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India vs England, 2nd ODI at Kochi, , Jan 15 2013 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd ODI (D/N), Kochi, January 15, 2013, England tour of India
(36/50 ov, T:286) 158

India won by 127 runs

Player Of The Match
61* (37) & 2/12
Full commentary
end of over 3618 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 158/10CRR: 4.38 RRR: 9.14
Samit Patel30 (29b 3x4 1x6)
Ravichandran Ashwin 7-0-39-3
Ravindra Jadeja 7-1-12-2

We move to the east, to Dhoni's hometown of Ranchi for the third ODI. It will be the first ODI for Ranchi, David Hopps' match report for this game is here, and in a moment, I, Abhishek Purohit, will nowhere be near here. Time for a fine Gujarati dinner in honour of the Jamnagar boy Jadeja's performance. Cheers

Jadeja is Man of the Match. Jadeja: "Enjoyed my batting, wicket was good, ball was coming on, tried to play cricketing shots. Played for Kochi in IPL in 2011, I knew the wicket was bit slow, but once you get in, you can score runs. Mahi bhai was telling me, don't throw away your wicket. I was talking to Raina bhai, I said ball is turning, I might get wickets on this surface."

Dhoni: "Everyone performed well. We didn't get a good start, openers were finding it difficult, Yuvraj and Kohli gave us the platform. It seemed like a wicket that may flatten, we thought it will dry up and spinners may not get much turn. Good that I was wrong and our spinners got turn. Initially when there was something for the fast bowlers, it is important to see that phase off. It was not a wicket where you could win the toss and bowl first. Responsibility was on the batsman. Initially, when I and Raina had a partnership, we thought let us look for 240 or 250, and then when we are settled, lets target 260, we ended up getting 15 more. To go and play [the next game] at my city [Ranchi] will be very special. The crowd here was really superb, not to forget the heat and the humid weather. I think the wicket was a perfect Test wicket, something for the fast bowlers and turn for the spinners, which is what we are looking for. Good to see that Sreesanth is fit."

Cook: "Last ten overs we gave a 100 runs. It spun a little more [when we batted], but you cannot use that as an excuse. We were outbatted today. Those first ten overs we had a chance to get three four wickets, we didnt quite do that. Finn bowled well. Credit to India they put us under pressure."

England have lost 16 of their last 20 ODIs in India now, though this victory must feel as a comeback for the home side after losing the opening game narrowly in Rajkot. Terrific knocks on a slow, testing pitch from Dhoni and Jadeja putting India too far in front for England to catch up. And before the spinners got among the wickets, credit to young Bhuvneshwar Kumar for bowling ten top overs on the trot. England fell short similarly in the Ahmedabad Test before taking the recent series. How will they respond in the remaining three games?

Graham: "Today's one liner " Dhoni's helicopters crush England""

George: "One way to avoid death bowling issues."

Ashwin to Patel, OUT

that will be it, Dhoni uproots a stump after whipping off the bails, Patel working it to Jadeja at square leg hoping to retain strike, Jadeja firing it flat and straight to Dhoni who catches Dernbach well short, despite a dive

Jade Dernbach run out (Jadeja/†Dhoni) 2 (6b 0x4 0x6 9m) SR: 33.33
Ashwin to Patel, no run

steps out again, but misses and takes it on the pad this time

Ashwin to Patel, FOUR runs

four in four, Ashwin being toyed with, Patel making room and cutting hard in the air over covers

Ashwin to Patel, SIX runs

Ashwin getting some stick here, Patel swings him over long on this time, Shami leaps in vain near the boundary

Ashwin to Patel, FOUR runs

makes some room and goes over cover this time, lovely clean strike

Ashwin to Patel, FOUR runs

down the track and lofts with the spin over midwicket, Shami tries stopping with his foot as he runs across from long on, but the ball rolls into the rope

end of over 354 runs
ENG: 140/9CRR: 4.00 RRR: 9.73
Jade Dernbach2 (6b)
Samit Patel12 (23b)
Ravindra Jadeja 7-1-12-2
Ravichandran Ashwin 6-0-21-3
Jadeja to Dernbach, no run

runs it to gully off the front foot

Jadeja to Dernbach, no run

a swing and a miss, ball just missing off stump

Jadeja to Patel, 1 run

swept to deep square leg

Jadeja to Patel, 2 runs

slapped away through point for two

Jadeja to Dernbach, 1 run

angled in full, thick inside edge to square leg

Jadeja to Dernbach, no run

quick, sharp turn for Jadeja outside off

batting Powerplay

end of over 341 run • 2 wickets
ENG: 136/9CRR: 4.00 RRR: 9.37
Samit Patel9 (21b)
Jade Dernbach1 (2b)
Ravichandran Ashwin 6-0-21-3
Ravindra Jadeja 6-1-8-2
Ashwin to Patel, no run

misses as he tries to hit a full one over midwicket, hit on the pad down leg

Ashwin to Dernbach, 1 run

worked square to leg

Ashwin to Dernbach, no run

pushes a length ball back to the bowler

Ashwin to Finn, OUT

Ashwin appealing for caught behind after Finn is beaten pushing at a flighted carrom ball, Dhoni takes it and immediately removes the bails to appeal to the square leg umpire, meanwhile, umpire Davis upholds Ashwin's appeal, didn't seem to be an edge, replays suggest the same, no edge, umpire Davis was looking at the square leg umpire for a while before eventually raising the finger

Steven Finn c †Dhoni b Ashwin 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 2m) SR: 0
Ashwin to Tredwell, OUT

Ashwin has another, catches Tredwell in front of leg on the back foot with one angled in on a good length from round the stumps

James Tredwell lbw b Ashwin 1 (10b 0x4 0x6 8m) SR: 10
Ashwin to Tredwell, no run

lots of turn, from a good length, flat delivery slapped to short extra cover

end of over 332 runs
ENG: 135/7CRR: 4.09 RRR: 8.88
James Tredwell1 (8b)
Samit Patel9 (20b)
Ravindra Jadeja 6-1-8-2
Ravichandran Ashwin 5-0-20-1
Jadeja to Tredwell, 1 run

played tentatively into the leg side

Jadeja to Tredwell, no run

Tredwell moves forward to defend and is hit on the pad, the ball nearly rolls back on to the stumps as Jadeja appeals unsuccessfully for lbw

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