Final, North Sound, February 05, 2022, ICC Under-19 World Cup
(47.4/50 ov, T:190) 195/6

India U19 won by 4 wickets (with 14 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
Raj Bawa, IND19
35 (54) & 5/31
Player Of The Series
506 runs • 7 wkts
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Scores: Sudeep
Comms: @PeterDellaPenna
Scorecard summary
England Under-19s 189/10(44.5 overs)
James Rew 95 (116)
Raj Bawa5/31 (9.5)
Ravi Kumar4/34 (9)
India Under-19s 195/6(47.4 overs)

4.05 pm None of their six opponents could stop India, and nor could Covid. A thoroughly dominant display from start to finish in this tournament.

India head coach Hrishikesh Kanitkar: "It's too exciting for my good, but happy with the result. I think we learned a lot from this. We were looking to bat as well. There was a little bit of moisture. [Dhull] led them very well. He has a very good head on his shoulders. I think it's a fabulous competition, getting this stage to perform at this young age, for all teams. It's a great opportunity to showcase talent and for the academies around the world."

VVS Laxman: "Firstly huge congratulations to the selection committee. It was a new selection committee and quite challenging for them to identify this group. After that, the coaching staff with Hrishikesh as the head coach, Sai Raj, Munish, and all the support staff, the way they got this group together, they worked really hard, won the Asia Cup and the preparation for this World Cup was fantastic. But in the middle of this tournament, we all know what happened to the boys. To test positive [for Covid] but show the kind of resilience and positive attitude was exemplary. I think the BCCI has to be complemented. The number of matches and tournaments each age group level gets to play, whether U16, U19 or U23... unfortunately due to Covid they didn't get to play any tournaments and that's why I think this tournament win is very special. It's important but this is just a learning process and just the start of their journey. Everyone in this group understands that. This is about development as players and as a person and it's great to see how they've developed and evolved over the last couple of months but this is just the start of their journey as a cricketer."

ICC CEO Geoff Allardice is at the post-match presentation party, along with CWI president Ricky Skerritt, and three Antiguan legends: Sir Andy Roberts, Sir Curtly Ambrose and Sir Richie Richardson.

Player of the Match is Raj Bawa for his 5 for 31 and 35 with the bat: "It always feels great to contribute to the team in any match but in a final it feels really special."

Player of the Tournament (decided by Samuel Badree, Natalie Germanos, Graeme La Brooy, Sandipan Banerjee, and Callum Davies) is Dewald Brevis of South Africa, who was the runaway leading scorer in the event with 506 runs.

England captain Tom Prest: "Choosing to bat first, we'd have liked a better start, but the way James Rew then batted to get his 95, deserved a hundred. We got to a store where we thought we were in the game with and gave it a crack. We've got a strong bowling attack and taking a wicket in the first over got the mood up and got the confidence going. They obviously batted really well. They had a couple of great partnerships so credit to them. It's been amazing. We all really enjoyed it, not only the cricket but the media exposure as well, doing interviews like this, is something that we'll never forget and we're very proud of our achievements. It's been incredible and we had quite a few of our parents who have come out and flown over to support. But friends and family back home and different schools and everyone has just got behind us and it's been amazing. To test ourselves against the best players of our age, I think we've done ourselves proud and we put in some great performances."

India U19 captain Yash Dhull, who joins fellow India U19 captain World Cup champions Mohammad Kaif, Virat Kohli, Unmukt Chand and Prithvi Shaw: "It's a proud moment. It was good batting and a good comeback by England. But we kept cool minds and focus. It's great being coached by VVS sir, Hrishi sir."

Yash Dhull walks away to accept the trophy handed over to him by Richie Richardson before being swarmed by the entire Indian squad as "Chak de India!" is blasted by the DJ at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. They're trying to pose for a victory trophy but every single one of the players is snatching the trophy away from the previous player. They all want to be the one holding it aloft when the photo is snapped. Finally someone on staff convinces them to put the trophy down in front of the "CHAMPIONS" banner for the team photo. If all of them can't have it for the photo, then none of them can! A somewhat comedic moment to end the presentation.

Well, that'll do it for today's coverage from the final. Hopefully the players have kept you entertained as much as they have for us as we did the commentary. For Alan Gardner and the scoring team, I'm Peter Della Penna. Take care!

Sales to Bana, SIX runs

shades of Dhoni in 2011, Bana ends the World Cup with a clean strike over the long-on rope to clinch India's 5th Under-19 World Cup title! The squad had raced over the rope and was halfway to the 30-yard circle before the ball landed beyond the ad boards! It was a juicy full toss at knee height on middle stump, Bana not messing around looking to tap a single. He smashes it with youthful abandon and rips his helmet off while charging down the pitch!

Sami: "Goodnight from Rome wishes for both young team."

Sales to Bana, SIX runs

Bana says goodbye to this leg-stump half-volley over deep backward square leg! Scores are level! Effortless flick to a gift-wrapped delivery. India just one away.

Saurabh : "Goodbye from Stockholm. It's the Indian contingent bringing the World Cup home. Proud !!"

Sales to Sindhu, 1 run

Nishant Sindhu is saying goodbye to this World Cup with a match-winning half-century! Back of a length on middle, flicked through midwicket. Does it off 54 balls and raises his bat to a very enthusiastic bench lining the boundary rope waiting to charge the field to celebrate. Two more shots will do it.

Vishal: "Goodbye from Woodley fields Los Angeles, the boys in blue have played fantastic cricket all through the tournament. Wish them a bright future ! Hope to see the dissection by PDP soon." I'm more interested in when another ICC/USA Cricket event will be held at Woodley! A fantastic facility out in Van Nuys, 20 miles northeast of downtown LA.

