26th Match, Chelmsford, May 29 1999, ICC World Cup
(47.2/50 ov, target 234)185
Zimbabwe won by 48 runs
player of the match
Neil Johnson

ball was pitched up, Donald went for the drive, aimed over the covers, Streak dives high to his right and plucks it out of the air, he throws the ball high, Olonga races over and delivers teh bear hug, what a day for Zimbabwe

the critics generally wrote them off in the table permutations for today's matches, what a win, and don't South Africa have some thinking to do, even thogh the top the table, they will only take 2 points into the Super 6

it will be down to the winner of India v England to decide the 3rd team from Group A, a no result will send England through. If it happens to be India, then Zimbabwe will take an amazing full set of 4 points with them into the Super 6

presentations...... Cronje blames the 1st 17 overs of each innings for the loss, says "we'll be back" and "did well to reach 180 still"

Campbell with a big cheesy smile is up... "very nice to win", mentions "the 4 points are a possibility" for the Super 6

Neil Johnson is the Man of the Match... "a little bit of both" (bat and ball)... "things are going our way", "wonderful feeling to beat South Africa, they're probably the best team in the tournament"

and so we shall have 3 live matches from tomorrow morning: Aus-WI, SL-Kenya and the balance of the Eng-Ind matches, all starting at 0945 GMT pending the English summer weather

I'll leave you with the amusing thought that Hick may miss the Super 6 and his old Zimbabwe team go thru, and Australia may miss out whilst Murray Goodwin goes thru.

I'll leave you with the amusing thought that Hick may miss the Super 6 and his old Zimbabwe team go thru, and Australia may miss out whilst Murray Goodwin goes thru.

Olonga to Donald, OUT

that's it! Zimbabwe have beaten South Africa for the first ever time, and they qualify for the World Cup Super Six!

Allan Donald c Streak b Olonga 7 (22m 18b 0x4 0x6) SR: 38.89
Olonga to Donald, no run

pitching outside off, Donald no where near it, ball travels over the stumps and thru to the keeper

end of over 4710 runs
SA: 185/9CRR: 3.93 • RRR: 16.33 • Need 49 runs from 18b
Lance Klusener52 (58)
Allan Donald7 (16)
Heath Streak9-1-35-3
Henry Olonga4-0-17-0

Zimbabwe wants to dimiss SA within the next 15 runs to ensure a super 6 position

Streak to Klusener, 2 runs

hit so hard back to the bowler, dropped? an almost impossible chance, ball runs down to the long on

Streak to Klusener, SIX runs

clobbered over the mid wicket, I've never seen someone be able to hit 6s at will like this

Streak to Klusener, no run

another one, and that went thru the batsman, pitching near the toes, playing playing over it, ball missing the leg stump

Streak to Klusener, no run

a yorker, great ball, dug out and back to the bowler

Streak to Donald, 1 run

flicking it off the toes, forward of the square leg

Streak to Klusener, 1 run

into umpire venkat at the bowler's end, Venkat possibly saved a boundary there, what drama

end of over 462 runs
SA: 175/9CRR: 3.80 • RRR: 14.75 • Need 59 runs from 24b
Lance Klusener43 (53)
Allan Donald6 (15)
Henry Olonga4-0-17-0
Guy Whittall4-0-20-0

South Africa requires 25 runs to give Zimbabwe a sleepless night, or 59 runs to knock them out of the comp

Olonga to Klusener, 1 run

full toss wide of the off stump, mistimed cut shot goes into the covers

Olonga to Donald, 1 run

finally gets a drive in, pushing down to the mid on

Olonga to Donald, no run

just trying to glide it to the 3rd man, well missed

this brings back memories of Bruce Reid playing and missing a maiden v NZ

Olonga to Donald, no run

dabbing and missing outside the off stump

Olonga to Donald, no run

hit hard, but direct to the cover fielder, good safe fielder, up goes the run rate required once more

Olonga to Donald, no run

played away direct to the point fielder, no run there

end of over 457 runs
SA: 173/9CRR: 3.84 • RRR: 12.20 • Need 61 runs from 30b
Allan Donald5 (10)
Lance Klusener42 (52)
Guy Whittall4-0-20-0
Andy Whittall10-0-41-2

and here comes Henry, only bowled 3 so far today

will he again get the last wicket to seal the win

Whittall to Donald, 1 run

the Zimmers love it, Donald mustn't have been thicking, pushed for a single to the long off, keeps the strike

Whittall to Donald, no run

a little push into the covers

Whittall to Donald, no run

slow ball, too good for Donald, although that's no big whoop, beating him outsid ethe off stump

Whittall to Klusener, 1 run

swiped from off the ground, down to the long off, another cross bat shot

Whittall to Klusener, FOUR runs

full toss outside the off stump, baseball shot down the ground, one bounce over the rope

Whittall to Donald, 1 run

somehow lands a cut shot on it, behind point, gives Lance the strike