22nd Match (N), Carrara, Jan 1 2021, Big Bash League
(17/17 ov)166/6
(12/12 ov, target 111)117/2
Thunder won by 7 runs (D/L method)
player of the match
Alex Hales
Sydney Thunder
end of over 125 runs
ST: 117/2CRR: 9.75 
Usman Khawaja48 (34)
Sam Billings10 (10)
Will Sutherland1-0-5-0
Peter Hatzoglou3-0-20-0

9.31 pm It's all over. Match called as the rain gets heavier. Thunder win by 7 runs on DLS behind an assured knock from Khawaja in the chase who outduels Marsh's first innings fifty. Thunder have won five in a row now. Renegades have lost five of six. That's it from us today. Come back tomorrow for a BBL doubleheader. Take care!

9.22 pm The umpires have decided it's gotten too heavy for play to continue. Play halted again. Only five overs left in the already reduced match.

DLS Par now 110 at the end of the over, so Thunder 7 ahead as the drizzle continues to thicken.

Sutherland to Khawaja, no run

back of a length on off, Khawaja beaten playing a back foot prod.

Sutherland to Khawaja, no run

short and wide, Khawaja misses a cut.

Whenever Renegades narrow the DLS gap, they leak a boundary.

Sutherland to Khawaja, FOUR runs

full on off, Khawaja shuffles across to drive this high over mid-on, one bounce over the rope.

Sutherland around the stumps to Khawaja now.

Sutherland to Billings, 1 run

short on the body, bottom edges a pull that dribbles short of the keeper down the leg side for one.

Sutherland to Billings, no run

bouncer on middle stump, beaten for pace on the hook. Sharp and well directed bumper.

Sutherland to Billings, no run

full outside off, driven in the air just short of mid-off.

Sutherland on for his first over. DLS Par currently 100.

end of over 1110 runs
ST: 112/2CRR: 10.18 RRR: 10.33 • Need 62 runs from 36b
Sam Billings9 (7)
Usman Khawaja44 (31)
Peter Hatzoglou3-0-20-0
Imad Wasim3-0-34-1
Hatzoglou to Billings, 1 run

dropped! Another attempted reverse sweep to a full ball wide outside off, thin tickle and the keeper spills this with a ricochet to third man. Given as runs so definitely a chance.

Third umpire brings out a replacement ball as the current one is too soaked.

Hatzoglou to Billings, FOUR runs

full on fifth stump, Billings breaks out the reverse sweep and connects fine along the turf past short third man, deep backward point has no chance.

Hatzoglou to Khawaja, 1 run

full and wide, driven down the ground for one.

Hatzoglou to Billings, 1 run

nearly a return catch! full on middle, comes down the track and chips this back at catchable height just out of the reach of Hatzoglou reaching toward Khawaja the non-striker, goes to long-on for one.

Hatzoglou to Khawaja, 1 run

full on fourth stump, drives this flat in the air but well short of Sutherland at long-off.

Hatzoglou to Khawaja, 2 runs

full and wide, driven to the cover sweeper.