13th Match (N), Chennai, Apr 20 2021, Indian Premier League
(19.1/20 ov)138/4
Capitals won by 6 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
player of the match
Amit Mishra
Delhi Capitals

11.47pm That's a wrap of this game. Thanks for your company and comments. Do come back for tomorrow's double-header. Until then, stay safe and cheers.

11.40pm Pant: When we started we were under a bit of pressure, but Mishi bhai got us back into the game. It was a low-scoring match, but a difficult pitch to bat on. We just wanted to keep it simple and we wanted to restrict them to at least 140-150. I think Lalit is a great Indian player and we are looking to groom him [on Lalit's promotion]. Everything [Bumrah's no-balls] helps in the end if you win the match.

Mishra, Player of the Match: I was just trying to get wickets there and bowl slower. My style is to bowl the bowl in the air and get it to dip. I've been doing that for 14 years and I don't want to change much. It's always there, Rohit and Mumbai were match-winners for Mumbai Indians for the last 14 years. So, I always go for the wickets. I was worried, but our batsmen are smart enough. Altogether, we're very happy today.

11.25pm Before today, the Delhi Capitals had lost all of their last five matches against the Mumbai Indians, including four last season. Mumbai made them dig deep once again, but Hetmyer ushers them home in a low-scorer. It was set up by Mishra's delightful legbreaks and wrong'uns on a sluggish Chepauk track. Ponting hugs a pumped-up Mishra. The Capitals will play one more game at Chepauk, against SRH, before heading to Ahmedabad.

Rohit: After the start we got, I thought we could have batted well in the middle overs, which we didn't do. We didn't capitalise on the start in the powerplay, which we failed to do again. Credit to Delhi bowlers - they kept the pressure up and kept taking wickets. We knew dew was going to come in. We saw in the last few games that it's not that difficult to grip the ball. Dew is not really the factor. You need to play smart cricket to win. Just a small niggle, should be okay.

Dhawan: Absolutely different from Wankhede. [This win] brings a lot of confidence to our team. Really happy. We just had to keep the momentum going, we knew at the end it will be difficult for the bowling side with dew. It was important to keep wickets in hand and at the same time have positive intent. Everyone was watching the match intensely in the dug-out and we wanted to win.

RajatMaheshwari: "This win by DC will really give them more confidence as they has not had a great record over MI off late in IPL and they had less time to get accustomed to the conditions and weather over here at Chepauk which were quite contrast to what they faced at Wankhede!"

Royston Crasta: "I vote Amith Mishra for player of the match"

Pollard to Hetmyer, (no ball)

full-toss above the waist, this beamer is sliced straight to mid-off. Another no-ball. Delhi topple Mumbai in Chennai

Ansar : "Someone said Bumrah and Mali should be given a salute for bowling at Mumbai's flat decks. True enough, but I would also like to salute Raina and MSD for batting and winning matches in this tough deck at Chepauk. "

He calls for a helmet after that boundary

Pollard to Hetmyer, FOUR runs

A helmet-less Hetmyer reaches out for this slower, short ball wide of off. Scythed away to the right of sweeper for four

Hetmyer will keep the strike. He will face up to his West Indies white-ball captain Pollard. You can't give him the left-arm fingerspin of Krunal. DC need 5 off the last over

end of over 1910 runs
DC: 133/4CRR: 7.00 RRR: 5.00 • Need 5 runs from 6b
Shimron Hetmyer10 (7)
Lalit Yadav22 (25)
Jasprit Bumrah4-0-32-1
Trent Boult4-0-23-0
Bumrah to Hetmyer, 1 run

very full on middle, picked off to long leg for one

Bumrah to Hetmyer, 2 runs

full-toss on middle and leg, punched to deep midwicket. Hetmyer hares back for the second

Bumrah to Lalit Yadav, 1 run

Bumrah aims for the wide yorker, comes out as a full-toss, which is heaved to Boult at deep square

Bumrah to Hetmyer, 1 run

Hety now holes out to long-off off the free-hit. Banged in short and outside off at 141ks, Hetmyer flaps it straight to the outfielder. He has to settle with a single. Excellent recovery from Bumrah

Bumrah to Lalit Yadav, (no ball) 1 run

pitched up and wide of off, Lalit camps back and drives it hard to long-off. Ooops, the no-ball siren goes off again

Bumrah to Hetmyer, 1 run

full-toss on middle, leading-edged into the covers for one as Hetmyer aims leg side

Bumrah to Lalit Yadav, 1 run

Lalit holes out to long-on off the free-hit. Very full and wide of off, probably a slower ball, Lalit reaches out for the ball and hauls it in the air. Hety was keen for the second, but is sent back by Lalit

Bumrah to Lalit Yadav, (no ball)

wide yorker from Bumrah, dips sharply as Lalit swishes and misses outside off. The no-ball siren goes off

Bumrah to bowl the penultimate over. Krunal or Pollard himself will bowl the last. DC need 15 off 12 balls