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3rd Test, The Oval, August 09 - 13, 2007, India tour of Ireland, England and Scotland
664 & 180/6d
(T:500) 345 & 369/6

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
110*, 3/94 & 2/123
Player Of The Series
28 runs • 18 wkts
India 1st Innings
England 1st Innings
India 2nd Innings
England 2nd Innings
Match Details
India 1st Innings 
Dinesh Karthik c †Prior b Sidebottom9115121610160.26
Wasim Jaffer c Pietersen b Anderson3547696174.46
Rahul Dravid (c) b Anderson551011318054.45
Sachin Tendulkar c Strauss b Anderson8219229811042.70
Sourav Ganguly lbw b Collingwood37771284148.05
VVS Laxman c †Prior b Tremlett51791018064.55
MS Dhoni c Cook b Pietersen928112094113.58
Anil Kumble not out 11019321716156.99
Zaheer Khan c Anderson b Panesar1152751021.15
RP Singh c & b Anderson1121232052.38
Sreesanth c Vaughan b Panesar35324961109.37
Extras(b 33, lb 13, nb 6, w 2)54
TOTAL170 Ov (RR: 3.90, 718 Mts)664
Fall of wickets: 1-62 (Wasim Jaffer, 14.4 ov), 2-189 (Rahul Dravid, 48.1 ov), 3-199 (Dinesh Karthik, 51.1 ov), 4-276 (Sourav Ganguly, 79.5 ov), 5-354 (VVS Laxman, 101.2 ov), 6-417 (Sachin Tendulkar, 112.6 ov), 7-508 (MS Dhoni, 130.5 ov), 8-570 (Zaheer Khan, 150.3 ov), 9-591 (RP Singh, 156.4 ov), 10-664 (Sreesanth, 169.6 ov)
Ryan Sidebottom3289312.9015314000
51.1 to KD Karthik, wide and short of a length, Karthik plays a loose drive with no footwork and Prior does the rest, holding a thin but audible nick. Karthik stands motionless for a second or two before slowly heading off to a standing ovation. 199/3
James Anderson40518244.5516729110
14.4 to W Jaffer, width outside off, short-of-a-length and that was a deliberate strategy to entice Jaffer to upper cut off the back-foot straight to Pietersen at third man. 62/1
48.1 to R Dravid, full, enough late swing to beat Dravid who was falling over as he shaped to clip the ball through midwicket and played inside it. 189/2
112.6 to SR Tendulkar, well, well, Anderson makes the breakthrough just as Tendulkar was looking set to finally reach three figures in this series...outside off stump and Tendulkar pushes at it sending a regulation catch to Strauss at first slip who gobbles it well...Tendulkar leaves to standing ovation, he might get one more innings but who knows. 417/6
156.4 to RP Singh, excellent reflexes from Anderson, good length delivery on off stump, RP Singh doesn't move his feet and tries to smash it past Anderson who sticks out his left hand on his follow through and clutches on to a ball that is travelling at some speed. 591/9
Chris Tremlett40613213.3018520015
101.2 to VVS Laxman, Prior's caught it, Tremlett bowled it short of a length outside the off stump and got it to seam away from Laxman who stood on the back foot and tried to hit it through the off side, he got a thick edge on that and Prior took the easiest of catches. 354/5
Monty Panesar45515923.5319412600
150.3 to Z Khan, flighted delivery outside off stump, Zaheer moves his front leg out of the way and tries to slog it down the ground, he gets a top edge that flies high in the air and straight to Anderson at mid-off who takes an easy catch. 570/8
169.6 to S Sreesanth, down the track and swipes up towards gully where Vaughan takes a resigned catch, palms upwards. Panesar tries to give Sreesanth a stare, which doesn't work on a number of counts. 664/10
Paul Collingwood711111.57361001
79.5 to SC Ganguly, well, the part-time bowler has made the breakthrough. The ball again nips back at Ganguly who is taken on the pad and a loud appeal is upheld by Ian Howell...but, oh dear, the replays show a big inside edge and Ganguly is unlucky. Collingwood gets his second scalp of the series, and both have owed plenty to the umpires. 276/4
