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32nd match (D/N), Chennai, April 03, 2010, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, T:247) 223/5

Super Kings won by 23 runs

Full commentary
end of over 2011 runs
RR: 223/5CRR: 11.15 
Naman Ojha94 (55)
Abhishek Raut2 (4)
Sudeep Tyagi 4-0-45-0
Doug Bollinger 4-0-15-2

That's all we have from Match No. 32. Do hop over to the other tab for Match 33. Okay bye


M Vijay is the Man of the Match He says: "Very happy. Not really tired. Just enjoying it. I just though of hitting straight, the ball came onto the bat nicely, and I enjoyed it."

MS Dhoni "We batted brilliantly. Vijay and Morkel were special. Not much power, no stupid shots, but clean hitting. If you have 240-245 on the board, it's very difficult for the chasing team. Rajasthan batted really well, though, but Dougie bowled really well and his catch was special."

Shane Warne "Fantastic game. Our boys chased amazingly, but we can't keep on fielding and bowling like this. Credit to Lumb, Watson and Ojha for the way they batted."

Phew! Finally time to draw some breath. Thirty sixes in the match, to go with 39 fours. Vijay's century, Morkel's monster hits, Ojha's near-ton, Watson's near-magic, but among all that, Dougie Bollinger is the highlight of the match for me. Four overs for just 15 runs, and that amazing catch at the long-on boundary. Wouldn't be wrong to say that he was the difference in the match. Do hang on for presentation ceremony

Tyagi to Ojha, 1 run

Ojha finishes a valiant innings with a pull to fine leg for a single, and Chennai has won this run feast

Tyagi to Raut, 1 run

overpitched delivery, hit into the ground, gets a single

Tyagi to Raut, no run

and Ojha can't get a century either, Raut swings and misses

Tyagi to Ojha, 1 run

skies this one, just wide of the bowler, Hayden is under it, and he drops it, but the single takes Ojha away from strike

Chennai can't lose this one now

Tyagi to Ojha, FOUR runs

lovely shot, slower ball, waits for it, gets under it, cuts over cover-point, four more - on 92 now

Tyagi to Ojha, FOUR runs

swings, gets a thick edge over the keeper

So now, fair enough to say the only interest left in the match is, whether Ojha can get a century

end of over 194 runs • 1 wicket
RR: 212/5CRR: 11.15 RRR: 35.00
Abhishek Raut1 (2)
Naman Ojha84 (51)
Doug Bollinger 4-0-15-2
Muthiah Muralidaran 4-0-52-1
Bollinger to Raut, no run

superb spell comes to an end, finishes off with a yorker just inside that white line that judges wides, and he gets a huge applause from the Chennai crowd, what an impression he has made right away - somewhat like Malinga on the Mumbai crowds

Bollinger to Ojha, 1 run

short, tucks him up, only a single to midwicket

Ojha on strike, can he get a century?

Bollinger to Raut, 1 run

gets a thick edge on the yorker, and again good field placement - third man is straight here

Raut is the new man

Bollinger to AA Jhunjhunwala, OUT

slower offcutter gets another wicket! 116ks, Jhunjhunwala makes good connection with it, muscling it down the ground, but Raina judges it well and catches it at mid-off. Good captaincy too, to have mid-off up for Bollinger

Abhishek Jhunjhunwala c Raina b Bollinger 7 (4b 0x4 1x6) SR: 175
Bollinger to Ojha, 1 run

makes room, hits a back-of-a-length delivery to sweeper-cover for another single

Bollinger to AA Jhunjhunwala, 1 run

makes room and hits a length delivery to sweeper-cover

39 required in two overs. One of them will be bowled by Dougie Bollinger. They need the other over to be huge. Bollinger to finish off

end of over 1816 runs • 1 wicket
RR: 208/4CRR: 11.55 RRR: 19.50
Abhishek Jhunjhunwala6 (2)
Naman Ojha82 (49)
Muthiah Muralidaran 4-0-52-1
Suresh Raina 1-0-8-0
Murali to AA Jhunjhunwala, 3 leg byes

now the delicate paddle sweep, past short fine off the pad, gets three runs for it

Murali to AA Jhunjhunwala, SIX runs

no respect for the highest wicket-taker in Tests! dances down first ball and hits him back over his head, six more

Jhunjhunwala is the new batsman

Murali to Ojha, 1 run

gets the late-cut right this time, but can't beat short third

Murali to Ojha, no run

Ojha looks for the delicate late-cut and is beaten

Murali goes over the stumps

Murali to Ojha, SIX runs

Ojha keeps swinging and gets into his 80s, getting under a length delivery and lofting it over deep square leg

Murali to Fazal, OUT

after keeping Fazal on strike with his fielding in the last over, Murali gets hisd wicket too, nicely flighting an offbreak. Fazal gets the toe end of the bat while looking for the big shot, and lobs it to cover-point

Faiz Fazal c Anirudha b Muralidaran 4 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80

Lakshman: "Can't imagine an injury to Jacob Oram only prompted the CSK or any other management to get Dougie. Picking him up at the auction was a no brainer." Murali comes back

end of over 179 runs
RR: 192/3CRR: 11.29 RRR: 18.33
Faiz Fazal4 (4)
Naman Ojha75 (46)
Suresh Raina 1-0-8-0
Doug Bollinger 3-0-11-1
Raina to Fazal, 1 run

hit to wide of long-on, they are pushing for two but Murali is too quick there

Raina to Ojha, 1 leg bye

looks for the big shot over the leg side, swings too early, gets a leg-bye

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