4th Match, Lauderhill, Aug 6 2017, Caribbean Premier League
Patriots won by 4 runs
Player Of The Match
66* (55)
end of over 203 runs • 3 wickets
GAW: 128/8CRR: 6.40 
Rashid Khan0 (1)
Veerasammy Permaul0 (1)
Carlos Brathwaite 4-0-41-1
Hasan Ali 4-0-19-1

Thanks for joining us for the first game. Stick around for the next one - Jamaica Tallawahs v Barbados Tridents. See you soon.

Man of the Match, Chris Gayle: Happy Independence to Jamaica, I love you still. We had a slow start but we knew 130-140 would be enough. Credit to the bowlers, they pulled this off for us.It was a bit unusual (to bat through). I didn't get the momentum. But there's always room for improvement. We'll go strong from here.

2:35pm A vicious unravelling that will take some time to get over for the bowling team. A second loss in a row for the Warriors. It shouldn't have been, but it is. They were even helped along by some ordinary fielding, but they've managed to do snatch defeat.

Brathwaite to Rashid Khan, no run

but not today! Rashid Khan gets down to try and find the fine leg boundary but he cannot get bat on it. It's not a particularly good ball - overpitched on leg stump. Rashid goes for the audacious and it doesn't come off. Brathwaite wheels towards the ball to make sure they don't run four - he's not letting this go. He's done it.

Rashid Khan needs to get 4 off the last ball. He can hit it.

Brathwaite to Permaul, OUT

another run out! Tanvir is gone! Devon thomas, without taking the gloves off again! This is a length ball angled down leg. He looks to flick but this bisects his legs and flies through to the keeper who gathers, takes aim, and has Tanvir out with a direct hit. Third wicket of the last over

Sohail Tanvir run out (†Thomas) 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Brathwaite to Singh, OUT

laps it onto his stumps! Length ball going away from off stump, backs away and tries to get under it to try and lift it over short fine. Gets bat on it, straight onto the stumps

Gajanand Singh b Brathwaite 28 (25b 1x4 1x6) SR: 112
Brathwaite to Tanvir, 1 run

waits for it this time. Anticipates the line and gets a length ball there - outside off. But he can't do more than bunt this to long-off

Brathwaite to Tanvir, no run

well bowled. Angled across off stump at a length. Tanvir is not even close as he swings across the line. Misses it completely and they won't run this time

Brathwaite to Singh, 1 wide, OUT

a wide. So wide. Full toss, might have been sent into the stands if it wasn't so wide. But it leads to a run-out! They try to steal the single and get two off zero. But Thomas is up quickly and doesn't even need to take off his glove as he fires over-arm and takes the stumps down

Rayad Emrit run out (†Thomas) 9 (6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 150
Brathwaite to Emrit, 1 run

a yorker at off stump, looks to drill this, but he can't get the middle of the bat. It rolls towards long-off. But Chris Gayle, of all people, dives to his right and makes sure this is kept to one. Good work

8 off 6. Brathwaite is known for last-over exploits of the batting kind. Now he has the ball. And a million thoughts as he discusses the field with captain Chris Gayle, whom he leads at the international level.

end of over 1910 runs
GAW: 125/5CRR: 6.57 RRR: 8.00
Rayad Emrit8 (5)
Gajanand Singh28 (24)
Hasan Ali 4-0-19-1
Sheldon Cottrell 4-0-28-2
Hasan Ali to Emrit, 1 run

length ball swinging in at off stump, front leg out of the way and slog connected nicely. Gets it in between deep square and deep midwicket to come back for the second

Hasan Ali to Singh, 1 leg bye

good length outside leg, looks to flick, cops it on the pad and it's a single in front of short fine

Hasan Ali to Emrit, 1 leg bye

late reverse swing again! Good length and coming in sharply. He swipes across this and is struck outside the line. Big, despairing appeal from the bowler because this looks plumb. But it's fantastic decision - he was struck outside

Hasan Ali to Emrit, FOUR runs

sweeeeeeet! Back of a length at off stump, opens up his stance slightly, goes deep in the crease. He knew where this would be pitched. Gets in a nice swing at it and deposits the pull on the bounce to the square leg boundary

Hasan Ali to Emrit, 2 runs

back of a length, late reverse into the batsman who goes for the pull. It's too quick for him. It's jammed into the pitch and gives him enough time to come back for the second against deep midwicket's throw. Only just. Third umpire called for again.

Hasan Ali to Singh, 1 run

full toss, swerving away from off stump. A full-blooded swipe connects sweetly, but it's along the floor, straight to deep midwicket