Kevin Pietersen604116.83235200
130.5 to MS Dhoni, doesn't work this time and he holes out to Cook at deep square. He couldn't resist standing up and trying to deliver a scoop but doesn't get enough under it, Cook taking a good catch, low. 508/7
England 1st Innings 
Andrew Strauss c Sreesanth b Khan613181046.15
Alastair Cook c Singh b Kumble619814811062.24
James Anderson lbw b Singh1648713033.33
Michael Vaughan (c)c & b Kumble1136662030.55
Kevin Pietersen c Dravid b Tendulkar411071244038.31
Paul Collingwood lbw b Sreesanth621202019051.66
Ian Bell c †Dhoni b Khan639610711065.62
Matt Prior c Tendulkar b Sreesanth01538000.00
Ryan Sidebottom c & b Khan2440050.00
Chris Tremlett not out 2549672051.02
Monty Panesar lbw b Kumble942552021.42
Extras(b 16, lb 12, nb 11, w 10)49
TOTAL103.1 Ov (RR: 3.34, 453 Mts)345
Fall of wickets: 1-12 (Andrew Strauss, 4.1 ov), 2-78 (James Anderson, 19.4 ov), 3-119 (Alastair Cook, 31.2 ov), 4-124 (Michael Vaughan, 33.3 ov), 5-202 (Kevin Pietersen, 60.1 ov), 6-288 (Paul Collingwood, 81.6 ov), 7-303 (Ian Bell, 86.2 ov), 8-305 (Ryan Sidebottom, 86.6 ov), 9-305 (Matt Prior, 89.2 ov), 10-345 (Monty Panesar, 103.1 ov)
Zaheer Khan22133231.451185000
4.1 to AJ Strauss, and Zaheer strikes just before stumps - Strauss pulling high off the bottom of his bat, sailing over to Sreesanth at long leg who takes a calm, collected catch. 12/1
86.2 to IR Bell, the new ball brings another wicket, a tame dismissal, short and wide from Zaheer and Bell goes for a limp cut - more a dab, really - and gets an edge through to Dhoni. Deserved reward for Zaheer, but a soft end to Bell's's amazing we've only seen one century so far in this match. 303/7
86.6 to RJ Sidebottom, he bowled for that, another short ball and Sidebottom top-edges his pull straight up and Zaheer gets underneath it for a simple catch...the innings is ending quickly. 305/8
81.6 to PD Collingwood, there's the breakthrough, Collingwood plays across the line and Ian Howell raises his finger after a short think, but it looks like a dodgy decision as the ball was heading down the leg side - although the replay shows it was just clipping leg - and Collingwood clearly wasn't happy...the end of a fighting innings, but another England batsman goes after doing the hard work. 288/6
89.2 to MJ Prior, Prior's shocking game continues, a regulation edge to a regulation outswinger and it's well taken low at first slip by Sachin Tendulkar and England are nearly done and dusted...that was a very painful duck. 305/9
Anil Kumble29.179433.2213414004
31.2 to AN Cook, caught! Kumble bowls a loopy delivery that is drifting down leg side, Cook leans forward and tricks to flick, he's far too early on the shot, he's almost finished playing it before the ball reaches him, the ball hits the back of the bat and lobs up tamely to RP Singh at mid-off who takes a simple catch. 119/3
33.3 to MP Vaughan, massive wicket on the stroke of lunch, Kumble tosses up the googly on off stump, Vaughan leans forward and tries to drive, the ball stops on him a little and he hits it with the inside half of the bat back to Kumble who moves a step to his right and takes a simple catch. 124/4
103.1 to MS Panesar, Panesar lunges forward, misses the ball and that looks straight ... a loud appeal and Ian Howell agrees it was hitting. Much like the one in the previous over, but no no-ball to save Monty. 345/10
RP Singh1837214.008210030
19.4 to JM Anderson, full and it straightened, Anderson caught on the back foot, a loud appeal and Howell takes an age to raise his finger but eventually - and correctly -does so and the nightwatchman departs. 78/2
