18th Match (N), Mumbai, Apr 24 2021, Indian Premier League
Royals won by 6 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
player of the match
Chris Morris
Rajasthan Royals

11.45pm That's a wrap of this game. Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay safe and take care.

11.41pm Morris, Player of the Match: Just a clear mind [what worked for you?] I just went back to the drawing board and today wasn't the easiest wicket to bat on as you saw in both innings. Obviously, those guys [Stokes, Archer, Livingstone] are massive losses on and off the field, but we have the right personnel in place. I won't say who, though. We had a lot of fun on the field and our supporters were keeping us going. I think conditions change and are difficult against Dre Russ. As I said, he struck it well in the last game. Experience playing against him has helped me a little bit. Hopefully, there's a lot more to come from this squad. We are fighting.

11.37pm: Samson: It was brilliant actually. The bowlers have been doing well in the last four-five matches - the youngsters as well as the seniors. I enjoy captaining them. I think we could see in Morris' eyes that we wanted the competition to get big batsmen out. My thought process is actually I don't come with a mindset. I just love to keep enjoying my batting, but nowadays I play according to a situation and try to win games for my team. He's a very different kind of a person and chilled-out person. It's a very positive thing for Rajasthan Royals. He's ready to play this tournament and big matches. Hopefully, he'll win more matches for us in the future. We will take one day off and sit down and plan for the next game.

11.20pm The Kolkata Knight Riders now tumble to the bottom of the points table after suffering four successive defeats. The Rajasthan Royals, meanwhile, have moved up to sixth with their second win. It was set up by their seamers and calmly finished off by their captain. Samson and Miller punch gloves, then Samson gives the thumbs-up to the RR dug-out.

Morgan: The batting was the letdown and we lacked a lot of intent throughout the whole innings. We were behind the eight ball right from the get-go. Possibly, we were 40 short which is a lot in a T20 game. The bowlers had too much to do. It's a stark contrast to the last game. The wicket hasn't been as good as it has been in the previous games and we couldn't overcome the challenge. It left us with a lot to do, which we couldn't do. The clearer the mind, the easier it is. Ultimately, one guy needs to play free-flowing cricket. Two sides struggling to gain momentum in the tournament and we missed big two points.

Sahad : "The last thumbs up was to sanga. sanga had a lot to do in sanju 2.0"

Sujesh: "Very matured innings frm Sanju and even more matured celebration from him (almost nil). Is this the beginning of Sanju Samson 2.0? - Hoping for it, truly, madly, deeply, a true RR fan since the start of IPL!"

SidG: "Though RR won, their intent was poor. They should have won this 3-4 overs earlier even if they would have with 3-4 wickets left. NRR does matter a lot in IPL."

Malli: "Overseas captain can always be a liability until and unless you give consistent performances except someone like David Warner."

Chad: "2 of KKR's 3 best batsmen are at 7 and 8. They have to make big changes to be competitive."

Rahul Oak: "Samson taking a leaf out of KL Rahul's book. This innings, while far less sexy than his 119 against Punjab Kings, may be far more important for his team. "

Cummins to Samson, 1 run

whipped away from outside off to deep midwicket. Samson guides RR to victory

Cummins to Miller, 1 run

another slower cutter on middle, dabbed between point and cover with an open bat-face

Cummins to Miller, no run

slower ball on middle, into the pitch, defended off the back foot to short midwicket

Slaking: "Think KKR could have used Shakib over Narine. He started getting some runs, albeit at a low strike rate. Given more chance, he could have clicked. Narine's bowling these days is not much better than Shakib's."

Cummins to Miller, 2 runs

on the pads, turned between deep square leg and long leg for a double

Craig: "Morgan is the weakest link in this KKR eleven. He is not flexible as a captain and appears to be set in his ways on match ups and when certain bowlers can and should be used. He seems to be hell bent that Russell should only bowl at the end of the innings. His captaincy has been poor and his batting equally so."

Cummins to Samson, 1 run

short and slanting into a leg-side flick to deep square leg

RR need only 5 off 12 balls

end of over 188 runs
RR: 129/4CRR: 7.16 RRR: 2.50
Sanju Samson40 (39)
David Miller21 (20)
Prasidh Krishna 3-0-20-1
Pat Cummins 3-0-31-0

Rehan: "Very disappointed with Morgan's captaincy.He does not look like the man who led England to WC victory"

Prasidh to Samson, 1 run

fullish and outside off, clipped to deep midwicket off the front foot

Prasidh to Miller, 1 run

whipped off the pads to long leg's right

Prasidh to Miller, no run

Miller jumps on top of a short ball outside off and cracks it hard to the right of point

Prasidh to Miller, FOUR runs

overpitched on the pads, some seriously whippage from Miller. Put away between midwicket and mid-on

Prasidh to Miller, 2 runs

short at the body, fended awkwardly to long leg

Dylan Sharma: "As much as I respect Morgan as a captain, his record in the IPL as a batsman as well as the fact that he cant seem to buy a run on a Mumbai pitch seems a bit a waste of an overseas player. You could easily make an argument for Seifert or Ferguson coming in for Morgan and say Russell takes over captaincy. He's done it for Jamaica Tallawahs before."

Prasidh to Miller, no run

good length on middle and leg, Miller shuffles across and works to short midwicket

end of over 178 runs
RR: 121/4CRR: 7.11 RRR: 4.33
David Miller14 (15)
Sanju Samson39 (38)
Pat Cummins 3-0-31-0
Prasidh Krishna 2-0-12-1
Cummins to Miller, 1 run

slower ball from Cummins, nicked onto the pads. The ball then rolls wide of Karthik behind the stumps

Manu Ajmani: "A score of 133 will be chased down in a Twenty20 more often than not. Even with wickets falling, Royals should cross the line easily. Strangers things have happened though. Whilst Cummins is a fantastic bowling allrounder, he rarely produces match winning spells at the death, its not gonna be any different now!"

Yash M: "What's the point of playing Russel? Sending him to bat at No 7 and not making him bowl?"

Cummins to Miller, no run

full on off, forward and driven down to mid-off

Cummins to Samson, 1 run

slower ball, offcutter on a back of a length, glanced behind square off the back foot

Cummins to Miller, 1 run

very full on the pads, picked off to the right of Rana at long leg

Cummins to Miller, FOUR runs

on a length and angling across off stump, Miller deliberately opens the bat-face and steers it fine of deep third man for four

James : "That boundary was down to sloppy fielding. Made the over a good one for RR."

Cummins to Samson, 1 run

full and slanting into off, whisked away to the right of mid-on

Aryaman: "KKR need to bring Ferguson into the mix, probably in place of Narine, who although economical hasn't been incisive enough."