Match abandoned without a ball bowled

11am The Umpires have been out and had a look. The ground is still wet out there. A quick shower that came and went whilst there were out there hasn't helped! Another inspection is due at 12pm. We have started losing overs here. To get a five over match in, we need to be getting going by around 1pm. We can always hope, can't we?

10:15am Well, we should be getting underway now. Although there are a couple of area on the outfield that are wet. The groundstaff have been out with lots of sawdust, barrow loads of the stuff, hopefully that will speed the drying process up a little. There is going to be a further inspection at 10:45am. Will let you know how that goes!

Good Morning everyone, welcome to North County for ESPNCricinfo's live ball by ball coverage of today's double header between the Munster Reds and the North West Warriors. It's Justin here again and I'm going to be bringing you coverage of both of today's Test Triangle IP20 matches between these two teams.

It's lovely and sunny at the ground at the minute, with a strong breeze blowing across the ground, which is just as well as there has been some rain overnight and this morning. Conditions underfoot are a little "soft", although the covers have been taken off so its down to the elements to help us out a little here. The first game is scheduled to get underway at 10:15am, so fingers crossed that's what happens.

These two games are very likely going to decide who gets the wooden spoon this year. With the Warriors losing all their games so far and the Reds only picking up 2 points from their rained off game against the Knights, its been a wretched tournament for both teams so far. I'm sure that neither of them will want to finish at the bottom, so with it being a small ground I'm expecting a high scoring game today.

No news yet on whether we are going to be getting away on time, although as the players haven't started warming up yet, I think it's a little unlikely.

12.15 PM The Umpires have been out for another look round the ground. The damp patches are still damp and they aren't drying. The first game has been called off. 2 points each for the teams and we just have to hope that the ground is ok for the next game at 2:30pm today. Hopefully you can join me then.