7th Match (N), Mumbai, Apr 15 2021, Indian Premier League
(19.4/20 ov, target 148)150/7
Royals won by 3 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

11.39pm And that is all from our live coverage. Thanks for joining us and see you tomorrow!

Jaydev Unadkat: I think I have a lot of experience now. This was kind of a homecoming for me, I would like to bowl with the freedom I got with the new ball. This time I didn't get the first game so I knew when the chances came, I'd have to take them. Worked out really well today. If you see the stats, I think I only bowled about 4 or 5 change of pace. It was the wickets I got that's why it seemed like I bowled more, but it was about hitting the hard lengths today. There was moisture and I made use of it today. [Marriage] changes you as a person as whole, won the Ranji after I was engaged. I feel calmer, more settled. I think it's working.

Jaydev Unadkat is the Player of the Match.

Sanju Samson: To be very honest, I thought that it was tough from 40 for 5. We had Miller and Morris, but I thought it was tough. It's about reading the conditions. It was a little sticky at the start. Taking pace off is the strength of our fast bowlers and that worked out. We had a chat with Chetan and he was confident and clear and I thought he could take the responsibility. I was praying inside, Morris can you please get one six. [The refused single] I always sit back and review my game, but if I got that match 100 times, I would never take that single.

Five minutes to go for our Live Blog poll to close. Who should be the Player of the Match - Unadkat, Morris or Miller? Have your say over here.

Chris Morris: That happens every now and then in the game of cricket, I thought Delhi played really well. Dave played a great hand and it went out way. [On that refused single last match] I was gonna run back no matter what because Sanju was hitting it so sweetly. People underestimate how fast I run. Sanju was hitting it like a dream that night. I think the dew plays a part here. I think they hit the length a lot better than we did and they got a lot of guys skying with the extra bounce. But we would have taken a chase of 140-odd. There are guys that get paid to bat and guys that get paid to slog, and I know which I am. That's why I play so much golf. I think the last game, that close game, we took a lot as a team. For us to get as close on the day, we took a lot out of that first game of ours. Nice to know we can win from anywhere after being down in the dumps.

Rishabh Pant: I think the bowlers did a really good job in the start, but we let them get over us in the end. We could have bowled better. Dew got the better of us. I think we were 15-20 runs short. But there is something to gain from this match, the bowlers did well at the start. Hopefully in the future we can pull things off. I think in the second innings there was more dew than the first innings so we had to be doing our part, because the slower ball wasn't stopping.

Gladwyn Graham: "I can't believe people are already calling for Pant's head after just 2 games. He played amazingly well tonight and his bowlers let him down."

Abhishek: "What does it say about the strategy when your most economical bowler of the night doesn't finish his quota. Especially when two lefties were batting, Ash should have bowled his 4th. Questionable tactics. "

OxTiger: "That flick six off Rabada was one of the most outrageous shots I have ever seen. Pure swagger! Whattaplayaaa!"

R Srividya : "At the death,Kagiso was quick but very short, Tom was slow but very short too!!! "

Dilip Kerai: "That one over from Stoinis really changed the game. Wonder what pant was thinking when your main bowler are bowling well."

chotu: "After all, Miller's innings didn't go in vain.. MOM Unadkat.??"

Ronak: "DC horribly went wrong tactically today. They need to change their captain. Didn't bowl out Ashwin when he was doing so good today. And the other night, made him bowl out when he was going for sixes. Today, there wasn't any need to bring Stoinis on when Ashwin had an over left. T20 games change in a matter of an over or two."

Chandran: "The real hero is JU who stood firmly to support Morris"

11.15pm What a finish for Rajasthan. And what a finish for Morris, who was refused strike last match. A statement that will be well received, no matter the debate on whether it was right or wrong. Tonight, he's done it. Delhi Capitals' bowling completely imploding in the last two overs, and after missing out a couple of times, Morris made sure to punish them. 27 needed off 12 and they've won with two balls to spare. A win set up by the bowlers, looked absolutely unlikely after their powerplay.

