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1st Test (D/N), Auckland, March 22 - 26, 2018, England tour of Australia and New Zealand
58 & 320

New Zealand won by an innings and 49 runs

Player Of The Match
6/32 & 3/67
ENG 2nd Innings
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8:19pm England's form in their last 12 away Tests is disappointing reading at the moment: LDLLLLLLLDLL.
Will they be able to sort themselves out before Christchurch? We'll see you there. Thanks for joining!

Caleb: "You can talk up bowlers like Boult, Starc, Anderson, Hazlewood and Rabada, but really is there a more determined, big hearted bowler than Neil Wagner. He never gets to bowl at the times that are great for fast bowling, but he is still very much a match winner. An average of 27 for the time of the innings he bowls is absolutely outstanding, fantastic bowler!" --- Yes, superb. Our stats man Shiva Jayaraman tells me that since Wagner's debut no bowler has taken more wickets in Tests off short balls than Wagner himself: Wagner - 39, Rabada - 24, Morkel - 21

GBA: "This is shaping up to be the most perfectly timed declaration in cricket history!* Innings defeat by a handful of runs with just a handful of remaining overs! * - yes, there are probably closer declaration based innings defeats, please excuse my hyperbole."

Trishank Sharma: "Wagner once again played a crucial role in this innings, still remember how well he fared against India when they last visited NZ, certainly a good left arm fast bowler in tests and the effort that he put in today was commendable"

Brad Bainbridge: "its Monday here, but I will have a beer still. Thanks cricinfo, great service as always- even the politics around who-lives-where-in-Auckland and their weather forecasts."

Dickson: "That is a famous victory for us tonight, correcting the result from 5 years ago. Incredible efforts from all NZ bowlers, backed by some very resolute batting from Williamson and Nicholls. Bring on the second test!"

Jimmy: "Just glad it was a time stamp without the word Draw in it. The weather certainly was a excitement factor."

Williamson: It was a fantastic performance from us. If we go back to that first innings, we bowled great lengths and also got lucky to find the edges. They fought really hard but it was great we were able to fight the pressure and come through. [On the declaration strategy] At the end of the day, you have to execute after making your choice. All our partnerships were slow-going but in the end they added up for this win. We knew we wanted to come out and play the long game. We didn't wanna get ahead of ourselves. We knew we had an old ball. We tried to build pressure and then a couple went our way. It was great to come out in the last session and do it in front of this crowd. Toddy bowled brilliantly, the wicket took a bit of turn. He had to bide his time but with the pink ball you had to measure what it would do. He was patient and when he got his chance he took it.

Root: Yeah we weren't good enough [on day one]. We have to learn some lessons quickly. It's difficult to single any one things out, we didn't deal with the swing and seam very well. I thought the character of the dressing room today were fantastic. I thought today was a great exhibition of the guys determination of playing for the country. Finger's fine and I should be fine to play next game.

Trent Boult is the Man of the Match

Wagner: I don't know [how many overs on the trot] but it's a very special feeling. We knew we were going to have to take it deep. Tried to get the game into the night but it wasn't doing too much. The boys stuck it out though. The catching was great - with the amount of training we've been doing under lights catching the pink ball. Lot of variables with the pink ball, but we are accustomed to it. you summon your strength for the team and the country, and I'm happy.

7:57pm, Day 5 Did you think we would get to this timestamp on Thursday afternoon? Annoying as it might have been, the rain brought dimensions to this game we might not have witnessed otherwise. Some fantastic cricket from England during the final phase of this game - they batted 126 overs and came really really close. But it was a reality check in the end. You don't get results in your favour if you're bowled out for 58. And you don't get an easy draw when Neil Wagner's running in at you on the final day. Some top efforts from both sides, but this moment belongs to Wagner who got three out of England's four half-centurions.

