no result
3rd Super, Leeds, Jun 6 1999, ICC World Cup
(15/50 ov, target 176)70/3
No result
end of over 153 runs
NZ: 70/3CRR: 4.66 • RRR: 3.03 • Need 106 runs from 35 overs
Roger Twose0 (5)
Stephen Fleming9 (17)
Heath Streak5-0-25-1
Henry Olonga4-1-14-1

the light is duly offered to the batsmen, and off the players comes

Match State: Bad Light Stops Play This Time

we're still 54 minutes away from the scheduled finishing time

but I wouldn't hold my proverbial breath waiting for any more action today

I should say "cricket" rather than "action", since Zimbabwe managed to deliver a good 49.3 overs worth of cricket with no action

and surprise surprise, play is called off at 7:30pm. Be sure to return tomorrow at 945 GMT, we have lots of spontaniety planned.

Match State: Close of Day 1 - Play to Continue on the Reserve Day

we welcome you to the second day of this one day international with the news that it is drizzling and the covers are on

it's been raining very heavily overnight and play is unlikely in the near future. There's only a crowd of about 20 here, and everybody is quite agreed about what a miserable place Leeds is.

more news at it comes to hand

Match State: Covers on - Resumption Delayed Due to Drizzle

at 1100 GMT, it's still raining and very little is happening

1230 GMT: still raining

1415 GMT: weather is still horrible, but there will be an inspection at 1445 GMT

correction: there will be an inspection at about 1430 GMT. The rain has stopped.

1450 GMT: still a little drizzle about, but the umpires will be having another inspection at 1500 GMT with a view to starting at 1530 GMT"

1510 GMT: sigh, raining again

Match State: It's raining, it's pouring

all over, umpires have decided to give the match a lead injection behind the ear, teams get 1 point each

Zimbabwe continue to ride the wave of good luck, but they're not qualified for the semi finals yet, there's still a chance they'll tie for 4th and 5th place with NZ

tomorrow's match is the low-profile India v Pakistan, starting at 0945 GMT, allowing for the Mancunian weather, which has been as filthy as Leeds today apparently

Match State: Match abandoned - 1 point each

Streak to Twose, no run

bat held in the vertical, no shot offered, no worries

Streak to Twose, no run

poking it onto the off side3

Streak to Fleming, 3 runs

leading edge, lucky not to pop a catch up, Andy Whit chases it down to the long on

Streak to Fleming, no run

defended on the off side, into the covers

umpires having a chat about this and that

it's a little overcast and a little dark

Streak to Fleming, no run

back foot push, the cover flicks it onto the mid off

Streak to Fleming, no run

bat held above it outsid ethe off stump, to the keeper

end of over 142 runs
NZ: 67/3CRR: 4.78 • RRR: 3.03 • Need 109 runs from 36 overs
Stephen Fleming6 (13)
Roger Twose0 (3)
Henry Olonga4-1-14-1
Heath Streak4-0-22-1
Olonga to Fleming, 1 run

EDGED! but just short of Johnson at 2nd slip, thru his legs and to the 3rd man

Olonga to Fleming, no run

squeezes the defence onto the ball, it barely trickles off the pitch towards the covers

Olonga to Fleming, no run

playing well thru it, missing outside the off stump, NZ suddenly in all sorts of bother

Olonga to Fleming, no run

dead bats it outside the off stump, Olonga fields

Olonga to Fleming, no run

scratched away onto the on side, to the square leg

Olonga to Fleming, (no ball)

overpitched outside the off stump, Fleming going for a cover drive, but inside ends up with a chuffing miss

Olonga to Fleming, no run

defensive drive to Andy Whittall at mid off

end of over 131 run • 1 wicket
NZ: 65/3CRR: 5.00 • RRR: 3.00 • Need 111 runs from 37 overs
Roger Twose0 (3)
Stephen Fleming5 (6)
Heath Streak4-0-22-1
Henry Olonga3-1-12-1
Streak to Twose, no run

again to the keeper, no shot offered

Streak to Twose, no run

bat raised, ball passes the leftie's off stump

Streak to Twose, no run

so whilst Astle and Horne defied logic and reason and managed to get above 20 runs, there was to be no such eccentricity from McMillan today

Streak to McMillan, OUT

seaming in a little, McMillan playing outside it, hits the pad, plumb in front, no controversy from Orchard with that one

Craig McMillan lbw b Streak 1 (15m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 11.11
Streak to Fleming, 1 run

attempted back foot defence into the off side, thick edge runs wide of the slip and to the 3rd man

Streak to Fleming, no run

defends on the on side