Tom Curran to Morris, SIX runs

wins it with a six! IPL's most expensive man has finished this off in style for Rajasthan. A knee-high full toss at leg stump, he stands tall and sends that on its way over deep square

Tom Curran to Morris, no run

overpitched outside off, crunched firmly but straight to extra cover. That was hit sweetly, whew

Tom Curran to Morris, SIX runs

swung over deep square! It's a slower ball gone woefully wrong! Short legcutter, too short. Sitting up like it's swinging practice. And swing he does

Tom Curran to Morris, 2 runs

they sneak the second from sweeper cover. Yorker length at off, jammed to sweeper's right and Prithvi Shaw is getting glares from a couple of people after being caught flat-footed

Wow. 12 off 6, Morris on strike. He has played that 19th pretty well in the end, but it is fair to say he was helped along by Rabada. Might have been even closer, in fact, with some of that bowling. Curran has to defend 11. Win probability jumped from 11% to 60% between 18.4 and 18.6. Point, third man, extra cover and fine leg are in the circle.

end of over 1915 runs
RR: 136/7CRR: 7.15 RRR: 12.00
Chris Morris22 (14)
Jaydev Unadkat11 (7)
Kagiso Rabada 4-0-30-2
Tom Curran 3-0-21-0
Rabada to Morris, 1 run

length outside off, jabbed into the covers

Rabada to Morris, SIX runs

instinctive hoick, massive hoick! Morris is not really in control here, he's had a swing and he's gotten it right off the middle. It's a length ball tucking him up at the mid-riff and he simply whips the bat at that. It pings off rapidly over the long leg boundary

Rabada to Morris, 2 runs

outside edge on a length ball outside off. Was looking to slog this into the leg side and got a leading edge. Avesh cleans up to his left at third man. Nearly falls over the line but has the presence of mind to flick that back in with his left hand

Rabada to Morris, no run

beaten. Oh that was in the slot and Morris was caught out of position. Overpitched just outside off, Morris' leg is moving well away from the ball, into the leg side. Mid-off was in, he's missed out

Rabada to Morris, no run

short of a length and rising outside off, Morris is beaten for pace as he swings across the line of this

The field hasn't changed

Rabada to Morris, SIX runs

bludgeoned over midwicket! Attempted legcutter is picked. It's in the slot. Morris' front leg is out of the way and his swing through this is clean and powerful

end of over 187 runs
RR: 121/7CRR: 6.72 RRR: 13.50
Chris Morris7 (8)
Jaydev Unadkat11 (7)
Tom Curran 3-0-21-0
Chris Woakes 4-0-22-2

27 needed off 12, Rabada will bowl the 19th. Morris has the responsibility now of both making runs in this over and being there in the last one. Mid-off, extra cover, point and fine leg are in the circle.

Tom Curran to Morris, 1 run

slower short ball outside off, subdued pull down to long-on

Tom Curran to Unadkat, 1 run

low full toss at middle stump, looks to drive down the ground, inside edge onto boot

Tom Curran to Unadkat, 2 runs

slower short ball at middle stump, looks to pull and ends up slicing that over the keeper. Fine leg cleans up to the right

Tom Curran to Morris, 1 run

length ball outside off, tails in late and encumbers his attempted swing through the line. Off the inside half to long-on and he is unhappy

Tom Curran to Unadkat, 1 run

slower ball at a length on leg stump, pushed into the leg side with soft hands

Tom Curran to Morris, 1 run

Unadkat slips and it seems like it's an unfortunate end, but the script has completely flipped! Pant doesn't gather the ball. Short of a length ball heaved off the inside edge to deep midwicket. Unadkat was sent back trying to go for the second, slipped, fell and made a despairing dive. It was a straightforward throw to Pant who was over-eager and has broken the stumps without gathering the ball

end of over 179 runs
RR: 114/7CRR: 6.70 RRR: 11.33
Chris Morris4 (5)
Jaydev Unadkat7 (4)
Chris Woakes 4-0-22-2
Avesh Khan 4-0-32-3

Looks like Tom Curran will both the 18th, and presumably the 20th.

Woakes to Morris, 1 run

full outside off, driven along the floor to long-off

Woakes to Unadkat, 1 run

short and wide outside off, carved to third man's right off the back foot

Woakes to Unadkat, no run

length outside off, beaten as he looks to run that down with an open face

Woakes to Unadkat, SIX runs

swung over deep backward square! Short and into the body, swivels languidly and sends that over the boundary with some class

Vivaan : "Last year Delhi were struggling to find an Indian pacer to back up Nortje and Rabada, Avesh has given some hope this season"

Woakes to Unadkat, no run

short and rising sharply outside off, beats the outside edge as he tries to stab to third man

Woakes to Morris, 1 run

length at middle stump, slogged on the bounce to long-on

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