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2nd Test, Galle, January 22 - 25, 2021, England tour of Sri Lanka
381 & 126
(T:164) 344 & 164/4

England won by 6 wickets

Player Of The Match
186 & 2/0
Player Of The Series
426 runs • 2 wkts
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ENG 2nd Innings
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6.45pm: Well, that's a wrap from the Sri Lanka series. Joe Root has had more fun in Galle than Asterix and Obelix taking on an entire Roman legion while full to the gunnels with magic potion. Your next stop should be Valkerie Baynes' report and stick around on the site for plenty more reaction. England are off to India in a couple of days, and you can be sure we'll be back for that... Until then, from myself, Miller, and Deiva, Chandan and Venkat and all the rest, it's tatty bye for now. Bye!

6.30pm: Time for the presentations, starting with Dinesh Chandimal: "We were outplayed today. Done the hard work the last three days, as a batting unit we made the same mistakes we made in the first Test on the first day. No excuses, we have to learn how to bat like Root, he was outstanding. Need to be patient. Played well in patches but it's not good enough against a team like England, we have to do well every day. I played a rash shot, take that responsibility. If the batting unit takes responsibility and we get 250-plus that will be a good total on this pitch. We have to step up and learn to play with patience. [Embuldeniya] He was outstanding throughout the series, doing all the hard work in practice, fitness. He always comes and asks how to improve, so I'm sure he'll be a good asset going forward. I'm disappointed with the way I batted, have to learn and come back stronger."

England captain Joe Root is Man of the Match and Man of the Series. Whodathunkit? He collects some hampers from a sponsor for England's players, too. And signs a ball... Right, here we go: "Fine performance, to come out on top having lost the toss on a wicket where we had the worst of it for the majority of the game. The way we stuck to the task in the first innings with the ball, and then dealing with pressure in the second innings, I thought a number of guys in a difficult chase showed maturity, calmness and poise to see us home. Brilliant way to finish the series. We knew we wanted to get as close as possible but with the ball it was about creating a bit of chaos. Make it difficult to score boundaries, build pressure and squeeze the game. We knew we could create chances on that surface. Really proud of how calm we were, clear on scoring runs in the chance. Credit to the bowlers for putting SL under pressure. Generally on an upward curve and looking to get better. Coming in with little prep, to perform how we have has been pleasing. With four more Test matches on this tour it's really important we don't stand still, keep looking to improve. Different challenges and conditions but can we have the same attitude? [Improve where?] All departments, not had complete performance. Want to get more consistent and keep making strides. Brilliant performance in this environment and a lot to take into next four games."

6.17pm: Another day, another win for England in Sri Lanka. Extraordinary as it may seem, they've now won six on the bounce on the island, going back to 2012, and have recorded back-to-back whitewashes under the captaincy of Joe Root. Sri Lanka had a nightmare today, having taken what seemed a vital first-innings lead, and in the end another collapse has cost them: 126 to finish the series after starting off with 135 all out. And here's an interesting nugget from our stats guru Gaurav Sundararaman: SENA teams to have won in Asia having lost the toss since 2011, England well out in front

Here's Dom Sibley for a word with Simon Doull: "Relief to be honest, had a bit of a stinker so far. Worked hard on playing spin during the winter in England, so starting to doubt myself a bit. Had a bit of luck with the reviews and nice to be out there to see the boys over the line. [Issues?] Got a bit stuck, working on my options, trying not to doubt myself. [Embuldeniya] had the wood over me, was just trying to stay out there for 20-30 balls and give myself a chance. [Root example] Watching Joe makes you feel inadequate, the way he's played has been incredible. Tough net sessions with Jacques [Kallis], trying to change things mid-series took courage, paid off today. [Buttler partnership] Going down in 10s, keep counting down and working from there. Jos plays a lot higher tempo that me, which took pressure off. When Joe got out I thought I need to be here at the end. Pleased to end the tour on a high note. Was in a dark place the other night so to get some runs is a relief."

Perera to Sibley, 1 run

loopy offbreak, tickled off the front pad - England home and hosed by six wickets!

Perera to Buttler, 1 run

full and flighted, Buttler is across and reverse-sweeps another single

Perera to Sibley, 1 run

tossed up on the stumps and nurdled to leg

"On the children's games, how about CONNECTs for FOUR." Very good, mark stanfield. And England are on the verge of joining up six wins in a row in Sri Lanka

end of over 439 runs
ENG: 161/4CRR: 3.74 
Dom Sibley54 (142b 2x4)
Jos Buttler45 (47b 5x4)
Lasith Embuldeniya 20-3-73-3
Dilruwan Perera 13-1-36-0
Embuldeniya to Sibley, 1 run

spins away as Sibley drops back and forces into the leg side for one more

Embuldeniya to Buttler, 1 run

short and wide, Buttler cuts one to deep cover

Could win it with a six and get to his fifty at the same time...

Embuldeniya to Buttler, no run

flighted, blocked on middle and off

Embuldeniya to Buttler, FOUR runs

thrashed from outside off stump through midwicket! Emphatic stroke from Buttler, brings England to within a hit of victory

Embuldeniya to Sibley, 3 runs

ooh, brings out the sweep now, low and paddling the ball fine as Embuldeniya goes over the wicket

Embuldeniya to Sibley, no run

tossed up and blocked by the monolith to patience Dom Sibley

end of over 421 run
ENG: 152/4CRR: 3.61 
Jos Buttler40 (44b 4x4)
Dom Sibley50 (139b 2x4)
Dilruwan Perera 13-1-36-0
Lasith Embuldeniya 19-3-64-3

"'England's record in India' ? They beat India in India not too long ago!" Erm, well, that was almost a decade back now, Ranjit. I'm thinking more of the 4-0 pumping in 2016-17

Perera to Buttler, no run

flighted, spinning back in and worked down to the leg side

Perera to Buttler, no run

dobbed on the stumps, Buttler defends from the safety of the crease

Perera to Sibley, 1 run

gets a little short again and Sibley jabs through square leg - that's Sibley's half-century, and a vital return to form for the England opener. Job done?

Perera to Sibley, no run

floated full, worked off the face to leg slip on the bounce

Perera to Sibley, no run

slow and loopy on middle and off, maybe undercutting the ball a touch, tapped to leg

Perera to Sibley, no run

tossed up straight, defended on the front foot

end of over 412 runs
ENG: 151/4CRR: 3.68 
Jos Buttler40 (42b 4x4)
Dom Sibley49 (135b 2x4)
Lasith Embuldeniya 19-3-64-3
Dilruwan Perera 12-1-35-0

"A Hungry Hippos drive, I see," giggles Richard Dixon. "Can't wait for the Kerplunk for six. (Other children's games are available)."

Embuldeniya to Buttler, no run

flighted, full on middle and leg, Buttler props forward

Embuldeniya to Buttler, no run

slings down a straighter ball, skidding through outside off as Buttler leaves

Embuldeniya to Buttler, no run

plants the front foot and defends

Embuldeniya to Buttler, no run

lobbed up full, blocked on the front foot

"It's not done and dusted, but if England win this match they will have won the series the hard way," opines Neil. "That'll be two wins batting second at Galle. Sri Lanka might not be India but that's no mean feat." Yep, I believe only Pakistan have managed that previously. And no touring team has won three times in Galle

Embuldeniya to Buttler, 2 runs

just a fraction short, Buttler slices a cut through backward point for a couple

Embuldeniya to Buttler, no run

pushed through outside off, Buttler drops back and pokes down

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