7th match (N), Mumbai, Apr 9 2017, Indian Premier League
(19.5/20 ov, target 179)180/6
Mumbai won by 4 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
Player Of The Match
50 (29)

12.10am That concludes our coverage from tonight. Hope you've had a good weekend. Just one game tomorrow - Kings XI Punjab v Royal Challengers Bangalore. We'll see you there. Good night.

And after running away with the game, Rana runs away from the presentation too. Show me a better example of letting the bat do the talking.

Nitish Rana is the Man of the Match.

Rohit Sharma: Winning the game was important. We're known for this - we keep people on their toes. Very happy with this win. Here at Wankhede, we back our players to get the runs with the dew coming in and the flat pitch. We were hoping Rana and Hardik would finish it off and they did. It's important for any team to have young players come in like that and finish the job. I hope they repeat it. There's still room for improvement. We don't want to be in the back seat. We know the things we didn't do well today and we'll go back to the drawing board before our next game.

Gautam Gambhir: "We put a good score on the board in the last three overs. But Hardik and Rana played unbelieavable innings. If we'd taken Hardik's catch, anything might have happened. We back our bowlers to do the job. Woakes and Boult are experienced too. It's just a matter of keeping our nerves calm. We panicked a little in the end with the misfield and the dropped catch. It's a good chasing ground - you could chase anything. There was a bit of dew on the ground that didn't make it easy for spinners either, but we needed to hold our nerves in the end. I have no update on Lynn, haven't heard from the physio yet."

11.49pm You'll have to feel for Knight Riders, who had to deal with the dramatic onset of dew late in the match. But then again, Mumbai had plenty of bad luck to overcome, with two of their best batsmen out to poor lbw decisions. In the end, Mumbai sneak this with some terrific late hitting from Rana and Hardik Pandya.

Boult to Hardik, FOUR runs

a four to win it! back of a length, at the hip, and fine leg was to square to stop this. Does well to swat it away really fine, and a despairing dive from Rajpoot can't stop Mumbai from winning this

Boult to Hardik, 2 runs

dropped! Another bouncer, Hardik has to fetch this pull from over his right shoulder, ends up top-edging. Rishi Dhawan, the deep square leg fielder, runs in, stops, slips momentarily on the dewy turf, and has to dive to complete the catch but can't get near it

Boult to Hardik, no run

bouncer, that's a very accurate bouncer at a pressure moment - rising towards Hardik's head. He does well to sway out of the way

Boult to Hardik, FOUR runs

full-toss again, and Suryakumar has fumbled on the long-on boundary! The simplest of stops, and it slips through his fingers and rolls over the rope. Extra pace meant Hardik couldn't get the elevation he wanted on this, just hit it hard along the ground to long-on

Boult to Hardik, 2 leg byes

full, down the leg side. Looks to swipe it away through square leg, only gets pad on it, rolls down towards fine leg and they scamper two

Rajpoot went for 19. Boult went for 19 in his third over. He will now try and defend 11.

end of over 1919 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 168/6CRR: 8.84 RRR: 11.00
Hardik Pandya19 (6)
Harbhajan Singh1 (1)
Ankit Rajpoot 4-0-37-3
Trent Boult 3-0-37-0
Rajpoot to Hardik, 1 run

slower length ball on middle and leg, the legcutter. Plays with a straight bat, pushes to long-on to retain strike

Rajpoot to Hardik, SIX runs

another full-toss, angling into the stumps, and Hardik has clobbered it. Clears his front leg again, and swings it away, cleanly, over the midwicket boundary

Rajpoot to Harbhajan, 1 run

yorker on off stump, and that's the shot Harbhajan played to win the Chennai Test in 2001. Jams down with an open face to dab it behind point. He got a two then, only a single this time

Nineteen runs, nine balls, and the new man is Harbhajan Singh.

Rajpoot to Rana, OUT

he goes full, on the stumps, and he gets his man. Looks to make room, Rana, and slices it to point. Hits it well, too well, straight into Narine's hands at shoulder height

Nitish Rana c Narine b Rajpoot 50 (61m 29b 5x4 3x6) SR: 172.41

Both fine leg and third man are in the circle. He can't bowl short.

Rajpoot to Rana, 1 wide

gets the yorker right, but his line is wrong, a fair way down the leg side.

Rajpoot to Rana, FOUR runs

another full-toss. Are KKR struggling with dew? Similar line and a little higher than the previous ball, and this time he moves leg-side of the ball and scoops it over mid-off to bring up his fifty

Rajpoot to Rana, SIX runs

another six! This time it's Rana. Full-toss on the stumps and he shuffles across to the off side, exposes his stumps, and scoops the ball fine, to the right of the keeper, and gets it to carry all the way

Well, well. 19 off that over. Mumbai need 30 from two overs now. Gambhir is off the field, by the way. Suryakumar is their vice-captain, so I assume he's captaining now.

Before today, Boult has bowled the 18th over thrice in his IPL career. Gone for 36 and got two wickets.

Here's Rajpoot.

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