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2nd ODI (D/N), Wellington, December 07, 2005, Australia tour of New Zealand
(49.5/50 ov, T:323) 320

Australia won by 2 runs

Player Of The Match
156 (127)
Australia Innings
New Zealand Innings
Match Flow
Australia  (50 ovs maximum)
c Cairns b Mills89111088.88
run out (HJH Marshall)3650943072.00
c †McCullum b Mills2832295087.50
c HJH Marshall b Cairns0811000.00
b Vettori156127149128122.83
not out 827711090106.49
not out 11100100.00
Extras(lb 4, nb 4, w 3)11
TOTAL50 Ov (RR: 6.44, 205 Mins)322/5
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (Adam Gilchrist, 2.2 ov), 2-47 (Ricky Ponting, 8.5 ov), 3-50 (Brad Hodge, 11.4 ov), 4-101 (Simon Katich, 21.2 ov), 5-321 (Andrew Symonds, 49.4 ov)
2.2 to AC Gilchrist, Early strike! fraction short around the off stump, Gilchrist tries to pull but gets on top off the bat, mistimes straight to mid-on, easy catch taken by Cairns. 10/1
8.5 to RT Ponting, Gone! good length delivery outside off stump, swinging away, Ponting stretches forward and pushes at it, gets the nick to McCullum who takes a simple catch, important wicket for Kiwies. 47/2
11.4 to BJ Hodge, One more! short and wide outside off stump, Hodge goes back and cuts it in the air, straight to Hamish Marshall at point who takes a low catch. 50/3
49.4 to A Symonds, Atlast Symonds gets out! arm ball, good length delivery, Symonds makes room and tries to slash but gets beaten, ball knocks over the stumps, excellent innings coming to an end. 321/5
New Zealand  (T: 323 runs from 50 ovs)
c †Gilchrist b Lewis71496792144.89
c Clark b Lewis2243772051.16
c Hussey b Clark919230047.36
lbw b Hogg1019370052.63
c & b Hogg2532401078.12
c Lee b Lewis60526143115.38
c Clark b Lee41406450102.50
run out (Clarke)48335450145.45
run out (Hussey/†Gilchrist)67150085.71
not out 862110133.33
run out (Lewis)012000.00
Extras(lb 10, nb 2, w 8)20
TOTAL49.5 Ov (RR: 6.42, 234 Mins)320
Fall of wickets: 1-93 (Lou Vincent, 14.1 ov), 2-98 (Nathan Astle, 16.1 ov), 3-109 (Craig McMillan, 19.1 ov), 4-134 (Hamish Marshall, 24.1 ov), 5-156 (Scott Styris, 30.4 ov), 6-237 (Chris Cairns, 40.6 ov), 7-271 (Jacob Oram, 44.3 ov), 8-295 (James Marshall, 47.2 ov), 9-319 (Brendon McCullum, 49.3 ov), 10-320 (Kyle Mills, 49.5 ov)
14.1 to L Vincent, Strike! short of length delivery on the off stump, Vincent moves onside and tries to slash, gets the nick to Gilchrist who takes a simple catch. 93/1
16.1 to NJ Astle, short delivery on the off stump, Astle goes back and tries to pull over mid-wicket, gets the leading edge and the ball goes high up, Clark takes the skier at fine leg. 98/2
40.6 to CL Cairns, Strike from Lewis! short of length on the stumps, Cairns tries to hit it over long-on but doesn't time it well, straight to Lee at long-on. 237/6
44.3 to JDP Oram, Oram exposes his stumps, Lee bowls a bouncer on the leg stump, Oram cuts it and ball loops straight to Clark at thirdman. 271/7
19.1 to CD McMillan, One more down! fraction short on the off stump, McMillan goes for the pull but hurried up, gets on top of the bat and the ball loops straight to Hussey at mid-wicket who takes an easy catch. 109/3
24.1 to HJH Marshall, Gone! flat and short of length on the middle stump, turning in, Hamish goes back and tries to pull, misses it completely and gets right in front. 134/4
30.4 to SB Styris, flighted ball on the middle and leg stump, Styris moves forward and chips it straight back to the bowler, simple catch taken, soft dismissal. 156/5
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  • 4th Umpire - EA Watkin
  • Australia 50 runs in 11.1 overs
  • Australia 100 runs in 20.5 overs
  • Australia 150 runs in 32.6 overs
  • A Symonds 50 runs in 70 balls, 6x4
  • Australia 200 runs in 38.6 overs
  • MJ Clarke 50 runs in 58 balls, 4x4
  • A Symonds 100 runs in 109 balls, 9x4, 2x6
  • Australia 250 runs in 45.4 overs
  • A Symonds 150 runs in 125 balls, 11x4, 8x6
  • Australia 300 runs in 48.1 overs
  • New Zealand 50 runs in 8.4 overs
  • L Vincent 50 runs in 33 balls, 6x4, 1x6
  • New Zealand 100 runs in 16.3 overs
Westpac Stadium, Wellington
TossAustralia, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series resultAustralia led the 3-match series 2-0
Match numberODI no. 2302
Match daysdaynight (50-over match)
NZ Player Replacement
Substitute in out (2nd innings, 43.2 ov)
AUS Player Replacement
Substitute in out (2nd innings, 8 ov)
ODI debut
TV Umpire
Match Referee
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