22nd Match (N), Ahmedabad, Apr 27 2021, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 172)170/4
RCB won by 1 run
Player Of The Match
75* (42) & 3 catches
end of over 2012 runs
DC: 170/4CRR: 8.50 
Rishabh Pant58 (48)
Shimron Hetmyer53 (25)
Mohammed Siraj 4-0-44-1
Harshal Patel 4-0-37-2

11.44pm And that is all from our coverage tonight. Catch you tomorrow!

AB de Villiers: I was asked this question after I batted - no offence to KG but the one over midwicket was my best one. Once you're into the tournament, it's more about managing yourself, make sure you're fresh every game. You can't go into the game feeling fatigued. I've really done some work at home and we have treadmills in the room. I've done all the work and now it's all about being as fresh as I can when I go out to bat. We've got a couple of experienced heads and a couple of young Indian bowlers who have done well in international cricket recently. Myself, Maxi and Virat have played a lot. We just try to have fun out there. I've forced myself to savour it.

AB de Villiers is the Player of the Match.

Virat Kohli: At one stage I did [feel it was getting away]. But the way Siraj started the last over gave us confidence. He finished clinically in the end. I still feel we could have done things differently. In the field a couple of lapses.. Maxi, AB, Rajat had some nice innings. For the most part I think we were top in this game with our bowlers. We felt 160-165 was par. It was a bit two-paced. There wasn't any dew tonight thanks to that little sandstorm in the middle and we ended up bowling with a dry ball. If you look at our bowling line-up, Maxi's still not bowling, he's the 7th option. As a captain I can bowl guys at different stages, take the load off one another. And Maxi is yet to bowl. We've always had batting but now bowling as well. I choose to be optimistic. You do well pressure as captain, when you do this a long time you need to manage that. I generally go with the gut feeling of the bowler. A lot of credit goes to this guy behind me [AB], he hasn't played competitive cricket in five months but he keeps doing this.

11.29pm Some grim stats for Delhi: This is the third time the Delhi franchise has lost by a run. The most by any IPL team. It's also the first instance in the IPL of a team falling short in chase with two unbeaten batters getting half-centuries. Most worryingly: Pant hasn't hit a six during both his half-centuries this season. Before this season, he had 51 half-centuries in professional cricket (all formats) and only one of them involved no sixes.

Mohammed Siraj: I was only thinking that my yorker's coming out well. It's what I execute in tough situations, so I was confident in my yorker. That's all I was thinking about. If you aren't clear you'll miss your execution, and so I went in with clarity. If they hit you, you can't help that, you just execute. Confidence has played a big part in my game. Playing Test cricket has improved my line and length and I've just been bowling that. It also helped to learn from players like Ishant and Bumrah.

Rishabh Pant: Feeling disappointed. I think they were 10-15 runs extra on this wicket but Hetty played a brilliant innings, because of him we got close. When we had 14 or 16 to go, we were planning that whoever has strike has to go for it. We counted the overs really well but in the end the spinners didn't get the help we thought they would, that's why I went with Stoinis for the last over. It's good to take positives from all matches, as a young team we want to improve each and every day.

KarthikK: "Please stop bashing Pant. After early wickets he held the innings together. Had he played a rash shot and got out early, DC wouldnt have been in the sight of winning. RCB had a proper plan to bowl at Pant. "

Nabeel Rasheed: "Thats why they say each and every single run is crucial. Practical demonstration. Whatta game. Couldn't even breathe till the very last ball. So happy for RCB. Yahooooooo."

Venky: "Pant played 8 overs without hitting a single six. That would have made the difference.."

Giri: "Would you believe a team loss when Pant unbeaten? Hope it shouldn't happen for India"

Srihari: "A catch of left handed player dropped, he scores huge. Same scenes other day against CSK but the result was so close to be the same today. Good game! "

Thomas: "At one point, Hetmeyer was 41 off 20 and Pant was 41 off 40. Tells the story."

Abhi: "Every team has to be worried about DC now. They are coming good, very good. Their middle order has been tested a couple of times. Stoinis has been good with bat, Hetmyer got some time, Pant will not have these slow innings everytime. Openers have been fantastic, bowlers are fantastic. Rabada will get better"

11.18pm Hetmyer's on his knees, Pant is distraught. Kohli celebrates the victory with a scream then puts his arm around Pant's shoulder. The Capitals dugout is morose as well. They've lost by a run. A proper struggle for Pant at the end. A contrasting innings from Hetmyer at the other end, who only got to face one ball in the last over. Will he be thinking what if? He's collapse to the floor outside the dugout. It wasn't an airtight over from Siraj for sure. There were opportunities. But it hasn't been Pant's night. For RCB, proof once again that early wickets still mean a big deal in this format. They've held on, after taking full advantage of that last over in their batting innings. Remember, they wobbled too before AB de Villiers intervened. But they are back at the top of the table.

Siraj to Pant, FOUR runs

reaches out and slices it past point but that won't do. It's a low full toss wide outside off and he reaches out a long way, he was setting up inside the crease and there was no way he could have swung at that

Needs a six to win. Kohli comes in from long-on and hands a towel to the bowler to dry the ball.

Siraj to Pant, FOUR runs

slashed between point and short third! An ungainly hoick at this full toss outside off. Wants to pump it over midwicket, but that flies off the face of the bat. It's a high full toss, but the umpire says it's not above waist as he asks

Siraj to Pant, 2 runs

full at leg stump, mistimes the attempted slog, it's along the floor to deep midwicket's right. That's fifty for Pant but all he's doing is shaking his head at missing out on that ball

Siraj to Pant, no run

mistimed and back to the bowler! Oh that was in the slot outside off and he's gone too hard at it. The bat turns in his hands and it's back to the bowler on the bounce

Pant hasn't found timing all night, can he find it now? 12 off 4.

Siraj to Hetmyer, 1 run

nails the yorker. Hetmyer is slipping and sliding as he looks to clip this off his toes, they can only get one

Siraj to Pant, 1 run

whipped straight to deep square. Another helicopter whip against a full toss. It's on the leg stump. Stopped on the bounce by Jamieson. Kohli not happy with the delivery

end of over 1911 runs
DC: 158/4CRR: 8.31 RRR: 14.00
Shimron Hetmyer52 (24)
Rishabh Pant47 (43)
Harshal Patel 4-0-37-2
Kyle Jamieson 4-0-32-1

14 needed off the last over and Siraj will bowl it. Fine leg, third man, point and extra cover are in the circle. Full deliveries and the occasional short one?

Samuel: "Okay Bois, who want a super over here? "

Harshal to Hetmyer, 2 runs

yorker length at off and once again they pick up two off a bowler deflection. He jammed this towards long-off, Harshal stuck a right hand high to try and grab it. Parries it and wants cover to clean that up, but he's too far and they get an extra run

Harshal to Pant, 1 run

slower ball at a length outside off, hammered on the up to long-off

Harshal to Pant, FOUR runs

helicopter to deep midwicket's left off a full toss on off stump. Sams looks to pat that in with his left-hand stretched. Manages to get a hand too, but the momentum takes him over the rope and the ball rolls into the padding before he can recover

Harshal to Hetmyer, 1 run

yorker at leg stump, dug into the leg side to bring up a 23-ball fifty. Points the handle to the dugout and salutes. He's waited to show up for them, and he has tonight

It's square leg, fine leg, third man, and cover inside the circle now

Harshal to Hetmyer, 2 runs

shuffles and waits outside off, full slower ball drilled out to deep extra cover

Harshal to Pant, 1 run

yorker at leg stump, flicks it straight to square leg