, and a possible century for Virat Kohli

Starc to Iyer, FOUR runs

backs away, and swats a fuller ball towards extra cover. One bounce, and into the fence

Starc to Iyer, SIX runs

short, angles across him, and Iyer swats this over deep mid-wicket. Big six! An exclamation mark over this chase by India, in some ways

Starc to Kohli, 1 run

short, and slightly slower than he anticipates. Gets down on his knee, and then guides it towards deep square leg with the periscope. Smiles all around...

Sagarneel Sen G: "Why is everyone so bothered about records? No one will remember how many centuries Kohli scored, but everyone will remember him as the greatest run chaser of all time."

Starc to Kohli, no run

short ball, outside off, jagging back in. He looks to thwack this back, but under-edges this towards point

Around the wicket to Kohli

Starc to Iyer, 1 run

short, and he pushes this towards deep point

Starc to Iyer, 2 runs

length, around leg, and he plays it past short mid-wicket. Finch parries this away towards long-on, and Kohli runs this hard to hustle through for the second! Applauded by Iyer, as the fifty of the partnership comes up