16th Match, Basseterre, Sep 4 2021, Caribbean Premier League
(14.2/20 ov, target 131)136/1
Amazon won by 9 wickets (with 34 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
105* (56) & 0/2 (1)

5:30 pm Two centuries on the day here at the CPL. First Fat du Plessis in the morning and now Chandrapaul Hemraj caps the day in fading afternoon light with another and at breakneck speed as the match is done with 34 balls to spare. Royals coach Daniel Vettori is out inspecting the pitch now wondering where all the runs are for his batsmen.

Player of the Match Chandrapaul Hemraj: "Unbelievable. I was batting with Shoaib and with his experience he calmed me down. I want to thank my wife who is here today too."

That'll do it for this match. I'm Peter Della Penna. Come back tomorrow for another CPL doubleheader. Until then, take care!

Young to Hemraj, SIX runs

he does it in style with an uppercut over backward point! Young bounces him outside off, Hemraj gets on his toes and carves this square and high over the rope on the off side. The ball hasn't even cleared before he starts with the fist pumps and furious bat waves. A maiden CPL century for Hemraj in a dominant win for the Amazon Warriors!

Young to Hemraj, no run

low full toss on sixth stump, he slaps this off a thick edge and bolts but it goes straight to short third man and Shoaib sends him back rightly.

Young to bowl. The whole Guyana bench is on their feet in the dugout.

end of over 146 runs
GAW: 130/1CRR: 9.28 RRR: 0.16 • Need 1 run from 36b
Chandrapaul Hemraj99 (54)
Shoaib Malik8 (13)
Ashley Nurse 4-0-25-0
Nyeem Young 3-1-26-1
Nurse to Hemraj, 1 run

full on the legs, chipped into midwicket for an easy single. Hemraj will keep strike with scores level and one run to get to a century. Only some spectacularly devilish gamesmanship in the form of a wide or a no ball will deny him a century here. Anyone having flashbacks to Kieron Pollard right about now???

Nurse to Hemraj, FOUR runs

full on fifth stump, Hemraj backs away to create room to carve this over extra cover, one bounce to the rope.

Nurse to Hemraj, no run

flighted full on middle, Hemraj aborts a big windup to check this back to Nurse.

Six to win, six for Hemraj's 100... drama... he's batting with a cap on now instead of a helmet.

Nurse to Malik, 1 run

full on middle and leg, chips a single behind square.

Nurse to Malik, no run

good length ball on off, defended.

Nurse to Malik, no run

good length ball on off, pressed tentatively into cover.

end of over 1312 runs
GAW: 124/1CRR: 9.53 RRR: 1.00 • Need 7 runs from 42b
Chandrapaul Hemraj94 (51)
Shoaib Malik7 (10)
Nyeem Young 3-1-26-1
Ashley Nurse 3-0-19-0
Young to Hemraj, FOUR runs

good length ball on the hips, flicks this fine off the bat (according to the umpire anyway) for four runs past the keeper through fine leg. Replays show it did come off the bat and not the pads but Hemraj was desperate to sell it to the umpire regardless waving his bat to the umpire to leave no doubt.

Young to Hemraj, 2 runs

in the slot on fifth stump, driven firmly through cover and Phillips hasn't given up putting in a dive on the sweeper rope to save two.

Hemraj needs 12 of the last 13 runs to the target to bring up a century.

Young to Malik, 1 run

bouncer on middle, slaps a pull to deep midwicket for one.

Young to Malik, no run

full outside off, another booming drive attempted and beaten.

What's Shoaib doing? Hemraj's century is fading!

Young to Malik, FOUR runs

short on the stumps, drills a pull through wide mid-on to the rope.

Young to Hemraj, 1 run

short on fourth stump, slays a pull but picks out cow corner on a bounce for a single.