1st Test, Kingston, February 04 - 07, 2009, England tour of West Indies
318 & 51

West Indies won by an innings and 23 runs

Player Of The Match
3/74 & 5/11
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Well, we shall have the full reaction from a disconsolate England camp over the coming hours. First up will be Andrew Miller's bulletin, followed by quotes from the leading players and a verdict from our man at the ground. Keep an eye on the series page (or RSS) and whatever you do, don't forget to join us for the second Test on Friday. I'm Will Luke and, along with Andrew Miller, hope you've enjoyed our coverage of what's been an extraordinary Test. Until Friday, it's goodnight.

Here's Chris Gayle, with a smile as wide as ever. "Brilliant day. It's come full circle. Sarwan batted really well, Nash batted well and everyone else chipped in. Benn bowled brilliantly, but Taylor picking up five was [superb]. It's good to see our allround cricket improving. The support was tremendous here, as ever. Hopefully we can move on from strength to strength.

"We'll definitely go for a drink tonight, but we won't over-do it. We'll enjoy it though."

Strauss: "We were entirely outplayed by a very good WI side. We've not done outselves justice. Our bowlers stuck to the task well but we batted very, very poorly today and paid the price."

"Now's not the time to be too hasty on these things. We haven't played well. As a batting unit, there's very little positive to come out of this Test. We have to take it on the chin and move on."

It's been so long that West Indies' fans have had cause to cheer this long and hard, and the players - who, to be honest, look shell-shocked - are walking around a sun-baked ground to wave to the supporters. An outstanding allround performance from a team which - whisper it - might have turned the corner.

England, though, are disconsolate. It's their third-lowest Test total (their second-lowest of 46 came here in the Caribbean in 1994) and today their batsmen have lacked application and intent, against Jerome Taylor whose 5 for 11 won't be forgotten for a while.

Well, what a breathless, brilliant day of Test cricket for West Indies who win by an innings-and-23-runs. Gayle receives handshakes (and a hug) from Pietersen and then salutes the crowd who, to a man, are standing and applauding this rare win at Sabina Park. It's just pure elation for West Indies out there - almost disbelief.

Benn to Harmison, OUT

bowled him! He went for a sweep and dragged it on - and West Indies record a quite brilliant victory

Steve Harmison b Benn 0 (10m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Benn to Harmison, no run

on the off stump, Harmison's forward and prodding

Around the wicket to Harmison

end of over 331 run • 1 wicket
ENG: 51/9CRR: 1.54 
Monty Panesar0 (3)
Steve Harmison0 (1)
Fidel Edwards 1-0-1-1
Sulieman Benn 14-2-31-3
Edwards to Panesar, no run

ooh well bowled! An inswinging brute which is dug out

Edwards to Panesar, no run

Monty leaves it alone

Edwards to Panesar, no run

but it's wide and left alone

England still 23 runs behind with one wicket remaining. Panesar versus Edwards and Sabina Park is about to explode

It's very nearly party time for West Indies

Edwards to Flintoff, OUT

BOWLED HIM! Well, you have to say it was almost inevitable. Flintoff was lining himself up to carve Edwards either inside out over point, or over midwicket. He tried to go over midwicket and was bowled by a decent, fast, full delivery

Andrew Flintoff b Edwards 24 (78m 47b 3x4 0x6) SR: 51.06
Edwards to Flintoff, no run

Flintoff's going for a huge heave here, but Edwards sees him coming and he's hit on the leg with a full toss

Edwards to Flintoff, (no ball)

again he steps outside leg but prods it out to the off side

Welcome to you all. I'm sure there are thousands logging on to see what misery England have inflicted on themselves. I'm Will Luke and, together with Andrew Miller, we'll be guiding you through the mist of this wonderful mess. It's been a memorable and thrilling day so far

Edwards to Flintoff, no run

steps to leg and tries to clatter him inside out over cover

Edwards replaced Powell

David Prentice writes in. "What's happening to world cricket? Aussie on the decline and Windies playing with much more commitment. Great for the game!" England might disagree but, yes - bring it on.

end of over 321 run • 1 wicket
ENG: 50/8CRR: 1.56 
Steve Harmison0 (1)
Andrew Flintoff24 (43)
Sulieman Benn 14-2-31-3
Daren Powell 7-3-5-0
Benn to Harmison, no run

left alone - wide of the off stump

Harmison now

Cricinfo's Gnasher: "'London bridge is falling down' is currently being pumped out over the speakers. They have a sense of humour here."

Hawkeye (remember - the third umpire isn't allowed to use it) shows it would have just clipped the leg stump. But, really, the game is already long gone

Benn to Sidebottom, OUT

Sidebottom is rapped on the pads and up goes Rudi's finger. But Sidebottom is referring it. Now then. Daryl Harper will have to find a specific error with the on-field umpire's original (out) decision, and replays are indicating that it would've gone onto hit the stumps. After a short delay, Rudi raises his finger for the second time and Sidebottom is furious...

Ryan Sidebottom lbw b Benn 6 (51m 43b 0x4 0x6) SR: 13.95

Around the wicket to Sidebottom

Benn to Flintoff, 1 run

angled out to the off side for England's fifty. The Barmies rejoice

Benn to Flintoff, no run

comes forward to smother it

Benn to Flintoff, no run

steps outside leg and defends

Benn to Flintoff, no run

prods forward and blocks it like a legend

Around the wicket. Will Flintoff go after him?

end of over 31Maiden
ENG: 49/7CRR: 1.58 
Ryan Sidebottom6 (42)
Andrew Flintoff23 (39)
Daren Powell 7-3-5-0
Sulieman Benn 13-2-30-2
Powell to Sidebottom, no run

left alone outside off to complete a maiden

Powell to Sidebottom, no run

firmly defended on the back foot

Powell to Sidebottom, no run

beaten once more with a beauty that angles across Sidebottom

England only need 25 to level the scores. Game on?

Powell to Sidebottom, no run

left alone

Powell to Sidebottom, no run

what a cracker! That left him at the last moment and he followed it

Powell to Sidebottom, no run

elegantly defended on the back foot, standing tall

"Well, an average team of west Indies players are slaughtering England's batsmen, i cant believe how easily the wickets are falling, it makes you sad to be English listening to it," writes a fan

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