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Harare, October 31 - November 02, 2011, Castle Logan Cup

Tuskers won by an innings and 228 runs

Tuskers 1st Innings
Eagles 1st Innings
Eagles 2nd Innings (Following on)
Match Details
Matabeleland Tuskers 1st Innings 
Paul Horton lbw b Waller10418824212055.31
Terry Duffin c Mutombodzi b Chinyoka1851921035.29
Gavin Ewing (c)c †Bishop b Hondo2838495073.68
Craig Ervine c †Bishop b Waller601151307052.17
Keith Dabengwa c Mutombodzi b Gumunyu-Manatsa59971656060.82
Adam Wheater c †Bishop b Chinyoka29263660111.53
Steven Trenchard c Matsikenyeri b Gumunyu-Manatsa2243492051.16
Tafadzwa Ngulube c Moor b Waller827341029.62
Bradley Staddon c Mutombodzi b Gumunyu-Manatsa1626382061.53
Glenn Querl not out 2637544070.27
Thabo Mboyi lbw b Chinyoka1315272086.66
Extras(b 9, lb 16, nb 8, w 2)35
TOTAL109.1 Ov (RR: 3.82)418
Fall of wickets: 1-80 (Terry Duffin, 20.4 ov), 2-126 (Gavin Ewing, 32.5 ov), 3-209 (Paul Horton, 59.3 ov), 4-249 (Craig Ervine, 67.1 ov), 5-282 (Adam Wheater, 74.2 ov), 6-332 (Steven Trenchard, 87.1 ov), 7-351 (Tafadzwa Ngulube, 94.6 ov), 8-361 (Keith Dabengwa, 97.3 ov), 9-383 (Bradley Staddon, 103.3 ov), 10-418 (Thabo Mboyi, 109.1 ov)
Innocent Chinyoka12.114833.94545013
20.4 to T Duffin, caught at second clip. Dufin gets in line, gets a thick top edge some few inches above Mutombodzi, who jumps up to take the catch. 80/1
74.2 to AJA Wheater, he lived by the pull shot and now he goes by the pull shot! shot ball , Wheater goes for the pull and gets a top edge into Bishop's gloves.. 282/5
109.1 to TM Mboyi, Chinyoka gets his third, no foot movement and Mboyi is struck in front of his stumps.. 418/10
Tatenda Manatsa2669633.6911715000
87.1 to SM Trenchard, caught at short fine leg. Trenchard settles him self for the leaves but the ball nips back into him and struck at the back of the bat towards Matsikanyere who dives at full stretch to his left to take the catch.. 332/6
97.3 to KM Dabengwa, Manatsa got his man. back of a length nipping away , Dabengwa goes for he cover drive but only to nick it straight to Mutombodzi at second slip. 361/8
103.3 to B Staddon, Mutombodzi holds on to this one, thick out side edge straight to second slip, Manatsa gets his third. 383/9
Mark Mbofana1325504.23577004
Douglas Hondo1404713.35637000
32.5 to GM Ewing, Ewing departs! leans forward to defend but only feathers it to the keeper. 126/2
Tinotenda Mutombodzi1524903.26616000
Nathan Waller2347033.041066011
59.3 to PJ Horton, Waller takes out Horton. gets forward and was struck in front of is stumps, a huge appeal for lbw. Horton goes. 209/3
67.1 to CR Ervine, Waler takes his second wicket! short of a length, Ervine gets back looking for he backfoot drive, gets a thick out side edge to the keeper. Bishop dives forward to take the catch. 249/4
94.6 to T Ngulube, caught at gully! thick out side edge to the right of PJ Moor at gully , who bents and plucks it off the ground. 351/7
Stuart Matsikenyeri602804.66232000
Mashonaland Eagles 1st Innings 
Alois Tichana c †Ngulube b Querl12026005.00
Ryan Bishop c †Ngulube b Querl313180023.07
Sikandar Raza c Ervine b Staddon1946563041.30
Stuart Matsikenyeri (c)c Duffin b Querl17162530106.25
Mark Mbofana  b Querl823402034.78
Peter Moor c †Ngulube b Staddon037000.00
Tinotenda Mutombodzi c †Ngulube b Staddon044000.00
Nathan Waller  b Querl01522000.00
Innocent Chinyoka c †Ngulube b Staddon01218000.00
Douglas Hondo not out 038000.00
Tatenda Manatsa  b Querl066000.00
Extras(lb 2, nb 2)4
TOTAL26.3 Ov (RR: 1.96, 120 Mts)52
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Ryan Bishop, 4.5 ov), 2-4 (Alois Tichana, 6.2 ov), 3-27 (Stuart Matsikenyeri, 12.4 ov), 4-45 (Sikandar Raza, 17.4 ov), 5-49 (Peter Moor, 19.1 ov), 6-49 (Tinotenda Mutombodzi, 19.5 ov), 7-49 (Mark Mbofana, 20.5 ov), 8-51 (Nathan Waller, 24.5 ov), 9-51 (Innocent Chinyoka, 25.1 ov), 10-52 (Tatenda Manatsa, 26.3 ov)
Glenn Querl13.362061.48722002
4.5 to R Bishop, Querl takes out Bishop. gets forward and feathers it straight into Ngulube's gloves, simple catch it was. 3/1
6.2 to A Tichana, second ball after lunch Tichana nicks it of the front foot , Ngulube takes the catch with ease. 4/2
12.4 to S Matsikenyeri, caught at mid off. gets back nto his crease to clip, plays it too early as he gets the leading edge to Ewing at mid off. 27/3
