32nd Match, Super Sixes, Harare, Mar 22 2018, ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier
(40/40 ov, target 230)226/7
U.A.E. won by 3 runs (D/L method)
player of the match
Mohammad Naveed
United Arab Emirates
end of over 4011 runs
ZIM: 226/7CRR: 5.65 
Craig Ervine22 (17)
Kyle Jarvis6 (7)
Mohammad Naveed8-0-40-3
Amir Hayat8-0-47-0

6.13pm Another crazy encounter, another finish that went down to the wire. Zimbabwe are out - well, they could still qualify if tomorrow's game is a low-scoring tie, but the chances of that are way too low. Effectively tomorrow's game is a knockout for a spot in the 2019 World Cup. The winner goes through, the loser goes home. Zimbabwe will hope for a miraculous tie. Hope you enjoyed ESPNcricinfo's coverage of another nail-biter from the World Cup Qualifiers in Zimbabwe. Thanks for your company. Bye bye!

6.02 First up the winning captain Rohan Mustafa: "It's a big win for us, beating a Test team. No one knew about us, know they'll know about us. Feel sorry for Zimbabwe, but that's sport. Injuries hurt us in the Super sixes, but we have shown how much we've changed in the past 1.5 years. We'll come hard next time."

MSH: "Only hope for ZIM is for tomorrow's match to be a tie. "

Graeme Cremer: "(what went wrong?) We lost wickets in crucial periods. Taking nothing away from UAE, they bowled and fielded excellently. Credit to our team for holding our nerve in a few games through the tournament. We'll pick ourselves up soon, but right now it doesn't feel too good."

5.59pm Tomorrow's last super-six game, between Ireland and Afghanistan, will decide which of these two teams will qualify into the 2019 World Cup. Zimbabwe's dream is still alive, but barely.

Their NRR (0.42) has dropped below Ireland's (0.47), so even if tomorrow's game is washed out, Ireland will qualify. But in the case of a tie in tomorrow's game, Ireland's NRR will drop and Zimbabwe would go through. It's unlikely, but possible.

Word from the two captains in a moment.

Keyur: "How costly has that drop from raza proved to be"

Mohammad Naveed is the Man of the Match He says: "I bowled wicket to wicket and the yorker came off. Dedicate this to my brother."

5.54pm UAE have almost knocked Zimbabwe out of World Cup contention. They did well, trying to chase a rather inflated score of 230 in 40 overs, but it wasn't to be tonight. We could see a Zimbabwe-less World Cup for the first time since 1979!

Naveed to Ervine, 2 runs

full toss outside off, sliced over point and they only take a couple. UAE win! Zimbabwe lose by three runs, but they're not out yet. If tomorrow's game is tied, then they'd go through. But it doesn't look good for Zimbabwe right now: they're on the brink of elimination

It's simple for Zimbabwe now. They need a six off the final ball to qualify for the 2019 World Cup

Achyut : "Bring here Dinesh karthik last ball six hero. Zimbabwe need him "

Rial: "Three days and three heart breaks. Day1: SCO. Day2: ZIM. Day3: IRE or AFG?"

Naveed to Jarvis, 1 run

full outside off, and slapped down the ground to long off

seven off two balls

Naveed to Ervine, 1 run

low ful toss on middle stump, smacked to cover for a single but all they can do is take a single

Eight off three now

Naveed to Ervine, FOUR runs

through to the third-man boundary! It ain't over just yet. Naveed delivers a ful toss on off stump, and Ervine's big heave takes the outside edge. Zimbabwe will take that

Nervous signs in the Zimbabwe camp. Streak and Klusener can't watch this

Naveed to Jarvis, 1 run

low full toss outside leg, clipped to deep midwicket. Zimbabwe need 12 off four

Naveed to Jarvis, 2 runs

full on off and that's been muscled towards the on side. Dribbles down to wide long on

end of over 394 runs
ZIM: 215/7CRR: 5.51 RRR: 15.00 • Need 15 runs from 6b
Kyle Jarvis2 (4)
Craig Ervine15 (14)
Amir Hayat8-0-47-0
Mohammad Naveed7-0-29-3

Oh man, another terrific super-six encounter. Can Zimbabwe make it to the 2019 World Cup?

Amir Hayat to Jarvis, 1 run

full outside off and driven to long off. Just a single, with Mustafa fielding in the deep. Zimbabwe need 15 off the final over

Surely Zimbabwe need a boundary off the last ball, eh? An excellent over from Hayat. Can he finish well?

Amir Hayat to Ervine, 1 run

low full toss outside leg stump, clipped off his pads to deep midwicket

Amir Hayat to Ervine, no run

short outside off, but Ervine can't connect! Slower ball that loops over the batsman's attempted pull. This'll hurt Zimbabwe

sarmad saleem: "Cricket is the winner ... UAE is showing us they deserve it ...."

Amir Hayat to Jarvis, 1 run

full outside off, and mistimes his drive to point. Gives Ervine the strike once again

Amir Hayat to Jarvis, no run

almost a yorker, and that's been bunted back to the bowler. Full and straight on off stump. Can't do much with that

Amir Hayat to Ervine, 1 run

back of a length outside off, mistimes his back-foot punch towards point. Only a single, and gets Jarvis back on strike

Getting dark in Harare with Zimbabwe needing 19 off the last two overs. Wonder what the Ireland and Afghanistan boys are doing right now.

Sreenath: "Right now,my Irish friend is dancing like Mj here..He almost lost his hope just a few minutes ago..and now he is no mood to stop dancing.. "