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India vs West Indies, 2nd T20I at Lauderhill, WI v IND, Aug 04 2019 - Match Result

2nd T20I, Lauderhill, August 04, 2019, India tour of West Indies
(15.3/15.3 ov, T:121) 98/4

India won by 22 runs (DLS method)

Player Of The Match
20* (13) & 2/23
Match centre 
Scores: Ranjith P | Comms: @saurabh_42
Scorecard summary
India 167/5(20 overs)
West Indies 98/4(15.3 overs)

2.35pm: A damp end, but the second T20I had its moments. Do join us for the third game - will India rotate players now that the series is sealed? We'll find out. Till then, this is Saurabh Somani, signing off on behalf of Shashank and Ranjith.

Kohli: Had a really clinical game. The pitch was always going to be good to bat on first half. We set up a good foundation. Good finish to get to 165, the pitch slowed down considerably in the second half of our innings. Winning the first two games always gives you a chance to give an opportunity to a few guys. Having said that, the idea is always to win. The way Washington has bowled against guys who come hard at the ball - he's been outstanding. The composure he's shown after being out for so long. He's going to be a big factor. All in all he's executing what he wants to perfectly at the moment.

Krunal Pandya is the Man of the Match.

Brathwaite: I didn't think it went wrong to be fair. Think we had a solid enough base, so we still backed ourselvesto get 70 odd. But very very well played to Rovman to get us into that situation. I give the batting a bit more credit than yesterday. With the total we figured our line up is flexible enough, with guys like Pollard at the end to send Rovman up. Batting-wise we were a lot closer to where we want to be. In Guyana we hope to get consistency.

2.25pm: It's officially over, so India have won by 22 runs via DLS. The par score for West Indies was 120, and they were 98. India therefore also seal the series at the first opportunity. Rohit led the batting charge, Krunal played a valuable cameo at the end, and then came back to be the star with the ball for India. For West Indies, Rovman Powell's attacking knock was an encouraging sign.

Aleem: "I may be uninformed or misinformed but I read somewhere Russell was injured and not available for first two T20s. But he is right now playing in GT20. How? " You are not misinformed Aleem, Dre Russ is indeed playing in the GT20, right at this very moment. Here's proof.

2.15 pm: No happy weather updates yet because PDP (ie Peter Della Penna for those asking) tells me there's rain about at the stadium - but there is some happy reading. "When he goes out to bat it's almost like he's in a trance-like state" - who is Steve Waugh talking about? Hint, hint: he shares a name, and several other achievements, with the man.

1.50 pm: While we're waiting, why not have a gander at this heart-warming story by PDP: how Krunal Pandya's childhood friend watched Virat Kohli bat on his former ground.

Ayaz sait: "What's the cutoff time" - PDP tells me that they can lose an hour of play before they start cutting overs. Not that there are many overs to cut... And for clarification, "This is a Broward County/Florida state regulation for crowd and player safety. The umpires/match officials are mandated to take the players off once the lightning alarm is triggered, whether it is high school level sports or professional/international events."

1.40 pm: The DLS par score is 120, so if there is no further play, India will have sealed the series.

1.37 pm: They are walking off. It's not started raining yet, but they are going off for lightning warning. This is not an uncommon occurrence at this venue, say the commentators on air. Covers coming on the ground and there might be a few drops of rain about too.

Update from PDP: Lightning strikes have gotten too close to the ground, so they've taken players off due to lightning warning. They've told all the fans to evacuate the stadium if they're not in covered seating areas. It's been striking lightning north of the ground for the past 10 minutes, but finally got close enough to trigger the lightning detection system.

Krunal to Pollard, 2 runs

flat and outside off, misfield by Saini at cover inside the circle allows the push to go through

Krunal to Hetmyer, 1 run

flayed off the back foot, uppishly over cover but there is a man there and they can only get one

Krunal to Hetmyer, no run

smart bowling, saw him back away and pushed it well wide of off, but within the tram lines. Hetmyer doesn't connect

end of over 156 runs
WI: 95/4CRR: 6.33 RRR: 14.60
Kieron Pollard6 (7b 1x4)
Shimron Hetmyer5 (2b 1x4)
Ravindra Jadeja 1-0-6-0
Krunal Pandya 3-0-20-2

73 needed off 30.

