15th Match, Group A (N), Jaipur, Sep 29 2013, Champions League Twenty20
Royals won by 9 wickets (with 21 balls remaining)
player of the match
Kevon Cooper
Rajasthan Royals

With that, Rajasthan Royals march into the semi-finals with a convincing nine-wicket win and Perth Scorchers are out of the Champions League. Royals' bowlers did the job today, Kevon Cooper in particular, and Rahane and Samson made sure they were not bothered much during the chase. Scorchers looked out of place today, especially after they were asked to bat. That's all for you all today, thanks for all the comments and feedback, we'll see you for tomorrow' double-header. This is Vishal Dikshit signing off with our scorer Gopi Rangarajan, goodbye!

Ajinkya Rahane: It was a really nice pitch, good for bowlers and batsmen. This wicket was not fast compared to what we played against Mumbai Indians but the ball was doing a bit and holding its line. It was slightly tough initially but was easier later to bat on. I enjoy batting with Sanju, we were just talking about positive cricket while batting. We just need to concentrate on the next game and stay positive.

Simon Katich: We are learning the hard way, we didn't get many partnerships going and were about 50-60 short there. Out bowlers tried their best but nothing worked. We presented four caps the other day and that in itself is tough. Hopefully we'll get a fair bit of this before the Big Bash. We've seen how big the standard is here form the Big Bash and it's a different ball game. We're gonna have to try harder in the next few days.

Time for the presentation:

Rahul Dravid: It's nice to win and play well. It was a really good and clinical performance today. We can always improve and we can keep getting better, we also take a lot of satisfaction from the match today. Our bowlers pulled it back brilliantly today, like Jimmy, Coops and a lot of professionalism from Samson and Rahane who batted very well. Our next game is a big one and Otago is playing very good cricket, they are the team in form.

Kevon Cooper: Hapy to come out here and bowl well and give my team a chance of winning. The yorker is something I practice e a lot, it's very important in this format. It's great to play with players like Dravid, Watson and we sit and plan every game with the support staff. We wanted to play good cricket here and happy to do that.

Mennie to Rahane, 1 run

full on the pads, glanced down to deep fine leg and that's it, RR have won

Mennie to Samson, 1 run

on length outside off, drives it down to long-on for a fifty and the scores are level

Mennie to Samson, FOUR runs

on length down the leg side from the back of the hand, helps it fine for a four along the way

end of over 169 runs
RR: 115/1CRR: 7.18 RRR: 1.50
Ajinkya Rahane61 (52)
Sanju Samson45 (40)
Joel Paris 4-0-28-0
Michael Beer 4-0-26-0
Paris to Rahane, no run

on length on off, slashes and manages an inside edge onto the pads

Paris to Rahane, 2 runs

on length outside off, tried to drive it straight and a thick inside edge goes to deep midwicket

Paris to Rahane, no run

slightly slower on length on the leg stump, tries to flick but misses

Paris to Samson, 1 run

short and outside off, guides to third man with a late cut

Paris to Rahane, 1 run

full on leg, inside edge onto the pads for a single

Paris to Rahane, FOUR runs

on length outside off and Rahane lofts it wide of long-on towards the boundary and it's a four as the fielder in the deep stepped on the rope while diving to keep it in

Paris to Rahane, 1 wide

on length outside off, down the leg side for a wide

Just 15 more required now.

Mangesh: "Nobody is really bothered about wicket keeper for India because Dhoni is doing a good job. But we need to start looking for post Dhoni era and that`s why Sanju Samson becomes important."

end of over 158 runs
RR: 106/1CRR: 7.06 RRR: 3.00
Ajinkya Rahane54 (47)
Sanju Samson44 (39)
Michael Beer 4-0-26-0
Joel Paris 3-0-19-0
Beer to Rahane, 1 run

short and wide, cut to sweeper cover off the back foot

Beer to Rahane, no run

fuller on the pads, tries to sweep but fails to middle it

Beer to Rahane, SIX runs

another beautiful inside out drive from Rahane. He charged down and made room and converted it into a half volley to loft it for six

Beer to Rahane, no run

on length on leg, defends it back to the bowler

Beer to Samson, 1 run

full and outside off, driven to sweeper cover for one

Beer to Samson, no run

in the block hole outisde off, Samson fails to connect