Astle to Anderson, OUT

chips it straight to mid-off! That's the victory! Todd Astle's chucked one up full and wide outside off. Anderson, known in some parts as the Burnley Lara, doesn't go through with his big cover drive after getting in good position for it. Checks his shot, finds the fielder

James Anderson c Boult b Astle 1 (5m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20
end of over 1261 run • 1 wicket
ENG: 320/9CRR: 2.53 
James Anderson1 (4)
Stuart Broad1 (19)
Neil Wagner 32-11-77-3
Todd Astle 16-5-39-2

Anshit Agrawal: "12th over in a spell for a fast bowler who is running in hard and trying to bowl bouncers half of the them... commendable!!"

Wagner to Anderson, 1 run

good length at leg stump, hangs the bat out and gets this down to fine leg off the inside half

Wagner to Anderson, no run

short of a length at off stump, defended off the back foot

Wagner to Anderson, no run

short one at off stump, nicely behind this to drop it in front of silly point with soft hands

Wagner to Anderson, no run

is there glove there? No says the umpire. New Zealand won't review. This fizzes past his chest as he fends at it

Wagner to Woakes, OUT

has he got him? Yes he has! Wagner has Woakes fending. That's an unplayable bouncer. Headed straight for his face and he has no way to get out of the way. Jabs at it with his feet off the ground. Gets it on the gloves and it lobs up for short leg to take a simple catch to his right. Simply incredible from Wagner to get that sort of lift in his 12th over of the spell, break in the middle or not. He screams as he sprints away in celebration and is promptly mobbed. What an effort

Chris Woakes c Nicholls b Wagner 52 (164m 118b 8x4 0x6) SR: 44.06
Wagner to Woakes, no run

bounce across the corridor. Thinks of the upper cut and withdraws

end of over 1251 run
ENG: 319/8CRR: 2.55 
Stuart Broad1 (19)
Chris Woakes52 (116)
Todd Astle 16-5-39-2
Neil Wagner 31-11-76-2
Astle to Broad, no run

beaten again as he brings the bat down late on this full ball outside off. Jams the bat into his pad and Watling fumbles it as well

Astle to Broad, no run

full on leg stump, raps him on the front pad as he looks to defend. Appeal's turned down, that's probably going down

Astle to Broad, no run

beaten on the outside edge. This slides on from a length outside off and draws him into the forward defence

Four men close-in, two on either side, in front and behind the wicket

Astle to Woakes, 1 run

flat full toss at leg stump, stabbed to mid-on and a quick call for the run

Astle to Woakes, no run

length at off stump, spinning away. Left alone

Astle to Woakes, no run

good length at off stump, defended on the front foot

Astle to continue

end of over 1241 run
ENG: 318/8CRR: 2.56 
Stuart Broad1 (16)
Chris Woakes51 (113)
Neil Wagner 31-11-76-2
Todd Astle 15-5-38-2
Wagner to Broad, no run

short ball just outside leg stump, shows his stumps as he leaves

Wagner to Broad, no run

short ball at middle stump, defended off the back foot

Wagner around the wicket. Two slips and a gully, silly point, short leg, leg gully

Wagner to Woakes, 1 run

short ball on leg stump, short-arm pull timed perfectly. Finds deep backward square. Broad didn't want that run it appeared, but he made it

Sandeep: "Bring on Boult. Two Toe Crushing Yorkers is all they need to win. "

Wagner to Woakes, no run

short of a length and slanted across off stump, left alone

Fine leg's come all the way across to silly point

Wagner to Woakes, no run

bouncer at off stump, gets his head out of the way and leaves

Wagner to Woakes, no run

short at off stump, defended off the back foot

Wagner over the wicket to Woakes

end of over 1231 run
ENG: 317/8CRR: 2.57 
Stuart Broad1 (14)
Chris Woakes50 (109)
Todd Astle 15-5-38-2
Neil Wagner 30-11-75-2

James: "I'm pleased that England are showing some resistance at last, but after their first innings they deserve nothing from this game. The rain delays have certainly increased the excitement though."

Pranay: "Weather aside, this is a good fightback from England. Pretty much everyone, apart from may be a few die hard fans, expected them to roll over."

Astle to Broad, no run

good length outside off, defended on the front foot

Leg gully comes in. Astle goes around the wicket.

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