Final, Hyderabad (Deccan), Feb 2 - 6 2010, Duleep Trophy
400 & 386/9d
(target 536)251 & 541/7
West Zone won by 3 wickets

This the highest successful run chase in first-class cricket and West Zone has done it in style, well done. West Zone win by 3 wickets and lift the Duleep Trophy for the 16th time. Yusuf is being hugged and lifted by his brother Irfan, a fantastic effort and a great win. Feel for Karthik, who will be dejected and disappointed to end up losing the game, after his wonderful knocks in both the innings. The fielding was terrible, drops all around and that was the case for South. A Final worth remembering for West Zone and the fans, but this match will linger in the minds of South Zone for all the wrong reasons.

Tanveer: "Hats off to Yusuf pathan!!!!!!! what an inning he has played, I think this is his best inning so far. "

Vrijlesh: "Duleepsinhji would have been proud of this effort! Kudos to the West Zone."

Satvir Singh: "Final words: Long live YK, DK and the longest format of the game."

Anish: "This match shows nothing is impossible in cricket"

Karthik: "It has been very tough, we worked hard for 4 days and it did not go well on the 5th day, we did not take the catches."

Jaffer: "I was really positive, the openers played well and Yusuf batted extremely well. The Finals are getting too close for comfort but I am enjoying it."

Thanks for joining us, it has been a pleasure going through all the emails, a fantastic finish. Do join us again for more domestic cricket, until then this is Binoy George your scorer and commentator signing off.

Aravind to Pathan, SIX runs

all over and a win with a six, hit down the ground over the long on fence for the winning runs.

Aravind to Pathan, 2 runs

swings to deep square leg, the scores level.

Aravind to Pathan, no run
end of over 13617 runs
West: 533/7CRR: 3.91 
Ramesh Powar18 (28)
Yusuf Pathan202 (187)
Rohan Prem 13-1-81-1

Aravind to bowl some left arm spinners.

Prem to Powar, no run

drags it short as Powar steps out to hit, he hits it hard to extra cover.

That boundary brings up the 50 runs partnership.

Prem to Powar, FOUR runs

Powar steps out and miscues in the air down the ground to long off fence.

Prem to Powar, no run

played back to the bowler.

An amazing knock from Pathan.

Prem to Pathan, 1 run

played through the onside to deep midwicket for a single.

Prem to Pathan, SIX runs

another massive hit down the ground and over the long on fence for maximum, goes to the second tier, wonderful hitting, brings up his 200 in style.

Prem to Pathan, SIX runs

uses his feet and launches it down the ground over the long off fence, goes a long way.

end of over 1353 runs
West: 516/7CRR: 3.82 
Ramesh Powar14 (25)
Yusuf Pathan189 (184)
Alfred Absolem 23-2-80-2

Krishna: "I was not very serious about the saying "Little drops make the mighty ocean" until I saw this match today where little "drops" have made up this mighty ocean of 500+. The context of the drops is different though ;)"

Absolem to Powar, no run

walks down the track and pushes it back.

Absolem to Powar, no run

fuller and Powar looks to play from the crease and gets an inside edge onto the pads.

Absolem to Pathan, 1 run

punches through the off side to the sweeper.

Absolem to Powar, 1 run

run out missed, chops it to point and takes off for a run, the throw misses the stumps at the bowlers end.

Absolem to Powar, no run

mistimes the shot to the off side.

Absolem to Pathan, 1 run

fuller and pushed down the ground to long on.

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