Inland Pool, Johannesburg, March 16, 2014, CSA Provincial T20 Challenge
(19/20 ov, T:124) 127/2

Gauteng won by 8 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)

Easterns Innings
Gauteng Innings
Match Details
Easterns  (20 ovs maximum)
Tumelo Bodibe c Dial b Rapelego18132640138.46
Mangaliso Mosehle c †Masondo b Arnold12111111109.09
Jean-Pierre Kok  b Rabada16100016.66
Siphamandla Dapo c Landsdale b Rapelego59131055.55
Ernest Kemm (c)c Rapelego b Arnold3137531183.78
Lesiba Ngoepe  b das Neves3690050.00
Grant Thomson st †Masondo b Barnard17171801100.00
Marchant de Lange c Hendricks b das Neves97810128.57
Israel Hlengani not out 981510112.50
Lance Humphrey not out 77900100.00
Extras(b 2, lb 2, nb 1, w 6)11
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 6.15, 89 Mts)123/8
Did not bat: Vincent Moore 
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (Mangaliso Mosehle, 2.5 ov), 2-33 (Jean-Pierre Kok, 4.4 ov), 3-35 (Tumelo Bodibe, 5.3 ov), 4-48 (Siphamandla Dapo, 7.1 ov), 5-59 (Lesiba Ngoepe, 9.4 ov), 6-84 (Grant Thomson, 14.2 ov), 7-101 (Marchant de Lange, 16.5 ov), 8-109 (Ernest Kemm, 18.1 ov)
Matthew Arnold301926.33113001
2.5 to M Mosehle, outside off stump batsman plays off the front foot and gets a thick edge to Masondo who happily takes the catch. 21/1
18.1 to EH Kemm, full outside off stump and straight to Rapelego at point who takes a catch at neck height. 109/8
Kagiso Rabada402315.75131130
4.4 to JP Kok, played off the back foot and gets his middle stump knocked back. 33/2
Shaylen Pillay402506.2572000
Thamsanqa Rapelego401423.50141010
5.3 to TM Bodibe, clears the front foot down the track and attempts to clear the mid wicket boundary but top edges to Dial at short third man. 35/3
7.1 to S Dapo, clears the front foot and hit over the in field Landsdale tracks back from mid off and takes a superb catch. 48/4
Richard das Neves403127.75101210
9.4 to LC Ngoepe, plays off the back foot misses the delivery and is castled good bowling by the bowler. 59/5
16.5 to M de Lange, clears the front leg and skies the delivery to Hendricks at long off who races to his right to take the catch. 101/7
Brian Barnard10717.0021000
14.2 to GM Thomson, attempting to play off the front foot advances out his crease misses the delivery and is stumped. 84/6
Gauteng  (T: 124 runs from 20 ovs)
Dominic Hendricks not out 62618151101.63
Yassar Cook c Kok b Hlengani2430462080.00
Sizwe Masondo (c)†c †Bodibe b de Lange1718241194.44
Brian Barnard not out 1471030200.00
Extras(lb 5, nb 2, w 3)10
TOTAL19 Ov (RR: 6.68, 81 Mts)127/2
Fall of wickets: 1-69 (Yassar Cook, 10.4 ov), 2-107 (Sizwe Masondo, 16.4 ov)
Marchant de Lange4046111.50108110
16.4 to S Masondo, full delivery clears the front foot and skies the ball a mile in the air well taken by the keeper. 107/2
Vincent Moore301605.33101020
Lance Humphrey301404.6690002
Grant Thomson401303.25120000
Israel Hlengani402416.0082000
10.4 to MY Cook, played off the front foot no footwork and hit to Kok at cover. 69/1
Ernest Kemm10909.0020100
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New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg
TossGauteng, elected to field first
Hours of play (local time)11.00 start, First Session 11.00-12.20, Interval 12.20-12.40, Second Session 12.40-14.00
Match days16 March 2014 - day (20-over match)
T20 debut
Bradley Dial
Bradley Dial
Thamsanqa Rapelego
Thamsanqa Rapelego
South Africa
Jeff Wolhuter
South Africa
Lourens Engelbrecht
Reserve Umpire
South Africa
Roderick Ellis
PointsGauteng 4, Easterns 0
  • The innings of Easterns:
  • T20 debuts for: B Dial and T Rapelego (Gauteng)
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 40 runs, 3 wickets)
  • Easterns: 50 runs in 8.1 overs ( 52 balls, 40 mins)
  • Easterns: 100 runs in 16.3 overs ( 103 balls, 73 mins)
  • The innings of Gauteng:
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 41 runs, 0 wickets)
  • Gauteng: 50 runs in 7.3 overs ( 49 balls, 35 mins)
  • 1st Wicket: 53 runs off 49 balls in 35 mins (DA Hendricks 28, Y Cook 21,Ex 4)
  • DA Hendricks 50 off 45 balls in 57 mins (5x4, 1x6)
  • Gauteng: 100 runs in 16.2 overs ( 102 balls, 70 mins)
  • Match points: Gauteng: 4 points
  • Match points: Easterns: 0 points
Gauteng Innings
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