4th Match (N), Mumbai, Apr 12 2021, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 222)217/7
Punjab Kings won by 4 runs
player of the match
Sanju Samson
Rajasthan Royals
end of over 208 runs • 1 wicket
RR: 217/7CRR: 10.85 
Chris Morris2 (4)
Arshdeep Singh4-0-35-3
Riley Meredith4-0-49-1

What a contest, eh? Absolutely mindblowing cricket. KL Rahul's innings was of a much better tempo than last year. Deepak Hooda's half-century was fascinating. Chetan Sakariya had an excellent IPL debut. Sanju Samson's 119, and of course, Arshdeep Singh's cool head. This game had everything, and in the end, Punjab Kings, the freshly named Punjab Kings remember, managed to hang on for a tight four-run win. See you tomorrow for Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders...till then, goodnight!

Man of the Match is Sanju Samson for his 119. Samson again: "The second part of my innings was my best IPL performance. But I went back to the basics, communicated with my partners, accepted they were bowling well, rotated strike early and got into my rhythm. I really enjoy my shots, but I come to the present after playing them. When I am in the zone, and watching the ball well, the sixes come out naturally, and in that process I tend to lose my wickets also. Happy to play that way no matter what. (Batting long) mainly about trusting yourself and the process. Didn't do anything extra. My mind was playing, not body. The coin (at the toss) looked brilliant, and I wanted to take it, but the match referee said no."

Winning captain KL Rahul: "Heart rate was high but I didn't stop believing. We knew a couple of wickets would bring us back. Till first 10-11 overs we bowled well. It was close because we dropped a few sitters, including me. As a bowling unit, we bowled as we planned. When you're bowling against Sanju, it's difficult. We weren't thinking of the last year's game (the Tewatia one). Great way to start. We made some mistakes. Bowled well in patches, something bowlers will learn. It's a young team, some new boys, the boys are talented and skillful, so we need to back them. Deepak Hooda's innings was amazing. That's the kind of batting we want to see as a team. We want to bat fearlessly and take down bowlers. We have a lot of power in our line-up but we've been tentatively slightly. Important for us to bat fearlessly, great to see boys trying to understand what we expect. And that they are feeling comfortable to do that role. Good with Hooda's batting, Gayle batted well. I had gone to Arshdeep for crucial overs last year too. He doesn't mind bowling the pressure overs, he seems to enjoy it. He loves being in the contest. Love throwing him the ball. He's pretty clear with what he wants to do."

11.54pm Time for the presentation.... who should the Player of the Match be....Rahul or Arshdeep? Or maybe Samson?

11.45pm Losing captain Samson: I don't have words to explain my feelings. Would have loved to finish it off for my team. I don't think I could have done better than that. I thought I timed it well for a six but somehow... Catches go down and good catches were also taken. It's part of the game.

Arshdeep: The heartbeat was quick earlier, but now it's good. The plan was to keep it simple and wide. The only thing was he could get a four. Still the plan was to keep it simple and wide. The start has been good and the captain has been supportive. That boosts the confidence as a player. The form was good in the 20-over domestic format and that helped me here.

Rahul Sargam: "Though the fact that Meredith was really expensive, you can't deny the fact he brought them into the match by dismissing Tewatia and conceding only 8 runs in a second last over which was the most important over of the match. Both left arm uncapped medium pacers Sakaria and Arshdeep picked 3 wickets and also this is the first time where 2 Indian skippers being a captains and a wicket keepers scored more than 80 runs in a IPL match. Well bowled Arshdeep."

Udayan : "I feel for Samson. Absolutely fantastic innings. Almost won it.He is my MoM!!"

Arshdeep Singh to Samson, OUT

Samson can't clear deep cover. The nerveless Arshdeep wins it for the Punjab Kings. Quite fittingly, Hooda, the man who set it up for Punjab Kings, takes the catch. Fullish and outside off, seems like a cutter, it was in Samson's slot, but he ends up slicing the ball to Hooda in the outfield. It's not easy to defend at the Wankhede in dewy conditions, but Punjab have pulled it off

Sanju Samson c Hooda b Arshdeep Singh 119 (63b 12x4 7x6) SR: 188.88

5 needed off the last ball

Arshdeep Singh to Samson, no run

pitched up and outside off once again, drilled down to wide long-off. Morris wants a single, but Samson turns it down. Morris is halfway down the pitch, but has to undo his steps

Arshdeep Singh to Samson, SIX runs

on-pace full ball outside off, right in the slot for Samson. He holds his shape and crunnnnnnnnches it over cover

Arshdeep Singh to Morris, 1 run

full-toss outside off, still hard-to-hit low full-toss, forced to extra-cover, where the Boss Chris Gayle makes a tumbling save

Arshdeep Singh to Samson, 1 run

full and wide of off, slanting away further with the angle, not quite the yorker, carved away to sweeper cover. Richardson swoops down on the ball and keeps it to one

7-2 off-side heavy field

Arshdeep Singh to Samson, no run

on-pace length ball, but well wide of off. Inside the tramline. Samson swishes and misses outside off as the bottom hand is yanked off the bat

RR need 13 off the last over. Arshdeep will bowl it

end of over 198 runs • 1 wicket
RR: 209/6CRR: 11.00 RRR: 13.00 • Need 13 runs from 6b
Chris Morris1 (3)
Sanju Samson112 (58)
Riley Meredith4-0-49-1
Jhye Richardson4-0-55-1
Meredith to Morris, no run

Morris shuffles outside leg, back of a length and wide of off. Morris can't touch it

Meredith to Samson, 1 run

shorter and wider, better from Meredith, scythed to sweeper cover

Meredith to Samson, SIX runs

back of a length and veering into the hips. No, Riley, you shouldn't bowl there to Samson. He nonchalantly picks it up and whips it over midwicket

Meredith to Morris, 1 run

back of a length and wide of off, Morris cuts it more or less straight to sweeper cover

Meredith to Morris, no run

back of a length on off, 136ks, squirted out to the covers

Morris v Meredith

Meredith to Tewatia, OUT

edged and caught by Rahul behind the stumps. Maiden IPL wicket for Meredith. Pretty full and wide of off, he asks Tewatia to reach out for it. He slashes and nicks it off to the keeper

Rahul Tewatia c †Rahul b Meredith 2 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50

RR need 21 off 12 Meredith to bowl the penultimate over. He's done it at the BBL for the Hurricanes. Can he turn it around on IPL debut?