Jadeja to Pollard, no run

turned to short fine, ends up as a tight over after that first-ball four

Jadeja to Hetmyer, 1 run

and now Kohli has a near-miss! Too short and pulled, but Kohli is at midwicket, and he manages to stop the ball but it bounces before he gets to it, going sideways

Jadeja to Pollard, 1 run

oooh, that just eludes a diving Jadeja. Stopped a bit and turned, Pollard wanted to punch, ends up hitting uppishly to Jadeja's left, and to long-off eventually. Just past his finger tips

Jadeja to Pollard, no run

quicker one, Pollard wanted to send this to New York, but misses it

Jadeja to Pollard, FOUR runs

Pollard power! goes on the back foot and absolutely leathers this straight over, one bounce into the fence. No regard for the ball stopping on the pitch - he has the power to over come that

Jadeja to Pollard, no run

starts off with a quick and flat one, stump to stump, jabbed back

end of over 146 runs • 2 wickets
WI: 89/4CRR: 6.35 RRR: 13.16
Shimron Hetmyer4 (1b 1x4)
Kieron Pollard1 (2b)
Krunal Pandya 3-0-20-2
Navdeep Saini 3-0-27-0

Another dark cloud overhead. And metaphorically, one over West Indies' chances too. But here's Ravi Jadeja to bring some sunshine.

Krunal to Hetmyer, FOUR runs

misfield by Bhuvneshwar at the point boundary. Did all the hard work in getting there, but couldn't stop it cleanly and the ball rolls over. Not a great ball to finish, gave Hetmyer room to rock back and slash it away, well timed too - but it should have been stopped

Pollard and Hetmyer will now face an equation of 83 off 37. Possible? Yes. Probable? Not really.

Krunal to Powell, OUT

nailed right in front But Powell has gone for the review. Don't think he'll survive it. Well bowled, drawing him forward, dipping on him and drifting, pitches and straightens to ping the pad. His bat is coming down beside his pad, no inside edge, and that is three reds. Krunal has struck a vital blow. End of a fine innings by Powell, though he had no business taking that review

Rovman Powell lbw b Pandya 54 (34b 6x4 3x6) SR: 158.82
Krunal to Pollard, 1 run

fuller but strays on the pads, and is flicked to deep midwicket off the front foot

Krunal to Pollard, no run

quicker one, a bit short, Pollard surprised by it, jabs it away towards point

Krunal to Pooran, OUT

Manish Pandey makes the pop up boundary catch look coolly nonchalant. Pooran gave it to old heave-ho, feeling the run-rate pressure no doubt but got it a bit high on the bat. Still might have had enough to clear most fielders at long-on - but not Pandey. He stays just inside the rope, holds on to the ball, is overbalancing so throws it up in the air, steps over the rope, steps back in and completes the catch as if he's out for an evening walk. Stunningly done

Nicholas Pooran c Pandey b Pandya 19 (34b 1x4 0x6) SR: 55.88

arijit: "Looks like India is giving it away! It's really strange that Jadeja is not brought into the attack and its already 13th over of the innings. "

Krunal to Pooran, no run

goes for the reverse sweep, again well outside off but he was moving across and it hits his body and rolls away

Krunal to Pooran, 1 wide

moving across, and Krunal saw him but bowled too wide of off and it's a wide.

end of over 138 runs
WI: 83/2CRR: 6.38 RRR: 12.14
Rovman Powell54 (33b 6x4 3x6)
Nicholas Pooran19 (32b 1x4)
Navdeep Saini 3-0-27-0
Krunal Pandya 2-0-14-0

85 off 42 needed. Pooran really needs to hit out.

Elsewhere, Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty today beat their world champion Chinese opponents in the men's doubles final of the Thailand Open. Here's why Satwiksairaj and Chirag's win is a huge moment for doubles in India.

Saini to Powell, no run

nicely bowled slower one on a length outside off, swing and a miss from Powell

Saini to Powell, no run

good ball on the free hit, yorker on leg stump. He was looking to give himself room, but it sneaked under his bat and between his legs

That was what Kolkata Knight Riders' Twitter handle quoted the franchise's CEO, Venky Mysore, saying during the 2017 IPL auction. Russell isn't turning out for West Indies in Lauderhill tonight - instead he is playing in the Global T20 Canada - but Powell is doing his best to fill in that void.

Saini to Powell, (no ball) FOUR runs

bullet hit and it's a no-ball too! Too full outside off and he launches into a fierce drive down the ground, along the turf. Saini has over-stepped so Free hit coming up. Wait that is not due to over-stepping, it's because only three fielders were inside the circle! That's poor.

Saini to Pooran, 1 run

too short and Pooran nails the pull from outside off, sends it to wide long-on

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
RG Sharma
67 runs (51)
6 fours3 sixes
Productive shot
18 runs
2 fours0 six
R Powell
54 runs (34)
6 fours3 sixes
Productive shot
straight drive
14 runs
2 fours1 six
Best performances - bowlers
SS Cottrell
KH Pandya
Match details
Central Broward Regional Park Stadium Turf Ground, Lauderhill
TossIndia, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series resultIndia led the 3-match series 2-0
Match numberT20I no. 843
Hours of play (local time)10.30 start, First Session 10.30-12.00, Interval 12.00-12.20, Second Session 12.20-13.50
Match days4 August 2019 - day (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
Win Probability
IND 100%
100%50%100%IND InningsWI Innings

Over 16 • WI 98/4

India won by 22 runs (DLS method)
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