Sourav Ganguly51801.60271010
Sachin Tendulkar702613.71294000
60.1 to KP Pietersen, sucker punch! Pietersen launches a swishing drive, the ball spins and a thick edge is well taken by Dravid at slip. 202/5
VVS Laxman10505.0041000
India 2nd Innings 
Dinesh Karthik c Collingwood b Tremlett815192053.33
Wasim Jaffer lbw b Anderson0610000.00
Rahul Dravid (c)c Strauss b Collingwood12961401012.50
Sachin Tendulkar  b Anderson11113009.09
Sourav Ganguly c Strauss b Collingwood5768939083.82
VVS Laxman not out 46861164053.48
MS Dhoni c †Prior b Tremlett3664794056.25
Anil Kumble not out 881310100.00
Extras(b 1, lb 5, nb 6)12
TOTAL58 Ov (RR: 3.10, 245 Mts)180/6d
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (Wasim Jaffer, 2.2 ov), 2-10 (Dinesh Karthik, 3.6 ov), 3-11 (Sachin Tendulkar, 6.5 ov), 4-76 (Sourav Ganguly, 28.5 ov), 5-89 (Rahul Dravid, 34.4 ov), 6-158 (MS Dhoni, 54.6 ov)
James Anderson1583422.26714000
2.2 to W Jaffer, Jaffer steps back into his crease and shoulders arms, completely misreading the inswinger and is struck slap-bang in front of the stumps ... Ian Howell thinks ... and thinks ... and after a delay which would make Steve Bucknor look like the master of hastiness, he lifts his finger. The only thing there was height and it it did look as if it might be going over as Jaffer is a tall man and it hit him on the top of his pads ... and Hawk-Eye, for what it's worth, agrees. 10/1
6.5 to SR Tendulkar, bowled him! The stumps have been demolished, Tendulkar plays forward and drives away from his body, the ball swings into him and takes the inside edge and cannons into middle and leg stump, the sound was deafening as the stumps went for a walk, England are loving it. 11/3
Chris Tremlett1525823.86657005
3.6 to KD Karthik, a much better line, Karthik forced to play, and a thick outside edge is well taken falling to his left by Paul Collingwood at second slip. His footwork was slightly lacking there. 10/2
54.6 to MS Dhoni, caught! Tremlett bowled a slower ball outside the off stump, the ball bounced higher than Dhoni expected and he stood without moving his feet and swished at it, he got a thick edge through to Prior who took an easy catch. 158/6
Paul Collingwood1012422.40483001
28.5 to SC Ganguly, out of nowhere Collingwood strikes, Ganguly is fed up leaving them so chases this one outside off stump and edges straight to Andrew Strauss at wide first slip - his 50th Test catch - and for the second time in this match Collingwood gets Ganguly. 76/4
34.4 to R Dravid, outside off, Dravid feels for the ball and the resulting edge goes at regulation height to Strauss who is the sole slip. 89/5
Monty Panesar1815803.22747000
England 2nd Innings (T: 500 runs)
Andrew Strauss c Laxman b Singh321131376028.31
Alastair Cook c Laxman b Kumble43851505050.58
Michael Vaughan (c)c †Dhoni b Sreesanth42951085044.21
Kevin Pietersen c Karthik b Sreesanth10115921618063.52
Paul Collingwood lbw b Sreesanth4081945049.38
Ian Bell lbw b Kumble676298120108.06
Matt Prior not out 1264921018.75
Ryan Sidebottom not out 315180020.00
Extras(b 2, lb 4, nb 14, w 9)29
TOTAL110 Ov (RR: 3.35, 460 Mts)369/6
Fall of wickets: 1-79 (Andrew Strauss, 31.4 ov), 2-86 (Alastair Cook, 34.1 ov), 3-152 (Michael Vaughan, 60.4 ov), 4-266 (Paul Collingwood, 84.1 ov), 5-289 (Kevin Pietersen, 88.6 ov), 6-363 (Ian Bell, 105.2 ov)
Zaheer Khan2035902.95977030
60.4 to MP Vaughan, the breakthrough, wide and slightly short, Vaughan flashes at it, gets an edge and Dhoni does the rest. 152/3
