24th Match, Group B, Mirpur, Feb 3 2016, ICC Under-19 World Cup
(46.4/50 ov, target 213)189
Pakistan U19 won by 23 runs
Player Of The Match
86 (86) & 2/28

3.45pm Right. That's it, then, from all of us. All the quarter-final match-ups have been confirmed. The first quarter-final, Bangladesh v Nepal, will be played tomorrow. Do join us for that. Until then, goodbye!

Ali Imtiaz: "Love to see this young kids captaincy. That's the way to use his premium bowlers when you need a wickets. Some one tells Azhar Ali to learn the some tips from this young kid. Its not important you win or lose but surely you show your presence." -- A bit harsh on Azhar Ali, but yes, impressive captaincy from Zeeshan. Liked how he kept an extra fielder in the circle for the spinners in the middle overs, and also had a slip in for large parts of the game.

Hasan Mohsin is the man of the match. "I just played normal cricket, I was trying to play every ball on merit," he says. "I think we had enough total for our team. Randika and Silva played very well in the middle, but we [managed to pull off the win]."

3.40pm Pakistan finish top of Group B. They will face West Indies in the quarter-finals, and Sri Lanka will meet England. Excellent display with the ball. Sri Lanka will think they could have won this had Kamindu Mendis and Wanidu Hasaranga not holed out at a crucial stage. And before that, Asalanka and Ashan got out to soft dismissals as well. An excellent match to end the group stages.

Shadab to Asitha Fernando, OUT

and Pakistan have won it! Shadab rips a legbreak from outside off, slightly fuller than the previous one, and that's enough to find the edge to slip

Asitha Fernando c Hasan Mohsin b Shadab Khan 0 (1m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Shadab to Asitha Fernando, no run

another lovely legbreak outside off, beats Asitha's attempted forward defensive

Shadab to Nimesh, OUT

got him! Shadab sees him jumping out of his crease and shortens his length wide of off stump. Nimesh reaches out to jab at it and the ball turns just enough to beat his outside edge. Easy stumping for the keeper

Thilan Nimesh st †Umair Masood b Shadab Khan 4 (11m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80
Shadab to Nimesh, 2 runs

back of a length outside off, slapped away to the left of sweeper cover. He called 'twotwotwo!' as soon as he hit the ball, and ran the first one like lightning and turned around to complete the second easily

end of over 466 runs
SL19: 187/8CRR: 4.06 RRR: 6.50
Damitha Silva21 (30)
Thilan Nimesh2 (3)
Sameen Gul 9-1-29-2
Ahmad Shafiq 7-0-23-2
Sameen Gul to Silva, no run

short ball rising over middle and off. Jumps to ride the bounce and drops it down into the off side, with soft hands

Sameen Gul to Silva, no run

bouncer, Silva ducks under it

Sameen Gul to Silva, no run

slower ball, full and wide of off, jabbed to backward point

Sameen Gul to Nimesh, 1 run

full outside off, driven to sweeper cover

Sameen Gul to Silva, 1 run

short outside off, dabbed towards third man

Sameen Gul to Silva, FOUR runs

full on leg stump and he picked the right ball to go after, cleared his front leg and just whipped it over midwicket

Umair Ali: "A nail-biter, similiar to the one when Pakistan senior team defended 213 against SA in 2015 World Cup"

end of over 453 runs
SL19: 181/8CRR: 4.02 RRR: 6.40
Thilan Nimesh1 (2)
Damitha Silva16 (25)
Ahmad Shafiq 7-0-23-2
Sameen Gul 8-1-23-2
Ahmad Shafiq to Nimesh, no run

length ball angling into off stump from wide of the crease. Stays back and defends into the off side

Ahmad Shafiq to Silva, 1 run

back of a length outside off, goes back and whips wide of mid-on

Ahmad Shafiq to Silva, no run

full outside off, clipped to mid-on, who's been brought into the circle

YA: "How is over no. 40 a wicket maiden when 1 run was scored off a leg bye?" -- Leg byes count against the bowling team, not the bowler

Ahmad Shafiq to Nimesh, 1 run

full outside off, driven to long-off

Waheed: "I am impressed by Zeeshan's captaincy, may be our senior team (Azhar Ali) will take a leaf out of his book and so does our fielding unit."

Ahmad Shafiq to Silva, 1 run

back of a length, turning in from outside off, goes back and across and tucks it gently into the leg side

Ahmad Shafiq to Silva, no run

tossed up slow on middle and leg, clipped to short fine leg. Went straight to the fielder and the non-striker ran out of his crease. Sent back, he would have been out had Shafiq collected the throw cleanly, but he fumbled, allowing him home

Sri Lanka need 35 from 36. Only two wickets to go. Shafiq comes back into the attack.