Group 3, Hove, Apr 22 - 25 2021, County Championship
150 & 305
(69.5 ov, target 235)221 & 186
Yorkshire won by 48 runs

A 48-run winning margin for Yorkshire, who held their nerve even as Sussex's eighth-wicket pair whittled down the requirement. Credit to a young Sussex side for playing their part in a cracking contest down at Hove - what a lovely venue it is, and hopefully there'll be a crowd back in soon, filling up the deckchairs and wooden benches. For now, why not head over to Warks vs Essex at Edgbaston, and see how the home side are getting on in their run chase against the champions. Bye!

Bess to Crocombe, OUT

dragged down, flicked uppishly into the leg side - and David Willey grabs the chance above his head to seal Yorkshire's victory! Bess does get his sixth, a fine effort from him in the fourth innings

Henry Crocombe c Willey b Bess 4 (12m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 44.44
Bess to Crocombe, FOUR runs

swung down the ground for four on the bounce! Crocombe gives it some tap, the requirement comes down below 50

Bess to Crocombe, no run

forward, poked into the ground in front of silly mid-off

Bess to Crocombe, no run

tossed up and defended to leg

Slip, silly mid-off, short leg and leg slip in

Bess to Hunt, 1 run

tossed up and he's forward to flick through the leg side

Just one over from Root, and Dom Bess is back looking for his sixth to finish this

"Nice Jinx mate (10th wicket fallen in Essex game)." Yep, Shah Zaib, almost over here, but there's another chase just beginning up at Edgbaston

end of over 691 run • 1 wicket
SUSS: 181/9CRR: 2.62 
Henry Crocombe0 (5)
Sean Hunt1 (2)
Jordan Thompson11-2-31-2
Joe Root11-3-26-1
Thompson to Crocombe, no run

on the stumps and worked to the leg side

Thompson to Crocombe, no run

dug in, Crocombe had to jerk his hands out of the way as he came across

Thompson to Hunt, 1 run

fired in and nudged off the pads for Hunt's first run

Thompson to Hunt, no run

hits a length on fourth stump, beats Hunt's dangled bat... they go up for it exuberantly behind the stumps, but Thompson didn't seem too interested

Sean Hunt will come out, despite his side strain. Sussex still a long way from their target

Thompson to Brown, OUT

bowled him, middle stump goes cartwheeling back! Thompson crouches, roars and punches the air! Ben Brown is blasted from the crease after a fighting effort, and Yorkshire are on the brink of victory here

Ben Brown b Thompson 46 (141m 111b 3x4 0x6) SR: 41.44
Thompson to Brown, no run