54th Match (N), Dubai (DSC), Nov 1 2020, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 192)131/9
KKR won by 60 runs
Player Of The Match
end of over 202 runs
RR: 131/9CRR: 6.55 
Varun Aaron0 (8)
Shreyas Gopal23 (23)
Kamlesh Nagarkoti 4-0-24-1
Shivam Mavi 4-1-15-2

That brings another IPL night to an end. Now is the time you will hear a lot about the cricketing gods. KKR will be hoping for a big win for one of the sides tomorrow. Expect a cagey sort of match from them, the exact opposite of the wild pendulum we saw tonight. Bye for now. Be safe. Leave NRR calculations to the experts

Pat Cummins, Man of the Match: "A bit goes through your mind when you go for 19 off the first five balls. I guess the first two balls were not great, but as long as you go back to bowling your best ball it is okay. The best ball was top of off, maybe just outside off. There was a bit in the wicket. In T20, you can bowl well and got for a plenty. On other days, wickets can come when you are not at your best. Fortunately today everything falls in place. Earlier I put a lot of pressure on myself after that first game when I didn't bowl well. The longer the tournament has gone I have bowled better and better. The great thing about IPL is there are so many other games on and so many great bowlers on display so there is a lot to ;earn from."

Eoin Morgan: "I thought 191 was a par score. I think every batsman who came back said the wicket was beautiful to bat on. And the dew came in much earlier than expecting, so no real advantage for them. We were out there to play a free-flowing aggressive game anyway. That was the only way. Regardless of the dew. One thing was Dre Russ back in. That takes out conditions from the equation. We were prepared to take more risks when we batted. Having spent a bit of time out there in the middle, the hard length was the good length to bowl. Which is what we did. Keep it as simple as possible regardless of how Royals came at us. Shivam Mavi coming back was special, and Pat Cummins obviously. Winning the game was all about taking wickets, especially early. So having that aggressive mindset was important for us. I was aware of 111 and the other one was 132. So we have kept the other milestone. I don't think we could have done any more today. Whatever happens from here on is in the hands of cricketing gods. I do watch other cricket provided it doesn't come in the way of family time or golf."

And KKR have brought the cricketing gods into the picture thanks to some brave cricket tonight. Remember they were sent in, and there was heavy dew in play when they bowled. But with the bat they kept hitting and aiming for an over-par score, which they got thanks to Morgan's finishing kick. RR were, well, slightly timid. They didn't bowl Archer when Morgan and Russell were new to the wicket. That Gopal over proved to be the momentum shift. In the chase, RR came out bolder, looking to dominate, looking to win with plenty to spare, but this was high-risk strategy. And wickets soon began to tumble, with Cummins take four of them inside the Powerplay

Andre Russell says he walked up and bowled before the game tonight. he says it felt good. And with hamstring injuries, he says if it is feeling good, it is healing. "So I don't want to interrupt that healing." He says the injury looked very bad early and it looked like he might be out for six to eight weeks. He says they have done their bit, and now it is up to the cricketing gods

Fresh calculations coming in. If you are DC or RCB, you want to be winning the toss and chasing. And if you are chasing 161, you can afford to lose by 21 if you are RCB. If you are DC, you can afford to lose by 18

Steven Smith: "I thought it was around a 180 wicket. There was a bit of dew. Losing four in the Powerplay, it was always going to be tough from there. Cummins bowled nice lengths, made us play some good shots. We got off to a flier, but then we lost wickets in a clump. Unfortunate way to end. We started off really well, won the last two before this one. In the middle we lost our way. Our batters, the top four or five didn't take responsibility perhaps. Couple of real positives. Jofra has been exceptional pretty much every game. Tewatia obviously has pulled a few out of the hat throughout the tournament. He has bowled exceptionally well throughout the tournament. Not enough support for them."

KKR might still not make the playoffs but they have done so much for their chances tonight. Not only have they won after being put in on a night dew played a big part, they have won by 60 runs. It has taken their NRR from -0.467 to -0.214. If SRH lose on Tuesday, KKR go through. In case SRH win, we will have a three-way tie for the fourth position. SH will definitely go through in that case, but thanks to this win, KKR have made sure it will be a tight contest between themselves and the side that loses the match tomorrow

Nagarkoti to Aaron, no run

eight-ball zero not out for Aaron as Nagarkoti bowls the short ball at him again and beats him

Nagarkoti to Aaron, no run

bouncer, accurate, and it beats Aaron's attempt to pull

Nagarkoti to Aaron, no run

makes room to punch this on the up but can't beat short cover

Nagarkoti to Aaron, no run

quick short ball, at his helmet, Aaron has to throw his bat up in self defence. Another dot

Nagarkoti to Aaron, no run

follows him with a length ball, gives him no room. Another dot for Aaron

Manav : "Cmon RR, just play 20 overs. A RCB & DD fan."

Nagarkoti to Gopal, 1 run

short of a length, no room, punched to deep point for one

Nagarkoti to Gopal, 1 wide

wide down the leg side as he slips it down with the yorker

Into the last over. DC and RCB will be rooting for 10 or more here. KKR are looking to wrap this up as cheaply as possible. Nagarkoti to bowl

end of over 192 runs • 1 wicket
RR: 129/9CRR: 6.78 RRR: 63.00
Varun Aaron0 (3)
Shreyas Gopal22 (22)
Shivam Mavi 4-1-15-2
Kamlesh Nagarkoti 3-0-22-1
Shivam Mavi to Aaron, no run

yorker, dug out to end the over

Shivam Mavi to Aaron, no run

short of a length, no room, pushed to point. Another dot

Shivam Mavi to Aaron, no run

hits the pad with a quick length ball, but it is a tough too high

In comes Varun Aaron

Shivam Mavi to Kartik Tyagi, OUT

takes this on the rebound. This is a big wicket for KKR's overall chances. Tyagi has chipped a full ball back at him, he sticks out his right hand, onto the shoulder, and then into the chest and then his hands

Kartik Tyagi c & b Shivam Mavi 2 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66
Shivam Mavi to Gopal, 1 run

yorker, dug out to long-on for another single

Shivam Mavi to Kartik Tyagi, 1 run

yorker, middle and leg, dug out for one

Still two overs to go. RR can still do significant damage to KKR's chances here

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