1st T20I, Lahore, Jan 24 2020, Bangladesh tour of Pakistan
(19.3/20 ov)142/5
Pakistan won by 5 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
58 (45)

5:52pm And that is all from our coverage today. See you at the next match!

Babar Azam: The victory was very important. The way the bowlers did was brilliant. We didn't expect the pitch would be this slow, but the way our bowlers planned for it, I give them all the credit. One thing to improve on is the way we bat in the Powerplay.

Shoaib Malik: From the beginning what I saw was that against the new ball you could play through the line. Credit goes to the bowlers, they restricted them even after a good start. Fielding was very good, everyone was running around. When you're chasing you give yourself a chance by taking it deep. You kill a few overs by taking singles and you have power on the bench later.

Shoaib Malik is the Man of the Match.

Mahmudullah: Good contest. Wicket was surprising and hard to play shots once the ball got older and softer, thought the bowlers did well. We were about 15 runs short today and gave away too many boundaries. We missed a few run out chances and catch chances. The hospitality has always been good in Pakistan, we're looking forward to the next game.

izaz haque: "Again, resting on one performance. If Shoaib had not clicked today, who would have carried Pakistan. Can't think of anyone other than Babar. Really weak performance from both teams."

Naveed: "Good win from Pakistan will boost their confidence nicely but who would have thought Babar would get the lowest score of the match?"

Rayyan : "Good team performance from Pakistan, really well done to both debutants and now you know the value of experience"

Hamza shah: "Everyone was expecting a high scoring match as per previous record, but this was amazing behavior by pitch a bit slower and respecting bowlers. Such matches bring more charm to the game rather than big hit fun"

5:33pm Not a breathtaking match by any means. A slow surface aided by the sunlight in a day match. Shoaib Malik summoning all his experience to take Pakistan through. Decent hand too from Ahsan Ali, the debutant. His 36 off 32 proved vital. Boundaries were hard in both innings and for the most part, wickets weren't exactly on offer either. You wonder if many would have fallen if there wasn't a pressure to score in this. Shafiul and Al-Amin the bright spots for Bangladesh in their defence, but 141 wasn't going to be enough. They had Babar Azam in the second ball, but it was mostly easy going for the hosts. Pakistan snap a five-match losing streak.

Soumya to Rizwan, 2 runs

dropped at deep midwicket! Slower ball at a length outside off, Rizwan looks for the slog sweep. Mithun comes under it, some 10-15 yards inside the boundary and over-runs it by a step. It bobs backwards and they take the runs needed to complete the win

Now a ring of fielders in the off side

Soumya to Malik, 1 run

full slower ball outside off. Mistimed drive to extra cover and a call for the single. Might have been run out with a direct hit.

Soumya to Malik, 2 runs

offcutter, dropped short outside off. Lines up and pulls to long-on's right off the front foot

end of over 194 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 137/5CRR: 7.21 RRR: 5.00
Shoaib Malik55 (43)
Mohammad Rizwan3 (4)
Al-Amin Hossain 4-0-18-1
Mustafizur Rahman 4-0-40-1

So five required off the last over. Could be Soumya Sarkar who bowls it. Yes it is. The keeper is up to the stumps. Short fine, short third, point, extra cover at the four fielders inside the circle.

Al-Amin to Malik, 1 run

legcutter at a length on leg stump. Steps out and looks to chop to third man. Gets it into the leg side off the inside edge

Al-Amin to Rizwan, 1 run

short outside off. Walks down at it, pulls to deep square

Al-Amin to Rizwan, no run

short of a length outside off, steps out and has a hack, beaten. This one is regular pace

Al-Amin to Rizwan, no run

another legcutter. At a length on middle stump. Defended off the back foot

Al-Amin to Rizwan, 2 runs

just past extra cover. Another legcutter, this one is floated full at off stump. Leans in and looks to hit this into the leg side. Ends up slicing it to extra cover's left

Al-Amin to Imad Wasim, OUT

past his shin and into the stumps. That slower short ball just does not rise. He's shaped to pull this but it dips down as it nears him and comprehensively beats the shot

Imad Wasim b Al-Amin Hossain 6 (4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 150
end of over 1810 runs
PAK: 133/4CRR: 7.38 RRR: 4.50
Imad Wasim6 (3)
Shoaib Malik54 (42)
Mustafizur Rahman 4-0-40-1
Shafiul Islam 4-0-27-2
Mustafizur to Imad Wasim, 1 run

length on middle, flicked to midwicket's left

Mustafizur to Malik, 1 run

short of a length outside off, sliced to third man's right

Mustafizur to Malik, 2 runs

good work by sweeper cover. Short and wide outside off, smoked with a cut but the fielder sprints and does well to push the ball back in while regaining his balance

Mustafizur to Malik, FOUR runs

difficult chance dropped at long-off and that will be Malik's fifty. Length ball at off, steps out and lofts it straight over the bowler. Long-off sprints to his right and can't hold on with a dive. Ends up parrying it into the boundary on his right too

Mustafizur to Malik, no run

yorker at off stump, jammed down the pitch

Mustafizur to Malik, 2 runs

offcutter at a length on middle, shuffles and flicks firmly to deep midwicket's left

end of over 177 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 123/4CRR: 7.23 RRR: 6.33
Shoaib Malik45 (37)
Imad Wasim5 (2)
Shafiul Islam 4-0-27-2
Al-Amin Hossain 3-0-14-0
Shafiul to Malik, 1 run

nearly run-out! Imad Wasim at the striker's end. This is a poor call for a run that was never there. Length on leg stump, flicked to midwicket's right. Didn't even bother sprinting as the only way he'd survive that was if the fielder missed - which he did

Shafiul to Imad Wasim, 1 run

length at off stump, steps out and drives to mid-off's right

Shafiul to Imad Wasim, FOUR runs

slower ball at a length on leg stump, allows that to come on and tickles it past the keeper

Shafiul to Iftikhar, OUT

that should be out. Length in the corridor, wants to drive through cover on the up. Does it from inside the line and gets an outside edge. Liton goes for it low in front, with a dive. Soft signal is out. That should be fairly clear, clean take

Iftikhar Ahmed c †Liton Das b Shafiul Islam 16 (13b 2x4 0x6) SR: 123.07
Shafiul to Iftikhar, no run

short and wide outside off, beaten on the cut

Over the wicket

Shafiul to Malik, 1 run

length on leg stump, whipped to deep midwicket off the back foot

Shafiul around the wicket to Malik