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4th Match (D/N), Brisbane, January 19, 2007, Commonwealth Bank Series
(38.4/50 ov) 156/6

Australia won by 4 wickets (with 68 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
46* (73)
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Man-of-the-Match Hussey's post-match comments: " It was hard work. The ball did something all through the night. I think England did well .... It was really pleasing to get through this. We wanted to get a partnership going but unfortunately we kept losing wickets. And Lee did a great job at the end. He was quite pumped up."

And that wraps our coverage for the day. Meanwhile Shoaib Akthar and Danish Kaneria have rocked South Africa in the second Test. Please do tune in to that game. From me, Sriram Veera, and Sajan Nair, good bye and good luck.

Flintoff to Hussey, FOUR runs

That's it. All over. Fullish and just outside off stump, Hussey leans forward, square-drives it past point where Collingwood is beaten and the man at deep point rushes to his right, flings himself near the ropes and the ball evades him. Despairing drive, so close, yet so far. The story of the day as far as England are concerned. Australia register yet another win, do they ever get bored of it?!

Flintoff to Hussey, no run

yorker-length delivery, on the stumps, driven to mid-off

Flintoff to Hussey, FOUR runs

Just four more needed. One stroke away. Short and just outside off stump (Flintoff is bowling from round the stumps) and Hussey rocks back and pulls it down and it screams to the midwicket boundary.

Flintoff to Hussey, no run

In the corridor outside off stump, Hussey is in the bedroom, lets that go past him

end of over 386 runs
AUS: 148/6CRR: 3.89 RRR: 0.66
Brett Lee20 (30)
Michael Hussey38 (69)
Chris Tremlett 9-0-41-0
Andrew Flintoff 9-0-37-0
Tremlett to Lee, no run

hits the deck short of length, it screams up, Lee backs away a touch, stabs at it and the ball goes off a inside edge, just past the stumps.

Tremlett to Hussey, 1 run

Tremlett checks whether Hussey can play a pull shot. Gets a positive answer. Banged this one short and Hussey pulls it over midwicket

Tremlett to Lee, 1 run

Banged in short, at the ribs, Lee fends it away in front of him and is trying to find where it landed. Meanwhile Hussey spots a run in it and calls Lee over. They rush across and make it rather easily at the end.

Tremlett to Lee, no run

on a length, around off stump line, holds its line, Lee adjusts to that straightening and nudges it away to the off side.

Tremlett to Lee, FOUR runs

Whack! Slapped to point boundary. Short and wide, Lee goes back and across and spanks it flat over point and it goes one bounce into the ropes. Now only 10 runs left.

Tremlett to Lee, no run
end of over 374 runs
AUS: 142/6CRR: 3.83 RRR: 1.07
Michael Hussey37 (68)
Brett Lee15 (25)
Andrew Flintoff 9-0-37-0
Chris Tremlett 8-0-35-0
Flintoff to Hussey, no run

In the channel outside off stump, Hussey is not interested in the program, lets that sail past him

Flintoff to Hussey, FOUR runs

Caressed to cover drive! Fullish, outside off stump, Hussey leans forward to drive it through extra cover. 14 runs to win.

Flintoff to Hussey, no run

hits the deck around back of length, just outside off stump and Hussey goes back, shoulders arms.

Flintoff to Hussey, no run

Hussey gets right behind this one - around the off stump line- pushes it out to cover region

Flintoff to Hussey, no run

beats him rightaway. Fullish on the off stump line, and Hussey goes for a drive but Flintoff has the key, bends the delivery away .

Flintoff goes round the stumps.

Flintoff to Hussey, no run

Hussey continues to be rock solid. Flintoff tries to melt him outside off stump with a teasing delivery but Hussey is unmoved.

end of over 367 runs
AUS: 138/6CRR: 3.83 RRR: 1.28
Brett Lee15 (25)
Michael Hussey33 (62)
Chris Tremlett 8-0-35-0
Andrew Flintoff 8-0-33-0
Tremlett to Lee, no run

Banged in short of length, Lee goes for the pull shot but doesn't get a touch. An interesting over comes to an end. He pinged the ribs and slipped in a few fuller-length deliveries. Produced an edge but no luck

Tremlett to Lee, FOUR runs

THat one screams over slips. Full and outside off stump, Lee tries to swing it to Melbourne and gets a thick outside edge and away she flies

Tremlett to Lee, 2 runs

Lee leans forward to a delivery angling in, turns it fine down leg side. Will get two.

Tremlett to Lee, no run

Ah! back to the ribs. dabbed away. This is rivetting stuff.

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