54th Match, Brisbane, January 19, 2022, Big Bash League
(20 ov, T:179) 151/8

Sixers won by 27 runs

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end of over 209 runs • 1 wicket
BH: 151/8CRR: 7.55 
James Bazley12 (8)
Mitchell Swepson1 (1)
Hayden Kerr 4-0-23-3
Sean Abbott 4-0-39-1

All-round show by Sixers, as Kerr and company deliver with the ball after Hughes set it up with the bat. But don't go anywhere as we round off the business end of the BBL this season, with Sydney Thunder playing Melbourne Renegades in another part of the country. Until then, it is goodbye from Gnasher, Ranjith and me, Himanshu!

Daniel Hughes is the Player of the Match: "It is steaming hot there. I think we left ten runs out there. It's our captain Moises - he is really nice and calm. He has played amazingly for the Sixers. It is just another game of cricket, isn't it? Things will go your way if you are calm."

3.28pm More points for Sixers, as Heat go down again. They never really got off to a start in the run chase, and in the end, 179 proved too much. There was some fight from Bryant and Peirson after a slow start, but Sixers hit back through quiet overs from Abbott and O'Keefe right when needed.

Kerr to Bazley, 1 run

low full-toss on middle, and dragged to long-on. Sixers win by 27 runs

Kerr to Bazley, 2 runs

this time is he run-out at the bowler's end? Wait... The umpire still goes upstairs despite the batter not being in picture, perhaps because Kerr told him that he wasn't sure if the stumps were indeed dislodged by the ball in his hands. And yes, replays show the bails came off by his left elbow first before he took them off with the ball in hand. Bazley swung that back of a length ball to midwicket, and they ran for almost a run that was never there. Safe in the end though

Kerr to Swepson, 1 run

run-out chance gone! The throw came at the bowler's end from extra cover, but wide of stumps. Very full ball on middle and off, and dragged

Kerr to Steketee, OUT

appeal again for leg before, and given this time! A real toe-crushing yorker on leg which is almost dipping on the batter, who has almost opened himself up. The ball eventually strikes his left toe in front on of middle and leg, and bang! Kerr has his third

Mark Steketee lbw b Kerr 0 (5m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Kerr to Bazley, 1 leg bye

huge appeal for leg before, but not given. And Kerr is almost fuming. That was on a back of a length on middle and off, and almost hitting middle on replays. They trickle a leg-bye

Kerr to Bazley, FOUR runs

bottom edge, and four! Pretty full ball wide of off, and Bazley is across off early to try and swing that to the leg side. But the ball runs off the bottom edge between keeper and short fine leg

Over the wicket.

Kerr will bowl the final over. The small matter of six sixes required...

end of over 199 runs • 1 wicket
BH: 142/7CRR: 7.47 RRR: 37.00 • Need 37 runs from 6b
James Bazley5 (4)
Sean Abbott 4-0-39-1
Ben Dwarshuis 4-0-36-2
Abbott to Neser, OUT

finds fine leg with his slog! That ball was on a back of a length on middle, and near about in the slot to hammer it away to the on side. Neser did go for the heave, but ended up skying that to the fielder, with the longer side of the boundary coming into play again. Abbott finishes off with a wicket

Michael Neser c Dwarshuis b Abbott 4 (8m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80

John: "Mr Burton, I think the previous 2 overs @ 1/9 might have started the brakes"

Abbott to Neser, 2 runs

back of a length on off, and cracked toward long-off, where there is a fumble which allows the second run

Abbott to Bazley, 3 runs

off the bottom edge, and that goes behind the wicket as he tried to slog that full ball wide of off. Very good job by Kerr, running behind from short fine leg to pull the ball back last moment

Abbott to Bazley, no run

pretty full and just outside off. Misses his attempted heave to the off side

Abdullah: "Turns out that SOK WAS the man but credit to Abbot for the economical over." --- Credit to them really.

Abbott to Neser, 2 wide

everything happening here - first a slower ball bowled on a back of a length wide of off, which Bazley tried to scoop but missed. Then they ran a bye as the keeper tried to throw back

Abbott to Bazley, 1 run

full-toss on off, and pushed to long-off after getting his front leg out of the way

Abbott to Neser, 1 run

backs away, and pulls that back of a length ball on leg stump to fine leg. Abbott followed him as the batter made room

end of over 184 runs • 1 wicket
BH: 133/6CRR: 7.38 RRR: 23.00 • Need 46 runs from 12b
Michael Neser1 (2)
James Bazley1 (1)
Ben Dwarshuis 4-0-36-2
Steve O'Keefe 4-0-21-1
Dwarshuis to Neser, 1 run

off the bottom edge on to his pad, as he tries to swing a back of a length ball on off to the on side

Dwarshuis to Neser, no run

yorker length ball outside off, and he tries to slash but misses

Neser in now.

Burton: "That over by Abbott has effectively killed the momentum."

Dwarshuis to Bryant, OUT

knocks the off stump back! A bit of dancing around by Bryant, who first makes room outside leg, but then realises that the ball is full and on the stumps on off. He then tries to reverse-ramp perhaps out of desperation due to a lack of boundaries, but is beaten, with him almost preparing to play leg side. Gone!

Max Bryant b Dwarshuis 57 (82m 55b 4x4 0x6) SR: 103.63
Dwarshuis to Bazley, 1 run

pretty full on off, and pushed down to long-on

Dwarshuis to Bryant, 1 run

He is standing on fifth stump there - remember Smith on seventh stump against Pakistan in 2016? - as the bowler goes yorker length outside off. Leading edge toward point as he tries to clip

Dwarshuis to Bryant, 1 wide

another wide. Shortish in length and pitching way outside off. Left alone

Dwarshuis to Bryant, no run

wide delivery. It was a back of a length ball on off, and angling across. Bryant tried to shuffle across and missed, and given

Dwarshuis from over the wicket

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