4th Test, Nagpur, Dec 13 - Dec 17 2012, England tour of India
(154 ov)330 & 352/4d
Match drawn
player of the series
end of over 1543 runs
ENG: 352/4CRR: 2.28 
Ian Bell116 (306)
Joe Root20 (56)
Gautam Gambhir2-0-4-0
Ravichandran Ashwin38-11-99-2

England are presented with the Anthony de Mello trophy and gather together behind a big WINNER sign for piccies. They'll have some good holiday snaps to reflect on (though the same can't be said of people following the series in England) ... And there we have it. England have planted a flag and got a grip on their spin problem, they've beaten India in India and ended a difficult year on an enormous, unexpected high. You can read all about in our final report and there'll be plenty more context and analysis on the site over the course of the day. For now, from us, Alan Gardner, Alex Winter, Andrew McGlashan and Sid Monga, it's toodle-pip and namaskar. Bye!

3.35pm: Right, Ravi Shastri is on the outfield telling everyone about how good the IPL is ready to begin the presentations...

India captain, MS Dhoni, asked if England deserved the series win: "I think so, we struggled in the batting department but their spinners were right on the mark, James Anderson was very good, testing the batsmen. As the game progressed there wasn't much for the spinners or fast bowlers. If you got your head down it was hard to take wickets. I think it got better, coming on to the bat and easier to play strokes. We tried a few combinations that didn't really work [in the series], we had some part-timers but we needed someone like Jadeja to keep the lid on the batsmen. Pujara's batting was a positive and Gambhir got back in the runs."

James Anderson is named Man of the Match for his four wickets in the first innings: "People come over here and think the spinners are going to get all the wickets but I wanted to show seamers have a job to do as well. Reverse swing played a key part and we executed our plans well. The beauty of bowling short spells means you can give it your all and then get a rest. It's been amazing, we've been impressed with the crowds and enjoyed embracing the culture. It really gives you a lift to hear all the people cheering at the end of the day."

England captain and Man of the Series, Alastair Cook: "Special day, special tour. Today, it was a flat wicket to bat on but Trotty and Belly did it so calmly. We were quite surprised with the pitch at the start, how low and slow it was, but it got better. We knew if we didn't give anyway any soft dismissals it would be hard to bowl us out and I'm proud the lads fronted up. After Ahmedabad, the heavy defeat, it's been a fantastic response. In my first series as captain, I couldn't have asked for more, it's a very proud moment. Our bowlers have been brilliant and all the batsman contributed. It's always nice when it goes well, can't praise the team, the squad enough, the backroom staff but also the fans, the Barmy Army and the India supporters as well."

3.25pm: No matter that this match ended in such downbeat fashion, this is a result fully worth the hype. England have ended India's eight-year run without a series defeat at home and become the first touring side to come from behind and secure victory since they last did it in 84-85. Revenge is apparently a dish best served cold but it seems as if India accidently left it in the deep freeze, instead. There will surely be recriminations and machinations for the India team but for England and Alastair Cook, in his first series as official captain, this is a moment to drink in. There's lots of hugging and fist-pumping on the team balcony, as well as handshakes for the opposition ... Stick around for 10 minutes or so and we'll hopefully bring you a word or two from the captains.

Gambhir to Bell, no run

tossed up on off, Bell leans into one last, studied defence of a champion knock - and that's it, England have declared, the match is drawn and a 2-1 series win is confirmed, England's first in India since 1984-85. Wow

Five -- four -- three -- two -- one...

Gambhir to Bell, no run

defended in front of the stumps

Start the countdown, everyone...

Gambhir to Root, 1 run

full toss this time, punched back past the bowler to long-on

Gambhir to Bell, 1 run

oops, that's not quite what he intended, the longest of hops down the leg side and Bell kindly only pats it to deep square leg for one

Gambhir to Root, 1 run

length ball, outside off, pushed to long-off

Gambhir to Root, no run

Gambhir continues his burgeoning Test bowling career, looped up on off, played back down the track

end of over 15312 runs
ENG: 349/4CRR: 2.28 
Ian Bell115 (303)
Joe Root18 (53)
Ravichandran Ashwin38-11-99-2
Gautam Gambhir1-0-1-0

"What next? Root's 50?" What is next, Dennis, is probably a declaration, ten minutes before the final hour, so that we can call the whole thing off. So, by my watch, that's in about three minutes' time ... One more over, then

Ashwin to Bell, FOUR runs

the third boundary of the over, as Bell goes back to a short ball and clips off the pads to long leg

Ashwin to Bell, no run

touch short as Ashwin corrects his length, defended on the back foot

Ashwin to Bell, FOUR runs

loopy, full delivery, overpitched outside off stump and Bell clumps the half-volley past mid-off and that'll run away too

Ashwin to Bell, no run

lunges forward to defend in front of the stumps

Ashwin to Bell, no run

floated up on leg stump, defended

Ashwin to Bell, FOUR runs

full and in the slot, Bell gets forward and punches a drive through the covers for four