4th Match, Group B, Centurion, Sep 12 2010, Champions League Twenty20
(20 ov, target 179)167/8
South Aust won by 11 runs
Player Of The Match
78 (48)
end of over 207 runs
LIONS: 167/8CRR: 8.35 
Thami Tsolekile23 (26)
Aaron Phangiso2 (2)
Dan Christian 4-0-30-2
Shaun Tait 3.6-0-36-3

That's it from us. While you wait for the second game of the day - Bangalore v Guyana - here is the action from Headingley, thanks to Gnasher McGlashan. On behalf of ESPNcricinfo, this is Nitin Sundar signing off. Stay tuned for the next game. Cheers!

Alviro Petersen: "We squeezed them a bit in the bowling, but they got away in the end. If we lose wickets while chasing, it is always difficult.. we lost too many, if one or two of us stayed in, it would have helped. Hopefully we can put it right in the remaining two games and who knows from there?" Petersen is right.. After all, as Suresh Raina said.. (runs and hides)

Michael Klinger is Man of the Match "Great to get off to a good start, the competition is cut-throat. We did really well to peg them back after a great start (while chasing). Today we went with one less quick since we thought taking the pace off the ball is the way forward. Daniel Christian did the job well. Tough road ahead, we play two IPL teams."

Tait and Christian starred in a very good bowling display as the Redbacks defended well after Klinger and Ferguson set it up with the bat. Good all-round performance, and the rest of the field better watch out for this team. No stars, but they have what it takes to cause a flutter or two. While we wait for the presentations, here is Sid Monga's bulletin.

That chase pretty much began and ended with Petersen. Sad for the Lions, despite getting almost no support at the other end, they managed to reach 167. If only he had support...

Christian to Tsolekile, 1 run

and it's all over! The bowlers have hit great lengths in these end overs and Christian signs off with another close to perfect yorker on middle and leg. Tsolekile's inability to generate power has hampered Lions towards the end and once again, all he can do is swing it without much timing down to midwicket for one

Christian to Phangiso, 1 run

Phangiso flashes outside off and gets a healthy edge that goes high and dribbles towards third man. Only one. Redbacks close in on a good victory.

Christian to Tsolekile, 1 run

another fine delivery, unhittable outside off and it is squirted out to the covers for one

Christian to Phangiso, 1 run

Manou's the man once again! Uncertain swipe from outside off stump and the inside edge was speeding away after missing the stumps, but Manou came in the way with an acrobatic dive to the left

Christian to Tsolekile, 1 leg bye

follows the batsman with a good yorker and Tsolekile can't deflect it past Manou who stops athletically

Christian to Tsolekile, 2 runs

low full toss on middle and leg, Tsolikele connects with the swipe to the leg side, but it goes high rather than far.

Tait to Frylinck, OUT

Clatter! All one can say is - why does Tait even try anything other than the yorker? Perfect toe-crusher on middle and off, credit to Frylinck for staying in line with leg stump and saving his toes. Too bad, he could not save his stumps

Robbie Frylinck b Tait 17 (9m 6b 1x4 2x6) SR: 283.33
Tait to Frylinck, SIX runs

Wow, is there a twist in the tail? Frlylinck lashes at one that is on the length outside off. He lashed hard enough, and once again Tait's pace did the rest. Sailed easily over third man for another six

Tait to Frylinck, no run

and back to the yorker. Tait keeps it on the money and Frylinck can't do much

Tait to Frylinck, SIX runs

top-edged over square leg for six! Tait's pace helped that top-edge fly 81 metres from the pitch, but credit to Frylinck for backing himself and executing the pull shot on time.

Tait to Tsolekile, 1 run

and the yorker. On middle and leg, nothing much to be done except take a single out to covers.

Tait to Tsolekile, no run

short and goes through at great pace past the batsman's head. Too fast, too furious!