20.5 to MRH Mbofana, Querl takes his fourth wicket. Mbofana gets beaten of the front foot, Querl hits the top of the stumps. Eagles are in all sorts of trouble. 49/7
24.5 to NR Waller, bowled 'em. Waller gets forward and misses on the forward defence, Querl smashed the off stump. 51/8
26.3 to LT Gumunyu-Manatsa, . 52/10
Thabo Mboyi611702.83293000
Bradley Staddon761341.85383000
17.4 to Sikandar Raza, . 45/4
19.1 to PJ Moor, Ngulube holds on to this one. Moor comes forward for the drive, gets a thin outside edge to the keeper. Eagles are crumbilng here. 49/5
19.5 to CT Mutombodzi, gone for a duck! gets beaten by he out swinger and nicks it with the inside half of the bat to Ngulube's left side. 49/6
25.1 to IM Chinyoka, . 51/9
Mashonaland Eagles 2nd Innings (Following on) 
Alois Tichana  b Querl212100016.66
Ryan Bishop st †Ngulube b Dabengwa2275955029.33
Sikandar Raza lbw b Querl28561345050.00
Stuart Matsikenyeri (c)c Wheater b Mboyi512111041.66
Mark Mbofana c Dabengwa b Mboyi058000.00
Peter Moor c Wheater b Staddon2945523064.44
Tinotenda Mutombodzi  b Mboyi011000.00
Nathan Waller c †Ngulube b Querl2326482088.46
Innocent Chinyoka not out 1134522032.35
Douglas Hondo c †Ngulube b Dabengwa837-0021.62
Tatenda Manatsa lbw b Dabengwa022000.00
Extras(b 1, lb 8, w 1)10
TOTAL50.5 Ov (RR: 2.71)138
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Alois Tichana, 2.6 ov), 2-50 (Ryan Bishop, 22.3 ov), 3-59 (Stuart Matsikenyeri, 25.3 ov), 4-59 (Sikandar Raza, 26.2 ov), 5-59 (Mark Mbofana, 27.2 ov), 6-59 (Tinotenda Mutombodzi, 27.3 ov), 7-112 (Peter Moor, 37.6 ov), 8-112 (Nathan Waller, 38.4 ov), 9-138 (Douglas Hondo, 50.3 ov), 10-138 (Tatenda Manatsa, 50.5 ov)
Glenn Querl1861831.00961000
2.6 to A Tichana, he has been dismissed twice in one day. comes forward and is completely beaten as he tries to work that one into the covers. 2/1
26.2 to Sikandar Raza, Raza goes. short of a length and it says low, Raza is struck in front of his stumps.. 59/4
38.4 to NR Waller, Querl picks his thrd wicket, touch fuller outside the off stump, Waller feathers it wide and low to the right of Ngulube. 112/8
Thabo Mboyi1446734.78609010
25.3 to S Matsikenyeri, third ball of the day Matsikanyere goes. Short and wide outside the off stump line, Matsikanyere gets back and across as he smashes that into the hands of Wheater at cover. 59/3
27.2 to MRH Mbofana, Mboyi picks his second. gets forward and finds a thick outside edge straight to Dabengwa at third slip. 59/5
27.3 to CT Mutombodzi, bowled 'em. Mutombodzi gets well forward to leave this lengthy delivery outside the off stump, and chops it onto his middle stump. 59/6
Bradley Staddon1252712.25615000
37.6 to PJ Moor, . 112/7
Keith Dabengwa3.51731.82191000
22.3 to R Bishop, Dabengwa removes Bishop. flighted on off stump line, Bishop comes down the track once again, misses it this time, Ngulube was quick to on the stumping. 50/2
50.3 to DT Hondo, Dabengwa gets Hondo. reachs out with a big swing as he nicksi t into the gloves of Ngulube. 138/9
50.5 to LT Gumunyu-Manatsa, thats it, Tuskers have completed their innings victory against the Eagles. It was fuller on middle and off, Manatsa stretches forward for the defennce, get sbeaten by the turn and he is struck in front of his stumps. 138/10
Steven Trenchard301003.33152000
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Harare Sports Club
TossMatabeleland Tuskers, elected to bat first
Hours of play (local time)10.00am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40pm, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00
Match days31 October, 1,2 November 2011 - day (4-day match)
Langton Rusere
Russell Tiffin
Reserve Umpire
Reginald Mutaramutswa
Match Referee
Dakarai Kuhlengisa
PointsMatabeleland Tuskers 7, Mashonaland Eagles 0
Mon, 31 Oct - day 1 - Tuskers 1st innings 338/6 (Keith Dabengwa 47*, Tafadzwa Ngulube 2*, 90 ov)
Tue, 01 Nov - day 2 - Eagles 2nd innings 59/2 (Sikandar Raza 28*, Stuart Matsikenyeri 5*, 25 ov)
Wed, 02 Nov - day 3 - Eagles 2nd innings 138 (50.5 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
  • KM Dabengwa 50 off 89 balls in 145 mins, 5x4
Eagles Innings
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Castle Logan Cup