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39th Match (N), Coffs Harbour, January 09, 2022, Big Bash League
(19/20 ov) 152/5

Scorchers won by 5 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)

Full commentary
end of over 199 runs • 1 wicket
PS: 152/5CRR: 8.00 
Chris Sabburg7 (3)
Ashton Agar4 (6)
Hayden Kerr 4-0-30-1
Ben Dwarshuis 4-0-34-2

10.30 pm Everyone in the middle gives phantom fist bumps and waves before starting to head off. Scorchers are able to overcome their absences in the lineup better than the Sixers to firm up their position at the top of the BBL table.

Player of the Match Ashton Turner: "Every team in this competition is losing guys quite often and quite often last minute. So part of the strength of our side is that when guys like Mitchell Marsh and Josh Inglis have been called up, we know that we have a lot of depth and guys who can fill roles and do a great job. Tonight it was my turn. I went up the order a little bit, faced a few more balls than I normally do and finish my innings. We know in T20 cricket a lot of responsibility falls on the top four batters to get the bulk of the runs so it was pleasing for me to contribute in that fashion tonight. I think it was a typical New South Wales wicket. It was low and slow as we expected it would be. Over the years, Sixers have outplayed us on wickets like this. We knew we have to play well not only on fast and bouncy wickets in Perth but also on wickets like this. To put that on show tonight is a satisfying feeling. We felt like Shadab was going to be their strike weapon and if we could put pressure on him, it was going to make the chase a little bit easier. Fortunately we took some risks but they paid off tonight."

That's it for our coverage tonight. Come back tomorrow for a BBL doubleheader. On behalf of the scoring team, I'm Peter Della Penna. Take care!

Kerr to Sabburg, 1 run

short on off, pulls this to square leg and scamper a tight single to clinch a five-wicket win.

Kerr to Sabburg, 2 runs

overpitched on off, punched in the air just wide of Kerr reaching his left hand out and it goes for a pair to level the scores.

Kerr to Sabburg, FOUR runs

short and wide, cuts this behind point to get off the mark in style.

Jp: "@rose, I feel like Rashid's standards/ expectations are so high now that even a good season is seen as average for him....." His low economy rate this season is very misleading. Teams haven't attacked him and have been content to see him off because Strikers as a whole have been poor and he has not put pressure on for wickets when the match has been in the balance.

Kerr to Agar, 1 run

good length ball, pushed through the ring for one.

Kerr to Hardie, OUT

slower bouncer on the stumps, top edges the pull over fine leg. Shadab comes forward and misjudges this somewhat moving too far in but then recovers to leap backward and clutch on.

Aaron Hardie c Shadab Khan b Kerr 35 (56m 31b 1x4 1x6) SR: 112.9
Kerr to Agar, 1 run

good length slower ball on fifth stump, slaps this through mid-on for one.

end of over 184 runs
PS: 143/4CRR: 7.94 RRR: 4.50 • Need 9 runs from 12b
Aaron Hardie35 (30)
Ashton Agar2 (4)
Ben Dwarshuis 4-0-34-2
Todd Murphy 2-0-11-0
Dwarshuis to Hardie, 2 runs

knee high full toss on sixth stump punched down the ground to long-off.

Dwarshuis to Hardie, no run

good length ball on fifth stump, slaps this into the ground back to the bowler.

Neil: "Rose …. Rashid Khan … 9th in wicket taking list and lowest economy rate of top 10 wicket takers …. Hardly under whelming ? " Has he had any matchwinning performances this season? Strikers have been poor and he hasn't done much to have a winning impact.

Dwarshuis to Hardie, no run

slower ball on a good length outside off, pushes at this and is beaten.

Dwarshuis to Hardie, no run

full on fourth stump, goes to drive and is beaten.

Dwarshuis to Hardie, 2 runs

good length ball flicked gently through midwicket.

Dwarshuis to Hardie, no run

full on off, punched back to the bowler.

end of over 174 runs
PS: 139/4CRR: 8.17 RRR: 4.33 • Need 13 runs from 18b
Ashton Agar2 (4)
Aaron Hardie31 (24)
Todd Murphy 2-0-11-0
Jackson Bird 3-0-24-1
Murphy to Agar, no run

full on off, driven to extra cover on the ring.

Murphy to Hardie, 1 run

full and wide, drives hard to the cover sweeper for one.

Murphy to Agar, 1 run

short on leg stump, backs away to slap to long-off for one.

Murphy to Agar, no run

good length ball on the legs follows him backing away, goes to punch but pushes it back to Murphy.

Murphy to Hardie, 1 run

full and wide, driven to the sweeper for one.

Murphy to Agar, 1 run

good length on fifth stump, cuts this behind point for one.

Murphy back for his offspin. Agar arrives on strike.

end of over 1612 runs • 1 wicket
PS: 135/4CRR: 8.43 RRR: 4.25 • Need 17 runs from 24b
Aaron Hardie29 (22)
Jackson Bird 3-0-24-1
Shadab Khan 4-0-36-1
Bird to Turner, OUT

full and wide, tries to drives this over long-off but can't clear the man on the rope. Catch taken ranging 20 yards left and settling just inside the rope taken at head height.

Ashton Turner c Hughes b Bird 69 (59m 41b 7x4 2x6) SR: 168.29

Mark: "@rose Saqib Mahmood was probably the best of the overseas bowlers imo" He started off like a house on fire his first few games but cooled off as the season wore on.

Bird to Hardie, 1 run

full on the stumps, flicked to the leg side for one.

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