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4th Match, Group A (D/N), Ahmedabad, Sep 23 2013, Champions League Twenty20
No result (abandoned with a toss)

5.07pm And it is now official, the first game has been called off. The puddles have grown into lakes, and prospects for the second match are looking quite dire... Thanks to those of you who have stuck around, even though the possibility of play was minute. If you can, do check out coverage for the second match scheduled today, with commentary officially beginning at 7.15pm IST. Hope to see you all there! This is Rohan Sharma, hoping that the weather has been better at your end.

Well Simon Doull has just tweeted that the first game is called off, but we don't yet have official word, so hang in there...

ANKIT: "My Team would be: Gayle, Sehwag, Kohli, Raina, Watson, Dhoni, Binny, Bhuvi, Styne, Malinga, Mishra."

ratan sarkar: "1.gayle 2.watson 3.s.dhawan 4.raina 5.m.hussey 6.ab dvilliars 7.b.mcllum 8.dw bravo 9.pollard 10.s.narine 11.malinga"

nithin: "playin 11 1.sachin 2.sehwag 3.b.mcullm 4.rohit shrma 5.pollard 6.ab 7.bhajji 8.zaheer 9.irfan pathn 10.mallinga 11.bhuvi"

Yash Gupta: "My team would deinitely be:- 1) Shane Watson 2) Shikhar Dhawan 3) Suresh Raina 4) Virat Kohli 5) Rohit Sharma 6) AB de Villeirs 7) MS Dhoni( Capt. and wk.) 8)Sunil Narine 9) Lasith Malinga 10) Bhuvaneshwar Kumar 11) Amit Mishra"

sreehari: "my all time t20 team 1. Gayle 2.sehawag 3. Abd 4.watson 5. Yusuf pathan 6. Yuvi 7. Msd 8.b kumar 9. P kumar 10. Zaheer 11.narine"

5.00pm: I'm afraid we don't have any good news as of yet. It is still raining in Ahmedabad and doesn't look to let up anytime soon.

Ravinder Singh: "My deadly XI would be - 1. Gayle 2. Watson 3. Kohli 4. Yuvraj 5. Rohit 6. Raina 7. Dhoni 8. Ashwin 9. Narine 10. Malinga 11. Zaheer"


Aditya Bahri: "Viv Richards Gayle Virat Kohli Raina MS Dhoni (c) Shane Watson Sir Jadeja Wasim Akram R Ashwin Anil Kumble Zaheer Khan"

NISHANT AGGARWAL: "My all time XI T20 will be 1. gayle 2. shikhar dhawan 3. B. Mc cullum 4. suresh raina 5. virat kohli 6. dhoni 7. sir jadeja(ofcourse) 8. malinga 9. dale steyn 10. amit mishra 11. narine"

Anuj Sharma: "No one can beat this team: # - Role - Player - Comments 1 - WK-Bat - MS Dhoni - Captain 2 - AR - Jadeja - 3 - Bat - Dhawan - Opener 4 - Bat - S Samson - 5 - Bat - ABD - Foreign 6 - Bat - Hussey - Opener/Foreign 7 - AR - Watson - Foreign 8 - Ball - Johnson/Steyn/Malinga - Foreign 9 - Ball - M Sharma - 10 - Ball - B Kumar - 11 - Ball - Mishra -"

4.35pm According to Gopi, our scorer here at ESPNcricinfo, if the match does not commence by 6.40pm (which it would then become a five overs-a-side affair) then it will be officially called off. So we have a little over two hours now. Hopefully the rain can die down in that time.

Here's another question for all of you: If you could select an all-time XI T20 line-up (bearing in mind the cap on foreign players (i.e. outside of India)) at four players, which players would you select?

4.25pm Still no update from the ground as it is still raining heavily. We are unsure if there is a cut-off time for this first match today, but we are looking into it, so we will brief you as soon as we find out.

Rachit: "Chris Gayle by his absence."

Jay Shah: "Watto, Tendo, De villiers and Brendo Mccullum will be the players to watch who can make impact truly. They can change the match on their own. !!! Among the Indians, Rohit Sharma, Jaddu and Shikhar Dhawan....!!"

Mohamad Javed: "My Top 5 Impact Players will be. 1.AB Devillers 2.Hussey 3.Narine 4.Dhawan 5.Shane Watson. Dhoni will be on top 5 only if he plays at no.4."

Amit Patel: "Where is B'Mac dear? No one mentioned his name... Otago Captain can win you matches on his own..."

monil shah : "This time i feel suresh raina is going to make a big impact . he really is long over due . and the man is going to show sheer class in this tournament"

Lakshay Sharma: "I think Rutherford will make a big impat in this tournament and according to me Otago Volts are going to be there in the finals."

Nitin Dhingra: "Ryan Ten Doeschate can make a big Impact in the tournament as he has shown his class in qualifiers & may be rated very high for IPL next season."

