5th Test, Sydney, January 04 - 08, 2018, England tour of Australia and New Zealand
346 & 180

Australia won by an innings and 123 runs

Player Of The Match
4/80, 24* & 4/39
Player Of The Series
687 runs
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Australia win by an innings and 123 runs and take the Ashes 4-0. Another very impressive performance from them here. They've bowled as a unit, with Cummins and Lyon outstanding, and batted powerfully to put England's 346 into context. Handshakes between teams in the middle, not sure if Root has made it to the middle. Australia have been too good throughout the series, in what has been another one-sided Ashes.

Shravan: "Apparently the Aussies were waiting for Gnasher to come in before finishing it off!" I will stay with you for the post-match

sri: "@Gnasher Is this the Shortest commentary stint (single session) in cricinfo history? Must be equal among the shortest if not the shortest" I'll need to check statsguru!

Time for the presentations, on a rather interesting stage! An Aussie hand holding up four fingers and an England hand holding none. Does that class as banter?

Man of the match is Pat Cummins. "I couldn't have asked for much more. To get through the five, win the series. It's been a lot of fun, we are all really close and have played a lot of cricket together. Nathan as held up an end which means the rest of us can attack."

Joe Root not well enough to come out, so James Anderson steps up. "He's asleep at the minute, it's taken the toll on him, he's trying to recover. We've been outplayed at key moments, congratulations to Steve they've been the better team. They have a fantastic bowling attack and all the batsmen have come to the party. As a bowling group we haven't created pressure enough of the time. We have a lot of support who travel to watch us and we are very grateful to them."

Man of the series and Compton-Miller medalist is Steven Smith. "The cricket we've played has been outstanding. All the bowlers have taken over 20 wickets so we haven't relied on one person. Scoring big runs has been key for us. The batters got through tricky periods. England had their foot in the door in all the Tests but we've been able to win key moments. It's been a really exciting series and have played good cricket. It's been nice to have these Tests without any injuries, a lot of work went into it. Can be tough to take 20 wickets and the guys were outstanding. Can't thank them enough for that, proud of everyone. I just love being in the middle, doing a job for my team. I work very hard, my mind is in as good as space as it's ever been. I'm really proud of being able to lead from the front."

We'll have plenty of the ground over the next few hours but that's that for another Ashes series. Well played, Australia. Led superbly by Steven Smith. England have a lot to ponder in their Test game. They have two matches in New Zealand at the end of March then a home season against Pakistan and India. The squad for New Zealand will be named in two days. Australia's next Test challenge is the mouthwatering prospect of South Africa in their backyard. That should be a ripper. Before all that, though, there is a one-day series which begins on Sunday followed by T20s. We'll be back to bring you all the action from those matches but, for now, from Miller, Gnasher, Alan and everyone else who has been a part of the coverage, it's goodbye and thanks for joining us!

Hazlewood to Anderson, OUT

been given caught behind! Short of a length, angled across, feathered through to Paine. Anderson wants to review, but England have none left. Not sure he actually nicked that. And Joe Root won't come out, so that's the end of the match

James Anderson c †Paine b Hazlewood 2 (35m 23b 0x4 0x6) SR: 8.69

Thanks Alan...for a final time?

end of over 889 runs
ENG: 180/8CRR: 2.04 
Tom Curran23 (40b 5x4)
James Anderson2 (22b)
Nathan Lyon 34.5-12-54-3
Josh Hazlewood 17-6-36-0

Well, England have somehow made it to drinks. Only another session and a half and they can walk away with a pride-saving draw(!)... Rofl, here's Gnasher to finish things off. Cheerio!

Lyon to Tom Curran, no run

floated up and blocked getting on to the front foot outside off

Lyon to Tom Curran, no run

pushed through outside off, beats the bat and nutmegs Paine - and then it hits the helmet, giving England five penalty runs!

Lyon to Tom Curran, no run

flighted, spinning in, goes back to defend

Lyon to Tom Curran, FOUR runs

oh, hello... dances down and skelps a drive past cover, he's batting nicely again and picks up four

Lyon to Tom Curran, no run

Curran gets on to the font foot and blocks

Lyon to Tom Curran, no run

tossed up from over the wicket and defended in front of the stumps

Well, the barrage is over for now, but the threat remains: Nathan Lyon back on. Cummins won't be getting his five-for (yet)

end of over 87Maiden
ENG: 171/8CRR: 1.96 
James Anderson2 (22b)
Tom Curran19 (34b 4x4)
Josh Hazlewood 17-6-36-0
Pat Cummins 17-4-39-4

"Re: England Player of The Series. No one stands out, but Malan would just pip Anderson for me, as he fought hard and kept England in the series during the first three Tests when it mattered," proclaims Grant Doran. "Root and Cook were AWOL when it still mattered. I think Malan is a future England Captain. I'd have bowled him more at the SCG too."

Hazlewood to Anderson, no run

finishes with (you've guessed it) a bouncer, seems to come slowly off the pitch and he pats it down in front of the waiting short leg

Hazlewood to Anderson, no run

over the wicket, short and sliding across as Anderson jumps and prods and misses

Hazlewood to Anderson, no run

banged in and defended from back in the crease

"Here at the ground listening to the Barmy Army, sounding in very fine voice - raging at the dying of the light?" Probably just pissed, Arch

Hazlewood to Anderson, no run

back of a length, 87mph outside off, Anderson blocks the ball towards point

Hazlewood to Anderson, no run

another bumper, this is slightly leg side and he manages to get out of the way

Hazlewood to Anderson, no run

round the wicket, short of a length and whistling through as Anderson hangs back and is beaten, nods his head in acknowledgement

Josh Hazlewood replaces Starc

end of over 868 runs
ENG: 171/8CRR: 1.98 
Tom Curran19 (34b 4x4)
James Anderson2 (16b)
Pat Cummins 17-4-39-4
Mitchell Starc 16-4-38-1

Well, Pat Cummins has left his mark on Curran - but the five-for eludes him still

Cummins to Tom Curran, no run

Cummins tears in, serves up a tempting half-volley tries to knock Curran's head off again, 89mph/144kph and fended just out of the reach of short leg

Cummins to Tom Curran, no run

oof, he wears this one! Hammered in short, 88mph and smacking into the shoulder as he takes his eye off and ducks. But he's still there

Cummins to Tom Curran, no run

banged in, pretty much leaving a heat trail as Curran swishes and misses

Cummins to Tom Curran, no run

another bumper, this one over the stumps and Curran almost has to curl up like a hedgehog to avoid it as the ball stays low

Cummins to Tom Curran, FOUR runs

and he steps away early, ready to swing the arms at the short ball and he flays a pull to the midwicket fence...! Gets some chirp from Cummins, for his trouble

Silly point comes in now

Cummins to Tom Curran, FOUR runs

pitched up outside off, Curran rocks out the high front elbow and clouts him through mid-off for four! Suspect he won't be getting too many more of those

Arthur George: "Cummins set to record his career best match figures at his home ground, and he could do so without a 5fer in either innings, a testament to the quality and balance of the Australian attack." True that, they've had to fight each other for their rewards

end of over 853 runs
ENG: 163/8CRR: 1.91 
James Anderson2 (16b)
Tom Curran11 (28b 2x4)
Mitchell Starc 16-4-38-1
Pat Cummins 16-4-31-4
Starc to Anderson, no run

more short stuff, 87mph/139kph and prodded towards the man at leg gully on the bounce

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