Sales to Sindhu, FOUR runs

short and tailing way down leg, might have been five wides if he left it but tickles it with a pull to go to the fine leg rope and the Indian bench jumps to their feet.

Another bowling swap. James Sales into the attack with Prest and Ahmed having bowled out their 10.

end of over 472 runs • 1 wicket
IND19: 178/6CRR: 3.78 RRR: 4.00
Nishant Sindhu45 (52)
Dinesh Bana1 (3)
Thomas Aspinwall 9-0-42-2
Rehan Ahmed 10-2-32-0

Bimal: "adiós from NYC.... I was hoping for this wicket to fall, so next batter finish in an over."

Aspinwall to Sindhu, 1 run

full and wide on fifth stump, punched to the cover sweeper for one.

Aspinwall to Bana, 1 run

bold heave fetches a single! Full on middle, goes for a huge slog and nearly pays the price for swinging across the line sending this along the turf to midwicket.

Farooq Umer : "Goodbye from Mainz, Germany. This tournament has shown a glimpse of some stars to shine brightly in few years."

Aspinwall to Bana, no run

Aspinwall goes for yorker but sends down a knee high full toss on off stump that Bana punches straight back to the bowler.

Kripa : "Good bye form Helsinki, Finland.. it's coming home for India and BCCI …."

Aspinwall to Bana, no run

nearly chops on first ball! Length ball on sixth stump, goes to smash this through the off side and drags it into the ground bouncing to the keeper.

Dinesh Bana arrives with 14 still left to win.

Aspinwall to Tambe, OUT

what a catch from Rehan Ahmed at backward point! He's not saying goodbye just yet! Full and wide to encourage a drive, but Tambe is a bit loose with the shot and doesn't make any effort to keep it down. It flies sharply to Ahmed on the ring and he takes a sizzling catch reaching across his body tumbling right claiming this at rib height.

Kaushal Tambe c Rehan Ahmed b Aspinwall 1 (9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 11.11

Akshay: "Au revoir from Pittsburgh, Make our nation proud India!"

Aspinwall to Tambe, no run

good length ball on off, defended.

Right arm medium pace back on with Aspinwall.

end of over 462 runs
IND19: 176/5CRR: 3.82 RRR: 3.50
Kaushal Tambe1 (7)
Nishant Sindhu44 (51)
Rehan Ahmed 10-2-32-0
Joshua Boyden 7-1-24-2

VenkatReddyV: "Good Bye and Good Nighgt from Chennai, INDIA. Hoping for these two to finish this game and lift the 5th world cup. I wish these young boys great future."

Ahmed to Tambe, 1 run

googly spins in from fifth stump, goes back and across to flick through midwicket.

Atiqullah Atif: "Goodbye from Kabul, Afghanistan. The only happiness we have had in last year or so was our u19 semifinal berth. Thank you ICC, Thanks cricinfo."

Ahmed to Tambe, no run

good length ball on fourth stump, defended.

Rehan switches back over the stumps after two balls around the wicket. Prest moves back to orthodox slip.

Sudeep: "A goodbye from Munich, Germany. The end is now coming thick and fast"

Ahmed to Tambe, no run

full and wide on fifth stump, punched to mid-off.

Ahmed to Tambe, no run

full on off stump, defended on the front foot.

Prest now puts himself in at leg slip with Rehan bowling around the wicket to the right-hander.

Shrey: "Goodbye from Seattle! Hope Bawa turns out in men's team, would be an all rounder find of the tournament like Jadeja few years ago!"

Ahmed to Tambe, no run

googly spins in on a good length from fifth stump, smothered on the front foot.

Prasanna: "Slàn a hale from Kerry Ireland. It's coming home for India"

Ahmed to Sindhu, 1 run

googly lands short and wide on sixth stump, slaps this on the up over wide long-off for one.

end of over 455 runs
IND19: 174/5CRR: 3.86 RRR: 3.20
Nishant Sindhu43 (50)
Kaushal Tambe0 (2)
Joshua Boyden 7-1-24-2
Rehan Ahmed 9-2-30-0

Vinod: "Goodbye from Switzerland. Can only follow the scores on Cricinfo , but most times, the feeling is better than watching the match live on a screen. Keep it up guys. Congratulations Indian young guns."

Boyden to Sindhu, 1 run

missed runout! Length on the stumps, punched to mid-on, a chance for Prest to say goodbye to Nishant taking him on for a tight single but the throw is just wide.

Cheithanya: "Lets focus a bit on England's next star players..Rehan Ahmad will turn out to be one heck of bowler for england with his skills in future when Adil Rashid hangs up his boots "

Boyden to Sindhu, FOUR runs

goodbye to this short ball dispatched to the rope at cow corner! Too short at Boyden's pace, Nishant latches on and cracks this wide of the man on the rope who fails to slap this back in.

VS: "Goodbye from Tampere, Finland. Sorry for the English and Pakistani fans."

Boyden to Sindhu, no run

back of a length on fourth stump, defended into the off side.

Amit Bhatia: "Goodbye from Farmington, CT USA. Thanks cricinfo for the coverage of the match the the tournament!" Some good restaurants in Farmington, just one town over from ESPN worldwide headquarters in Bristol, CT.

Boyden to Sindhu, no run

back of a length on fifth stump, goes to punch and mishits this to cover.

Match details
Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound, Antigua
TossEngland Under-19s, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
India U19
Raj Bawa
Player Of The Series
SA U19
Dewald Brevis
Series resultIndia Under-19s (Young Cricketers) won the 2021/22 ICC Under-19 World Cup
Match numberYODI no. 1427
Match days5 February 2022 - day (50-over match)
Asif Yaqoob
Roly Black
TV Umpire
Rashid Riaz
Reserve Umpire
West Indies
Jacqueline Williams
Match Referee
Sri Lanka
Graeme Labrooy
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