4th Match, Qualifying Group (N), Raipur, Sep 14 2014, Champions League Twenty20
(16.2/20 ov, target 162)165/1
Mum Indians won by 9 wickets (with 22 balls remaining)
player of the match
Lendl Simmons
Mumbai Indians

That's about it from us tonight. All teams are still in contention for the main draw, so join us for the final two matches on Tuesday. See you then.

Man of the match is Llendl Simmons: I did a bit of grafting up top while the ball was nipping around. We needed to get a good start and me and Huss did that today.

Pollard: Much better performance tonight. We need to improve our fielders, If we field like that against better teams, they're going to kill us. We made it hard for ourselves by giving them 160. It could have easily been 120. Congratulations to Simmons who got some runs, but there's a lot of room for improvements.

shams: "Mumbai win means all teams are still in contention to qualify with Northern highest possibility and southern lowest possibility"

Michael Hussey: You've got to cash in on the good days. I really enjoyed my partnership with Simmons. It was a bit frustrating at the start when the ball was nipping around. Once the ball gets a bit wet it skids on a bit more. Knights have played some excellent cricket, so hopefully our next match is a good one.

Jehan Mubarak: They batted really well. They played the percentages really well when the ball was doing a bit. The ball got wet with the dew and it came on for their big hitters. We had a poor first half with the bat today. Hopefully we can rectify that tomorrow. Not having Lasith is a big loss to us. The fast bowlers bowled pretty well. Hopefully we'll take something away from this. We've not played our best brand of cricket. Next game is a day game, so hopefully dew will be less of an issue for the spinners.

Mumbai stay well in the hunt for a main-draw spot. Southern Express are sent to the brink of elimination. Express just didn't have the penetration to put pressure on Mumbai. The spinners weren't getting much rip. The seamers bowled ok first up, but didn't make any breakthroughs. Superb batting from Michael Hussey as well.

Pathirana to Pollard, SIX runs

finishes with probably the biggest hit of the game. That's two tiers back. He's down the track, making this ball a half volley, and he just slams that high and long back over the bowler's head for six.

Pathirana to Pollard, SIX runs

terrible long hop. Pollard is on to it quickly, but although he only collects the ball with the toe end of the bat, it sails way over the wide long on fence.

end of over 168 runs
MI: 153/1CRR: 9.56 • RRR: 2.25 • Need 9 runs from 24b
Lendl Simmons76 (51)
Kieron Pollard8 (5)
Seekkuge Prasanna2-0-19-0
Sachith Pathirana1-0-14-1
Prasanna to Simmons, FOUR runs

another over the shoulder scoop. This time he was setting up for the shot very early. Seekku obliges with a length ball on off stump. Simmons shovels it over the keeper's head and short fine leg can't haul it in

Prasanna to Pollard, 1 run

down the track, as Seekku fires one in wide, but Pollard reaches out and drills it to long off

Prasanna to Simmons, 1 run

shortish ball, straightening on the stumps. Simmons makes room and cuts it hard to sweeper cover

Prasanna to Pollard, 1 run

fuller and slower, pumped down to long off

Prasanna to Pollard, no run

flat and fast, pitching outside leg and straightens. Pollard tries to drag it to leg but gets an under edge

Prasanna to Simmons, 1 run

pitches on off stump and turns away. This is knocked away to sweeper cover for one.

end of over 1514 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 145/1CRR: 9.66 • RRR: 3.40 • Need 17 runs from 30b
Kieron Pollard6 (2)
Lendl Simmons70 (48)
Sachith Pathirana1-0-14-1
Ishan Jayaratne4-0-38-0
Pathirana to Pollard, no run

down the track again, but he defends this time

Pathirana to Pollard, SIX runs

Geez, what power. Charges Pathirana first ball, makes it a half volley and lofts it over long on for six. He didn't quite hit that properly, but it still cleared the rope by ten metres

Pollard is the new man.

Pathirana to Hussey, OUT

Hussey's charge ends. Another flatter ball from Pathirana, and Hussey can't quite get the elevation he wants from a slog sweep. Angelo Perera on the deep square leg fence takes a decent catch.

Michael Hussey c Perera b Pathirana 60 (70m 40b 5x4 3x6) SR: 150
Pathirana to Simmons, 1 run

down the track as well, but he can't beat the long off fielder. He gets a flatter one from Pathirana and that's slammed to Prasanna on the fence, one bounce

Pathirana to Hussey, 1 run

fuller ball, drilled to long on

Pathirana to Hussey, SIX runs

down the track and wallop! What a way to welcome the bowler. He gets a flattish ball outside off stump, makes room and slams it high and long over long off

Sud: "Shreyas Gopal understandably has been the most sincere in his appreciations for every run that is being scored by the MI. " Pathirana into the attack,