3rd Test, Johannesburg, Jan 14 - 16 2016, England tour of South Africa
313 & 83
(22.4 ov, target 74)323 & 74/3
England won by 7 wickets
Player Of The Match
2/82 & 6/17

England win by seven wickets. What a day this has been. When we started, England were 238 for 5 in their first innings. They got just ahead, then it was all about Stuart Broad. Another spell that will go down in Test history. South Africa have a host of problems, for sure, but this is still one heck of a performance from England. I'll stay with you to bring the presentations shortly. Hasmukh: "Yes, it's cheer moments in India to feel the proud of being #1 in Test Cricket.. party.... :)" Yep, well done. This is England's day.

James Pickering: "When was last series win in SA? This was excellent performance." England won in 2004-05, went 2-1 at Johannesburg. Hoggard's famous day.

Much to be debated in the aftermath of all this. How good are England? How bad are South Africa's problems? We'll have plenty about all that to come. Presentation time...

AB de Villiers "I thought it was a good toss to win. There were quite a few soft dismissals. It was a 400+ wicket but we didn't make it count. You were never in, but they didn't bowl us out in the first. They did in the second. [From 90-4] We didn't nail it down, there were a few areas we could have played better cricket. [Broad] I haven't seen a team play like that in a long time. There's a lot still to play for, it's just my first match as captain and I have a lot of motivation. We'll need a few good meetings about the way we are going."

Alastair Cook "We didn't quite get it right first thing. But didn't go for too many runs. The guys bounced back. 300 was about par. Rooty was exception and then it was over to Stuart and Jimmy...Broady got on one of his rolls. One of those days we'll look back on for a long time. I don't tell Stokesy anything, I just let him play. Those two did the same against NZ last year. The stand got us back into the game. When it's level on third innings on a wicket like that it's always hard. Credit to the lads, it's been a great tour. They can be really proud. You can never be satisfied but tonight's not the time for that. Andrew Strauss has told us to have a big night, so if he's said it we will."

The Man of the Match goes to Stuart Broad "I was a bit under the weather. Everyone we know has been ill. The doctor got me over it. The guys bowled well to cover my absence. I bowled a bit too short in the first innings so we had a chat before the second innings about bringing the batsman forward to a fuller length. We got lucky, we got some cloud and the lights were on. But we got the ball in the right areas and took our catches. It's been a fantastic day for us. I was quite tired towards the end. The air's a bit thinner. It was a good day to bowl. I wish I could take that wicket around with us."

Well, that just about wraps it up from a pretty extraordinary day of cricket. David Hopps reflects on it all in his report and we'll have plenty more written and video analysis to come over the next few hours. We'll be back for the final Test from Centurion, but for now from Andrew and myself it's goodbye and thanks for joining us.

Elgar to Root, 1 run

there it is! Root down the pitch and clips it through the leg side. The series is England's

Elgar to Taylor, 1 run

tucked behind square on the leg side

Elgar to Taylor, no run

flicked into the leg side, in the air for a little while but well short of mid-on

Elgar to Taylor, no run

punched off the back foot to mid-off

end of over 221 run • 1 wicket
ENG: 72/3CRR: 3.27 
Joe Root3 (12)
James Taylor1 (2)
Chris Morris 6-2-8-1
Dean Elgar 3-1-8-2
Morris to Root, no run

straight delivery, can't get it away for the winning runs

Morris to Root, no run

worked into the leg side

Morris to Taylor, 1 run

shovelled into the leg side with plenty of bottom hand, wide of mid-on

Jose...P: "Nicky said it: "The collapse is on!" So, prescientful "

Morris to Taylor, no run

wide outside off, left alone

Out comes James Taylor

Morris to Cook, OUT

and now he's gone as well...leaning forward, regulation edge to the keeper. Been a decent spell from Morris. England making these last few runs hard work

Alastair Cook c †Vilas b Morris 43 (86m 70b 7x4 0x6) SR: 61.42
Morris to Cook, no run

presses forward and this beats the outside edge

end of over 21Maiden
ENG: 71/2CRR: 3.38 
Joe Root3 (10)
Alastair Cook43 (68)
Dean Elgar 3-1-8-2
Chris Morris 5-2-7-0
Elgar to Root, no run

and he plays out a maiden...the game goes on

Elgar to Root, no run

dabbed back to the bowler

Elgar to Root, no run

drifts into the pads, flicked straight to Amla at square leg

Elgar to Root, no run

touch quicker outside off, pushed square to point

Elgar to Root, no run

defended with soft hands

Elgar to Root, no run

nearly...driven firmly but straight at cover

Can Root finish it