3rd Test, Sydney, Jan 2 - 6 2020, ICC World Test Championship
454 & 217/2d
(47.5 ov, target 416)256 & 136
Australia won by 279 runs
player of the match

The winning Australian side pose with the trophy. And that brings us to the end of this Australian summer. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Thanks to everyone for joining us. See you soon.

"I am very lucky to captain this group," Tim Paine says. "Batting has become very consistent with Marnus leading this year and Steve and David back. In the bowling department, we had Hazlewood injured but Pattinson came in to do the task. Pretty simple task for me at times, to be honest. I think we can still get better, there were moments in this series as well when we were not out best. We are really pleased with the progress we have made in the last 12 months but we know have some big series coming up. It has't been a great few weeks for our country. What our goal as a team is to give the Australians some entertainment. But our thoughts go out to them and firefighters are doing a great job."

"Credit to the Australian team," Kane Williamson says. "They were clinical but they put us under pressure session after session. So much to learn from this experience. We have a bit of time off, so a bit of regrouping. We were outplayed in all departments. We were good with the ball in hand but with the bat we couldn't be good for long enough. A number of things to work on and improve upon. For a number of guys, it's the first time here and you must appreciate it because you won't get this experience anywhere else. We need to move on quickly because the international schedule comes thick and fast"

Marnus Labuschagne is both Man of the Match and Man of the Series. "It's been an amazing summer," he says. "It's so special to share these moments with your family who have been part of your journey. It's hard to put it on one thing but my level of concentration and not doing any silly things. A lot of gum but it's working, so why change. I just love the journey and it's been wonderful being part of this Australian team."

Rahul: "Am I missing out on something? Hadn't NZ scored 251 and not 256 in the 1st innings with Aus having the option to enforce the follow on?" -- They were awarded five penalty runs after Warner was found running on the dangerous area during Australia's second innings.

"It's great how we started the summer, and then two Tests against Pakistan and now here," Warner says. "I am so happy for Lyon, who got on the honours' board here. You always know what you are capable of doing, I kept hitting it well in the nets but it wasn't coming out on the field. Excited to contribute. Burns' time will come, he would be more hungry after this."

"A great summer, winning all the games comprehensively," Lyon says. "Big cheers to our batters who ensured the bowlers always got enough rest. Pretty special to take ten in front of my family and friends. We want to be the best team in the world, we need to do a lot of work for that but we are heading in the right direction."

5.50pm A victory by 279 runs for Australia, no Test this Australian summer went to the fifth day. A double-ton for Labuschagne who had an amazing summer, a ten-for for Lyon. And for the numbers geeks, New Zealand's 251 (256) in the first innings here is the lowest top total for a touring side in a three or more Test series in Australia. Thanks to Andrew McGlashan and S Rajesh for that stat.

Lyon to Watling, OUT

five in the innings, ten in the game. Nathan Lyon gets the main man. They are congratulating each other, so Henry isn't coming out to bat despite having his arm guard on in the dressing room. Was a length ball outside off, Watling went across and swept it behind square but failed to keep it down and Cummins made no mistake

BJ Watling c Cummins b Lyon 19 (150m 108b 0x4 0x6) SR: 17.59
Lyon to Watling, no run

length ball around off and middle, tucked away towards square leg

Lyon to Watling, no run

tossed up wide outside off, Watling was looking to come forward, almost gets off-balance. In the end, decides to leave it alone while managing to keep his back foot ground

Lyon to Watling, no run

fuller outside off, pushes it towards mid-off

Lyon to Watling, no run

fuller on the stumps, defends it on the leg side. Doesn't take the single

Lyon looking for his fifth

end of over 478 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 136/8CRR: 2.89 
BJ Watling19 (103)
Mitchell Starc9-3-25-3
Nathan Lyon16-4-50-4

Meanwhile, Shane Warne is auctioning his baggy green to raise funds for bushfire relief. More here.

Starc to Somerville, OUT

middle stump has been knocked out! A reverse-swinging yorker, right on the money. Too good for Somerville who cannot get his bat down on it

William Somerville b Starc 7 (9m 5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 140
Starc to Watling, 1 run

length ball on middle and leg, tucked away behind square leg

Starc to Somerville, 3 runs

fuller and wider this time, driven through point, Labuschagne with the chase to keep it to three

Raja: "In an Era where almost every off-spinner (excep swann) was reported for illegal action, Lyon deserves extra praise for what he has achieved with a clean action. Shows that you don't have to bowl doosra to get wickets."

Starc to Somerville, FOUR runs

short of length outside off, cuts it over the point area, off the mark with a four

James B: "Absolutely pure nonsense from Pattinson. Can't believe my eyes. No business catching that. "

Starc to Somerville, no run

length ball outside off, pushes it towards cover

Starc to Somerville, no run

length ball in the channel, pushes at it away from the body, beaten