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53rd Match (N), Melbourne (Docklands), January 18, 2022, Big Bash League
(20 ov, T:183) 176/6

Hurricanes won by 6 runs

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end of over 208 runs • 1 wicket
MR: 176/6CRR: 8.80 
Sam Harper3 (3)
Riley Meredith 4-0-27-1
Tom Rogers 4-0-35-3

10.28 pm Hurricanes hold on by six runs in dramatic fashion. They'll be moving on to the playoffs but their seed is still up in the air. They could be fourth, or theoretically get as high as three depending on net run rate though that is outlandish.

Hurricanes captain Matthew Wade: "We're doing what we can with the ball. It's challenging at times. We have a lot of allrounders and a lot of bowlers. Our starts in the first 10 overs, we were whacked all over the park but we dragged it back nicely. Our spinners are really really good. To get four overs out of D'Arcy as a second spinner is really good."

That's it from us tonight. Come back tomorrow for the final day BBL triple header. I'm Peter Della Penna, take care!

Meredith to Sutherland, OUT

thigh high full toss on middle stump... is flubbed once again skying this over mid-on. Simple catch taken on the ring. Renegades got two juicy meatball full tosses off the final three balls and could only manage one run off both. They deserve to lose. Hobart Hurricanes have clinched the final playoff spot. Melbourne Stars are knocked out of playoff contention.

Will Sutherland c Wade b Meredith 6 (6m 4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 150

Super Over still in play. Six needed to tie....

Meredith to Sutherland, FOUR runs

overpitched on off, driven firmly back down the pitch and whistles to the rope through mid-off.

11 off 2 to win now. Six and four to send this game to a Super Over.

Meredith to Harper, 1 run

rib high full toss on the stumps, flubs a pull tamely behind square leg. Lucky to call this a legal delivery. But it should've sailed for six regardless. The fact that it went for a single and wasn't called a no ball tells you everything about the Renegades season...

Meredith to Sutherland, 1 run

full on fifth stump, driven firmly but picks out David at extra cover for a single.

Jigar: "We can safely say MR is same like PBKS of IPL. Can make an nail biter out of easy chase anytime.. "

Meredith to Harper, 1 bye

slower ball lands short on the stumps, Harper shuffles well across to pull and misses. The scamper through for a bye.

Meredith to Sutherland, 1 run

full on the legs, flicked to deep fine leg for one.

Meredith to bowl the final over.

end of over 193 runs • 2 wickets
MR: 168/5CRR: 8.84 RRR: 15.00 • Need 15 runs from 6b
Sam Harper2 (1)
Will Sutherland0 (0)
Tom Rogers 4-0-35-3
Sandeep Lamichhane 4-0-27-2

15 off the last over needed now when they needed 18 off 12 balls. Renegades have thrown away a very dominant position. Hurricanes bowled and fielded poorly for most of the chase but are on the verge of escaping with the final BBL playoff berth. Renegades must win this to keep the Stars in the playoff hunt to set up a winner takes all regular season finale against Hurricanes tomorrow night for the final playoff spot. If the Hurricanes hold on, it's a dead rubber tomorrow.

Rogers to Harper, 2 runs

slower ball lands full on fifth stump, tapped gently through midwicket for a well-run two.

Three wickets, five runs in the last eight balls. Renegades are showing why they are in last place for the second year in a row.

Rogers to Merlo, OUT

full on middle, drives flat to D'Arcy Short and another easy catch is taken at head height 12 yards inside the rope.

Jonathan Merlo c Short b Rogers 1 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

From 18 off 12 balls, Renegades now need 17 off 8. Melbourne Stars squad members are suddenly sweating bullets watching from their homes and hotel rooms as their playoff hopes hang by a thread...

Rogers to Finch, OUT

slower ball full and wide, toe slaps this to David at long-off. It floats gently to him 10 yards inside the rope for a simple catch at head height.

Aaron Finch c David b Rogers 75 (82m 52b 6x4 4x6) SR: 144.23
Rogers to Finch, no run

yorker follows Finch backing away from leg, just misses leg stump.

Rogers to Merlo, 1 run

full and wide, sliced to backward point. They set off for a suicide run. Extremely rushed throw from his knees is sloppy to the bowler. A more assured effort would've led to a simple runout at the bowler's end.

Rogers to Merlo, no run

good length ball on off, punched back to the bowler.

end of over 188 runs • 1 wicket
MR: 165/3CRR: 9.16 RRR: 9.00 • Need 18 runs from 12b
Aaron Finch75 (50)
Jonathan Merlo0 (0)
Sandeep Lamichhane 4-0-27-2
Riley Meredith 3-0-20-0

Andrew: "Unmukt Chand must have one of the highest ratios of media coverage to actual achievements of any professional cricketer!" The knives are sharpening. That didn't take long...

Lamichhane to Finch, FOUR runs

short on the stumps, pulled flat through midwicket and beats the leg side sweeper to the rope.

Lamichhane to Finch, no run

short and wide, goes to cut and misses.

Lamichhane to Chand, OUT

full on sixth stump, goes to slog sweep this, has to reach out a long way to try and drag this back to the leg side. Mistimes it and its more of a top edge that flutters to Jewell who settles under it at deep midwicket and takes a crouching catch with hands cupped in front of his face sliding to hold on seven yards inside the rope.

Unmukt Chand c Jewell b Lamichhane 6 (13m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75
Lamichhane to Finch, 1 run

short on off, goes back to slap to long-on.

Lamichhane to Chand, 1 run

full and wide, drives to long-on for one.

Lamichhane to Chand, 2 runs

good length ball on the legs, shuffles across to paddle pull this, top edge swirls wide of short fine leg and the backspin funky English throws Meredith off as it eludes him for another run to turn it into two.

end of over 176 runs
MR: 157/2CRR: 9.23 RRR: 8.66 • Need 26 runs from 18b
Unmukt Chand3 (5)
Aaron Finch70 (47)
Riley Meredith 3-0-20-0
D'Arcy Short 4-0-29-0
Meredith to Chand, 1 run

Meredith goes for the bouncer-yorker one-two punch, Chand is up to the challenge stabbing it out to long-on for one.

Meredith to Chand, no run

bouncer over leg stump, Chand aborts a pull shot to let it pass.

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