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2nd Test, Hamilton, March 27 - 31, 2010, Australia tour of New Zealand
231 & 511/8d
(T:479) 264 & 302

Australia won by 176 runs

Player Of The Match
4/59 & 6/73
NZ 2nd Innings
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Australia have won the series two-nil. They win this test in Hamilton by 176 runs. New Zealand were always in trouble after having only posted a 33 run lead in the first innings undoing the great work by their bowlers on day one. Australia's second innings total swung the game in their favour. Simon Katich's hundred was the highlight but they had superb contributions all the way through the order. And Mitchell Johnson has cleaned up New Zealand in the fourth innings with 6 wickets to finish with 10 for the match.

So Australia win the series 2-0 after a dominant 10-wicket win in Wellington. New Zealand's inexperience was exposed by a very settled and confident Australian outfit. New Zealand don't play another test until they tour the subcontinent at the end of the year. Australia travel to England in July to play the shambolic Pakistan in two-tests before gearing up for the Ashes in November.

Man of the Match - Mitchell Johnson "I've enjoyed the tour. It's been great. To finish it off like we have today, it's been a great summer for the boys. It's always nice to contribute and be a part of this side"

There was no man of the series named at the presentation ceremony. Both captians thanked the crowd, sponsors, and their opponents.

That is it as far as cricinfo's live commentary coverage of the Trans-Tasman trophy is concerned. Don't forget to read Peter English's bulletin and Brydon Coverdale's coverage from Hamilton of the press conferences and the fall-out from this match.

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Johnson to Southee, OUT

Caught! Series over. Full outside off, Southee cleared the front leg, swung hard, sliced it high out to deep point where Clarke was waiting to take a comfotable catch. The end of an entertaining cameo from Southee. But Johnson gets 6 for and 10 for the match.

Tim Southee c Clarke b Johnson 45 (35m 25b 7x4 1x6) SR: 180
end of over 913 runs
NZ: 302/9CRR: 3.31 
Tim Southee45 (24)
Chris Martin5 (6)
Nathan Hauritz 17-5-37-1
Mitchell Johnson 20-6-73-5
Hauritz to Southee, 1 run

tossed up, leg stump, Southee swings it away through midwicket and they get two as the sweeper comes around to field

Hauritz to Martin, 1 run

short outside off, Martin forces off the back foot past a diving North at backward point but they only run one

Hauritz to Martin, no run

looping high outside off, Martin playing for turn gets beaten past the outside edge

Hauritz to Martin, no run

flatter and quicker, Martin plays a solid forward defence

Hauritz to Southee, 1 run

looped high and wide of off, Southee slog sweeps towards midwicket and they take the single

Hauritz to Southee, no run

tossed up outside off, Southee heaves hard down to long on and they dont run

end of over 909 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 299/9CRR: 3.32 
Chris Martin4 (3)
Tim Southee43 (21)
Mitchell Johnson 20-6-73-5
Doug Bollinger 16-2-87-2
Johnson to Martin, FOUR runs

full toss and Martin cover drives it for four! The roar around the ground was incredible given there is only a couple of hundred people in the ground.

Johnson to Martin, no run

Johnson blows this past Martin's outside edge and his off stump

Johnson to Martin, no run

this is angling down leg, catches the bottom of Martin's thigh pad and nearly gets dragged back onto the stumps!

Johnson goes around the wicket

Johnson to Arnel, OUT

Caught behind! Johnson has five-for. back of a length angling across Arnel who waves at it, feathers a thin nick through to keeper Haddin who claims the simple chance. Nine-down now New Zealand. The end is nigh.

Brent Arnel c †Haddin b Johnson 0 (9m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Johnson to Southee, 1 run

leg stump line, Southee clips this away to fine leg for just one

Johnson to Southee, FOUR runs

good length middle stump, Southee swings hard through the line it flies high and straight of deep mid on and away for four!

end of over 8917 runs
NZ: 290/8CRR: 3.25 
Tim Southee38 (19)
Brent Arnel0 (1)
Doug Bollinger 16-2-87-2
Mitchell Johnson 19-6-64-4
Bollinger to Southee, 1 run

back of a length outside off, Southee off the back foot defends towards point and pinches a tight single. Well run

Bollinger to Southee, no run

Southee charges, Bollinger bowls a bouncer and Southee makes tremendous bat speed trying to hook it but cant make contact

Bollinger to Southee, FOUR runs

length slower ball, again Southee flat bats it across the line wide of mid on for four more! Four in a row!

Bollinger to Southee, FOUR runs

full toss, Southee advances and hammers this hard wide of mid on for four more!

Bollinger to Southee, FOUR runs

Southee backs and slaps this length ball high over long on, two bounces four

Bollinger to Southee, FOUR runs

short ball, Southee hooks high off the top edge back over the keepers head, Haddin chases back to rope, it bounced just away from Haddin who knocks it over the rope for four! Good humour. Laughs all round except for Doug

end of over 88Wicket maiden
NZ: 273/8CRR: 3.10 
Brent Arnel0 (1)
Tim Southee21 (13)
Mitchell Johnson 19-6-64-4
Doug Bollinger 15-2-70-2
Johnson to Arnel, no run

good length, angled across Arnell who shoulders arms

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