Anuj Sharma: "Can't just go for one here is list of 8 impact players that can/will change the course of the tournament (too many of them in CSK though): Jadeja, Dhawan, Dhoni,Hussey, Devilliers, Tendoeschante, Dwyane Smith and Watson"

Siddartha: "I have a big feeling Otago Votls are going to make it atleast till the semi's, and two people instrumental to their run would be Hamish Rutherford and Ted Do. Rutherford has too much of promise and has failed to deliver thus far, but has shown loads of talent, and Ten Do, well its a shame he was born in Netherlands"

Raj Malhotra: "Shane Watson, AB De Villiers, MS Dhoni, Shikhar Dhawan and Sunil Narine would be my top 5 picks for the Biggest Impact Player in the tournament."

kartick hari: "Without a doubt Sir Ravindra" vemuri: "Narine"

kamalesh: "michael hussey for CSK and shane watson for RR...both represents strong local teams"

4.10pm Unfortunately we don't have any fresh updates from the ground. Bear with us as we wait for some news from the middle. In the meantime, which player do you suspect to have a big impact during this tournament?

inderpreet singh: "Lions won the toss and decided to bowl 1st or Rain won the toss and decided to fall 1st ?"

Dewald Nel: "@ Akshit Nanda: If you just made SIX transfers at this stage of the Fantasy league, you've got bigger problems than just this game being rained out..."

Tuhinanshu: "@Akshit: My sincere condolences to you and all other fellow players who wasted their substitutions in fantasy team for this match."

HariDeep: "Fantasy league subs get effected due to rain??"

Akshit Nanda: "With the look of things, looks like i just wasted 6 transfers on my fantasy team for this match!"

There are some massive puddles on the outfield. Haven't seen anything like it in a while... The prospect of this game going forward is slim to none.

Still raining hard here in Ahmedabad... Can't offer anymore than that I'm afraid.

James: "I seem to recall Indian fan complaining about the Champions Trophy being affected by rain in England. What goes around ..."

It is barracking here at Ahmedabad. By the looks of the forecast, this could extend through the night, so it does not look promising at the moment.

AMAN SINGHAL: "India vs England in ICC World Cup 2011, Banglore, 1 km away from the stadium, couldn't move because it was raining heavily. Stadium, the game was on with Bright sunlight."

Tiger has chosen to take the 'glass half-full' approach: Tiger: "Can we do some sort of weather fixing?"

Ankur Gajipara: "it seems match will be delayed due to rain. it's heavy rain nearby. hope the match will be played"

And as soon as the toss is wrapped up the heavens begin to open up as the groundsmen scramble to get the covers on. It is looking ominous and it has become so dark out there.

3.30pm Highveld Lions have won the toss and will bowl first

Alviro Petersen, Lions captain: Been here a couple of days. Going well. Hopefully everything can come together today. We have players with experience the world over. It's always nice to get together to prepare for this big tournament.

Simon Katich, Scorchers captain: We would have done the same. Bit of weather around so not sure what would happen. The boys have had a good pre-season. The boys are ready to go. Hoggy is not getting any younger, but his experience will help. With a bit of rain around, it will be interesting to see a bit of spin.

Time for the toss...

Here's Tuhinanshu with a differing point of view: Tuhinanshu: "10 kms is too much of distance to predict Rain in India. In Bangalore, we can't predict whether there will be rain or not at the destination even when we are only 1 km away from it."

Our local weather correspondent with some updates: Chintan Prajapati : "Heavy rain already started here in sabarmati..i.e. 2 km from the seeing weather here i think not a single bowl will be bowled today"

3.30pm Lions will want to draw on their recent experience on this stage, as they were finalists of Champions League 2012, before being downed by ten wickets by a rampant Sydney Sixers.

Has actually started to get rather dark out there... Hopefully the weather plays truant today.

Amit Patel has some rather bleak news for our South African and Australian friends out there: Amit Patel: "Breaking news.... Rain is on the way to Ahmedabad...It will be a washout today...I am 10 kms away from the ground and its pelting down here... sorry folks..."

3.25pm If you haven't already, please do check out Vishal Dikshit's preview. Hogg could play an integral part here with his experience in India in this format, while Imran Tahir may just have the canvas to display his arsenal of weapons.

Ravi Shastri figures the pitch will be two-paced, because of the rains of late in Ahmedabad. There should be some seam movement early on for the bowlers. Simon Doull reckons there will be movement initially as well, the outfield however is quite damp. Sees it as a medium to slow wicket, with the ball not carrying through as easily to the keeper. The toss could be an important one here today.

3.15pm It is almost time. The Perth Scorchers and Highveld Lions are about to make their first appearance this Champions League. There has been quite some build-up to it, with all the qualification matches before, but we are almost there.