29th Match (N), Providence, Sep 8 2018, Caribbean Premier League
(18.1/20 ov, target 174)177/2
Tallawahs won by 8 wickets (with 11 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
55* (34), 2/21 & 3 catches

11.27pm That's all from us at ESPNcricinfo. Join us tomorrow for CPL 2018's final league game! Till then, on behalf of Ranjith P, this is Sreshth Shah signing off! See you.

11.25pm Rovman Powell is the Man of the Match for his all-round show. Says: "Definitely nice to bowl the last over. Team needed someone to stand up that time, so I did well to stop the opposition from having the momentum at the break. Dew played a little factor, but both teams were aware of it. Very enjoyable to play with Ross Taylor. He's a New Zealand legend. The Delport catch is one of the better catches of my career."

11.21pm So the Tallawahs finish their league stage with a win. They move to second, but Guyana have another game to try and pip them to the second spot. Either way, Tallawahs have done what they could've done... and now their hopes of a second spot depends on whether Guyana lose tomorrow or not. Today, though, was all about the 114-run stand for the third wicket between Taylor (41-ball 60) and Powell (34-ball 55). Powell, in fact, had an excellent day in the field. Don't forget his two top-order wickets with the ball, and the magnificent catch to dismiss Cameron Delport. Not the way Guyana captain Chris Green would've wanted to start his captaincy career, but that's how the ball rolls sometimes. Stick around for more reactions.

Alex97: "Seems the Warriors have lost their fighting spirit in the second half of this tournament "

Primus to Powell, FOUR runs

finishes it off in style! Full toss on middle stump, and that's been clipped away to the leg-side boundary. It's the highest CPL chase on this ground. Tallawahs win by eight wickets!

end of over 1816 runs
JT: 173/2CRR: 9.61 RRR: 0.50
Rovman Powell51 (33)
Ross Taylor60 (41)
Keemo Paul 3-0-32-0
Imran Tahir 4-0-30-2
Paul to Powell, 1 run

slower ball outside off and he pushes to mid off for a quick single. Scores tied!

Paul to Powell, 1 wide

full and wide outside off, and he misses the cut. Called wide though

Paul to Powell, FOUR runs

full toss on middle and he pumps this over midwicket for another boundary. Fifty as well!

We need a new ball. Slight delay in the proceedings

Paul to Taylor, 1 run

pulled away to deep midwicket for a sloppy single

Partnership of 100

Paul to Taylor, SIX runs

what a glorious shot. Knee-high full toss on middle stump and he uses his wrists to clip this over square leg!

Paul to Powell, 1 run

full on leg stump again, and he works this behind to square leg

Paul to Taylor, 1 run

yorker on middle and he digs this away to the leg side

Paul to Taylor, 1 wide

slower ball to start the over. But delivered way too wide

end of over 176 runs
JT: 157/2CRR: 9.23 RRR: 5.66
Rovman Powell45 (30)
Ross Taylor52 (38)
Imran Tahir 4-0-30-2
Chris Green 2-0-18-0
Tahir to Powell, FOUR runs

threads this between deep midwicket and long on! Full on off, and Powell simply swings across the line. Tahir finishes his spell as well

Tahir to Taylor, 1 run

wide outside off, and his attempted cut is under-edged for a single

Tahir to Taylor, no run

soft appeal for lbw. Full on leg, and Taylor can't get bat to ball

Tahir to Taylor, no run

tossed up on off, and he punches this through to cover

Tahir to Taylor, no run

full on middle, and defended off the front foot

Tahir to Powell, 1 run

full ball that's been drilled to long on