84.1 to PD Collingwood, lbw! The new ball does the trick again! It pitches just outside off stump and angles into Collingwood who is lazy in moving his feet and gets struck plumb on the back foot in front of off stump, timely breakthrough for India. 266/4
88.6 to KP Pietersen, caught! Sreesanth gets Pietersen, a lapse of concentration perhaps after the century, the ball pitches short of a length outside off stump, Pietersen waits on the back foot and drives hard at it, the thick outside edge flies straight to Karthik at first slip, an easy catch, what a big wicket that is for India. 289/5
Anil Kumble37912323.3217618005
34.1 to AN Cook, caught, at leg gully! Kumble bowls a full delivery on middle and leg, Cook flicks and the ball flies off the middle of the bat to Laxman who takes a sharp low catch at leg gully, big big wicket. 86/2
105.2 to IR Bell, a moment of madness ... Bell plays a premeditated sweep, he is as far forward as he could have been but it is full and straight and Steve Bucknor has no doubts. 363/6
RP Singh1325013.84619011
31.4 to AJ Strauss, there's the breakthrough, outside off stump, Strauss goes for a forcing shot through the covers, the edge flies to Laxman at second slip and he takes a comfortable catch...Strauss again falls after doing the hard work and India have their wicket. 79/1
Sachin Tendulkar1907804.108010007
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Kennington Oval, London
TossIndia, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Anil Kumble
Player Of The Series
Zaheer Khan
James Anderson
Series resultIndia won the 3-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 1842
Hours of play (local time)11am start, Lunch 1.00-1.40pm, Tea 3.40-4.00pm, Close 6.00pm
Match days9,10,11,12,13 August 2007 - day (5-day match)
South Africa
Ian Howell
West Indies
Steve Bucknor
TV Umpire
Peter Hartley
Reserve Umpire
Jeremy Lloyds
Match Referee
Sri Lanka
Ranjan Madugalle
Thu, 09 Aug - day 1 - India 1st innings 316/4 (Sachin Tendulkar 48*, VVS Laxman 20*, 90 ov)
Fri, 10 Aug - day 2 - England 1st innings 24/1 (Alastair Cook 12*, James Anderson 5*, 8 ov)
Sat, 11 Aug - day 3 - England 1st innings 326/9 (Chris Tremlett 18*, Monty Panesar 0*, 96 ov)
Sun, 12 Aug - day 4 - England 2nd innings 56/0 (Andrew Strauss 23*, Alastair Cook 27*, 20 ov)
Mon, 13 Aug - day 5 - England 2nd innings 369/6 (110 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • Drinks: England - 79/1 in 31.4 overs (AN Cook 39)
  • England: 100 runs in 37.3 overs (230 balls), Extras 9
  • Lunch: England - 126/2 in 50.0 overs (MP Vaughan 22, KP Pietersen 17)
  • 3rd Wicket: 50 runs in 116 balls (MP Vaughan 29, KP Pietersen 18, Ex 3)
  • Bad Light: England - 149/2 in 59.0 overs (MP Vaughan 39, KP Pietersen 22)
  • England: 150 runs in 59.6 overs (368 balls), Extras 13
  • England: 200 runs in 68.6 overs (425 balls), Extras 20
  • KP Pietersen: 50 off 108 balls (9 x 4)
  • 4th Wicket: 50 runs in 63 balls (KP Pietersen 28, PD Collingwood 15, Ex 7)
  • Tea: England - 232/3 in 78.0 overs (KP Pietersen 71, PD Collingwood 23)
  • England: 250 runs in 81.6 overs (505 balls), Extras 22
  • 4th Wicket: 100 runs in 133 balls (KP Pietersen 54, PD Collingwood 37, Ex 9)
  • New Ball Taken: England 266/3 after 84.1 overs (KP Pietersen 86, PD Collingwood 40)
  • KP Pietersen: 100 off 155 balls (18 x 4)
  • England: 300 runs in 90.4 overs (558 balls), Extras 24
  • Drinks: England - 316/5 in 95.0 overs (IR Bell 29, MJ Prior 4)
  • 6th Wicket: 50 runs in 73 balls (IR Bell 41, MJ Prior 10, Ex 1)
  • IR Bell: 50 off 50 balls (9 x 4)
  • England: 350 runs in 103.2 overs (636 balls), Extras 26
  • Test Match Scorers: Raghav, Raju and Binoy George